Out of print album Tokyo Quo 
was originally a Japanese only vinyl release in 1977, 
recorded at the Sun Plaza Hall,Tokyo 
17th November 1976 and has been released 
several times since then in 
various formats all of which are now out of print. 
 An excellent Soundboard 
recording featuring 9 Rocking tracks. 
It's a real pity it's only vinyl length. 
A must for 70's Quo fans.


Hot Funk,Cool Punk,Even If It's Old Junk...

 Back to another vinyl compilation.
This time from 1977.
Some bands I've heard of and others
I've never heard of.
Still,it's a pretty cool compilation. 
A promo album given away free from
Sounds music paper.
Guess you had to send in your
name and address to claim the album?



Why Don't You Just...

 From December '92 it's those
bad boys,Guns n Roses on
the Use Your Illusion Tour.From 
Santiago,Chile.Now we know those South Americans 
are crazy mad for the Heavy Rock/Metal shows.
And it wouldn't be a Guns show 
without a little drama as witnessed during Civil War.
Luckily everything calms down and the show
goes on.Pretty good Radio Broadcast,Let's Rock!


You Wear A Dress Baby,I'll Wear A Tie...

OK.Now I am not a musician,never was never will be 
(in my youth I bought a guitar but then I heard Eddie Van Halen
 and put it back in the case) BUT I have seen 1000's of bands 
over the years and I think I qualify to judge,
so i can safely say what I witnessed tonight was NEXT LEVEL...
Ana Popovic and her band were STUNNING,
heavy on the Blues with a dose of Jazz and 
topped off with a Funk groove.Every instrument 
played tonight was of the highest quality and
Ms.Popovic was just extraodinary on guitar.
I spoke to a musician friend on the way out and 
he said that was one of the tightest bands he's ever seen 
(whatever that means) so if you get a chance just 
listen to the quality on show tonight 
you will not be disappointed...Enjoy,Ed




Gonna Change My Ways Tonight...

 Zep from 1977 with one of those mega shows.
Guess you had to clear your schedule
if you were going to a show back then.
Cos it lasted all night!
Pretty good soundboard and performance
from one of the biggest 
of all time.



Didn't Like Rock 'n' Rollers...


An excellent audience recording with a
very clean sound from Spain in 1997.
The setlist is played in a slightly different order
to the rest of the tour.
Good performance by the the band
and a dark haired Michael Schenker.


I'm Gonna Tell My Mama...

 Cool compilation from the King of Rock 'n' Roll's
early recordings.
Various different takes from a selection
of his tunes.It's a work in progress,
and shows how those songs come together.
Interesting stuff.
More info in the download.


Music Is My Name...

 Here's one that's been up before.
It's the Blue half of the old
Black And Blue video.
Blue Oyster Cult,not your normal
Heavy Rock/Metal band their career 
covers many styles 
and subjects.



I'm Not A Nice Boy...

 Only six tracks but it's a goodie.
The Aussies back in 1981 no 
doubt leaving the punters with sore ears
and the walls covered in sweat.
It's Rock 'n' Roll!


Throw My Head Back...

 Fantastic Radio Broadcast from the legends that are
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.
Live in London on the Damn The Torpedoes Tour.
Classic Rock!!



Because You Know We Do It Right...


Always been a fan but having not seen them since '86 
I expected to see a retro band going through the motions...
how feckin' wrong was I...
GIRLSCHOOL totally killed it tonight,
Kim had been ill recently but she was on fire tonight and half way 
through the set they brought on a young guitarist/singer 
who helped raise the levels even further so the future 
is looking good and they have a new album coming out at some point.
They played everything that you would expect 
and left a packed Underworld begging for more...
they were so good I even stayed for that stupid 
band/crowd picture thing at the end 
and I never do that...what a gig...enjoy,Ed.



Goodbye,Johnny B. Goode...


Live on the Quo album Tour at the legendary Glasgow Apollo in 1974.    
A lively performance by the band with a Rocking setlist
legend has it the balcony was moving up and down
during the show due to the audience movements to the music.
With Montrose as the support band must have been a great night.
Quo tour poster,
this show isn't on it,
it's the extra date that was added due to the demand.
The sound is similar to past 70's posts,very listenable.


Down,Down, You Bring Me Down...

 First time appearance of this band at HRC.
The Stone Roses,probably the best band to come 
out of that Manchester,England indie Rock scene.
Massively influential.
And a band I had no time for back in the day,
as I've said before I was all Metal.
Now I appreciate the musicianship here.
When they were on they had a massive groove.
Their debut album is regarded as one of the 
best albums by a UK band...ever.
Record company troubles and 
personality clashes meant their full
potential was never realised.
A fine audience recording here from Japan
back in '89.
And of course they finish with the 
indie Freebird ,the classic, I Am the Resurrection!



