Gotta Keep On Smilin'...


Wet Willie was a Band that was Classified as Southern Rock...

Probably 'Cause They were Signed to Capricorn Records Early On...
But, Wet Willie weren't your Typical Southern Rock band!
To Me, They Played Old Fashioned, 
Good Time, Feel Good, Rock & Soul, Rock & Roll!

By The Time This was Recorded from WNEW in 1979, 
They'd Left Capricorn and were Signed with Epic Records!

IF You've Never Listened to Them 
(Well, Everyone's Heard Keep On Smilin') Much, 
I Highly Recommend This Show!

Great Musicians Playin' Great Music That Just Sounds Great!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!



  1. Very underappreciated band - glad to see them get some love here!

  2. Thank you for the Et Willie I like a wet willie that's why I don't put away when It rains Thanks for the great music