Flyin' Is Just Fallin' with Style...


Here's a Cool Compilation...

IF You Like Jefferson Airplane, That Is!?!

It's Nearly Impossible to Find, I Reckon...

It Contains Some Tracks Exclusively to
This Collection...

It's a Pretty Good Vinyl Rip...
(Not Sure IF It Was Released on CD!?!)

Jefferson Airplane- Flight Log 77 - CD1

Jefferson Airplane- Flight Log 77 - CD2


  1. Thanks for this! I got it on vinyl, when it came out in '77. That was during my early-teen fascination with the Airplane/Starship--which continues to this day! "Flight Log" came out right between when I saw them live in the summer of '76 and then again in the summer of '78--both shows at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh. I've always thought that "Flight Log" was a great/weird/semi-comprehensive double-disc vinyl of the Airplane and its offshoots. There wasn't a whole lot else available in that summer of 1977.

  2. oh, your so right!
    nearly impossible to find, searching for this for aeons myself ...
    there was a "bear family edition", but it seems to be out of print. maybe
    someone will post a lossless version sometime, but this one here is GREAT!!!
    big hanx

  3. Superb stuff Rocket! Most welcome and long out of print. Have posted links to head folks across here as per, bestests always, Swappers

  4. I played the hell out of my lp...thanks a bunch!