The Freakiest Show I Know...

 RHCP out there in Japan on the Mother's Milk Tour.
A fine album and the first to feature Chad Smith
and John Frusciante.An album I haven't
listened to in a while.
So I might dig that one out for later.
Playing songs from their four albums here and also a little
peppering of cover tunes,fine stuff.
Anyway the next album was the one
that would send them stadium big.
Fine upfront sound on this so if you wanna Rock out
or get Funky this is the band for you!
Silver cd Rip.



Gettin' Down For The Last Encore...

The Michael Schenker Group only this time called 
The Michael Schenker Fest. 
An excellent audience recording from their 2018 tour of Japan.
Featuring four vocalists from past line ups.
With a marathon 33 song setlist.A sort of history of 
Michael Schenker with each vocalist taking turns 
to perform their past songs.Also a few songs off the 
two Schenker Fest albums and finishing of course 
with a bunch of UFO tracks. 
With plenty of the trademark Flying V guitar solos.


"Mr. Bowie Has Left The Theater"

 David Bowie on the Diamond Dogs Tour from '74.
Ziggy was long gone and never one
to stand still,he's revamped the older tunes.
Slowed down or with added brass,more keyboards etc,
it's an interesting show.
One of the great artists.
Vinyl Rip.



I Thought This Was The UK...

 The Sex Pistols live in Paris on their Filthy Lucre Tour.
Has there been another band so notorious
or influential with only one studio 
album to their name?
If this is an FM broadcast it's not the greatest.
But it's very listenable and enjoyable.
Suitably Punky!!
Vinyl Rip.



Nothin' Is Faster...

Here's Sound Barrier's 3rd and Last Record...

Although, I Think They Recorded 1 Song in
2017 or There-Abouts?
Called: I'm Just A Man...

Beware: There's Another 
Sound Barrier or 2 Out There,
1 That Reminds Me of a
Band Somethin' Like R.E.M.
And, Even Another One That
Plays Electronic Dance Music!?!

Speed Of Light was Released in 1986 on
Metal Blade Records...

It Contains 
Hollywood (Down On Your Luck) 
as a
Tribute to Phil Lynott...

IF You Liked Their Other Efforts, 
You'll Probably Like This One as well...

They Don't Stray Far From Their
Own Heavy Metal Style...

Just Another Band in the 
Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda Category...

But, Sound Barrier Left Us Some Great Music!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

So The Last Shall Be First, and The First Last...In Line...


Here's an Excellent Trio of DIO Concerts!

ALL Are Soundboard Recordings and
ALL Are From The Hammersmith in London!

Just Different Years...

Ronnie James Dio
Although Not Religious Himself, 
Did Use Biblical Themes and
Such in Many of His Songs...

Egypt (The Chains Are On) 
The Last In Line...

Just To Name a Couple...

Along with 
Sword and Sorcery 
and Such Things as
Good and Evil 
Rainbows, Etc...

Anyway, It's Classic DIO!

Dio - Hammersmith Trilogy - CD1

Dio - Hammersmith Trilogy - CD2

Dio - Hammersmith Trilogy - CD3

Another Chapter of Stryper...



Formed in 1993, King James has been called a 
hard rock supergroup for good reason. 
In 1993, Rex Carroll (Whitecross) met 
Jimi Bennett (Sacred Fire) at the 
Kingdom Bound Festival in Buffalo, New York. 

Jimi was looking to put together a new band, 
whereas Rex was 
Feeling the pull toward new musical horizons. 
As fortune would have it, 
Stryper was in a down season as well.

Rex called Tim Gaines, 
Jimi called Robert Sweet, 
and the original 
line-up of King James was born.
Jimi on lead vocals, 
Rex on guitar, 
Robert Sweet on drums, and 
Tim Gaines on bass.

King James recorded one successful album 
for StarSong in 1994 and toured extensively. 


And, Rex Carroll Is Considered
"THE" Hard Rock / Heavy Metal 
Guitarist of Christian Music!

You May Have Also Heard His Playin' 
on NFL Programs on ESPN
For the NBA
Specifically the Milwaukee Bucks
and On a 
Tommy Bolin Tribute Album
Etc. as well...

Get The King James Version HERE!

Yellow and Black...It's Their Color Scheme...

This Is The Original Yellow And Black Attack!
From Stryper...

It Was Released in 1984, Originally!

On Enigma Records...

Then Re-Recorded and a Couple More
Tracks Were Added...

According to Michael Sweet's Book: Honestly...

Then Re-Released in 1986...

All versions with more than six tracks, 
(including Japanese releases with the original cover art) 
have different versions of the same songs.

You Know What To Do