Signs, Signs...Everywhere...


IF You Look At The Back Cover of the
Official Tesla Release...

THIS Is The Show That's Listed, 
But Marked Through in Red!

It's a Nice Radio Broadcast!

And a Great Companion to the
Official One...

And a Lot of FUN as well...

What with Don Dokken Showin' Up
and All!

They Had a Big Hit with Signs...
Which was a Cover...

Some Electricity Was Still Required in
The Making of This Show!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

You Can't Please Everyone, So...


I've Seen This One Listed as BOTH:
Official and Unofficial!?!

(So, IF I NEED to I Can Always Pull It!)

But, Ya Just Don't See Much Rick(y) Nelson
Out There! 
Hardly Any!!!! In Fact!!!

It's a Good Audience Recording from Las Vegas...

And It's a Good Thing This IS The One Time
IT Didn't Stay In Vegas...

I Believe One of the Band Members Gave
Permission to Release This...So, That May
Be The Answer...

Good Concert!

Rick's Havin' a Good Time!

The Music's Good!
("I Played Them All The Old Songs...")

Enjoy The Party!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

There's a Port on an Eastern Bay...


Well, I've Been Diggin' Out of a Snow Storm...

Mother Nature Dropped 'Bout 10" on Us...

So, Had to Dig Out the Car and Go to
The Store For Some Things We Really Didn't
Need, But, Well, There's Another 3" Comin'
Tomorrow Night!

Me, I Was Just Happy The Power Didn't Go Out!

Oh, Sorry...

Here's an Excellent HEART Bootleg I Would
Go Out in the Cold and Snow to Get!

It's Excellent!

Not Sure Why They Play The Intro to
Crazy On You, Then Not the Song
'Til Later...

That Awesome Line-Up of The Band
Makes For Wonderful Music!

Follow Your HEART On THIS ONE!

Fall to Your Knees and Repent, If You Please...

Judas Priest

Live from The
Killing Machine (Hell Bent For Leather
Stained Class

Live on the BBC!

So Ya Know It's Quality!

Thanks to The Priest's Boot Folks...

It Sounded Good to Start With...
But, Well, 
It Needed a Few Adjustments...

Which You'll Hopefully 
Think Makes It Even Better!

Just 5 Songs, But Some are Lengthy...

Altogether, 'Bout a Half Hour's Worth!

I'd Get THIS One IF I's YOU!


These Ladies Are Troopers...


Here's The Iron Maidens!

Live in a Full Concert Setting!

From 2017...

In Belgium...

At a Place Called "The Spirit of 66"
(I Probably Shoulda Named It The Spirit of 666...)

It's a Great Soundin' Audience Recording!
With a Nice Full Sound...
(Not the Least Bit Muddy, Etc.)...

And The Crowd Is Lovin' It!
('Course It Was Back in '17 When We Used To Do These Things!)

Between Songs They're Singin', Etc.

BUT, They Don't Get In The Way
Of The Show Goin' On...

They Give It That "You Are There!" Vibe!

The Band Rocks, Needless To Say,

Out On Iron Maiden Songs...

Some of Which Maiden Have 

Enterin' The Twilight Zone...

And You Thought It Was A Golden Earring Show

From the Title of The Post!

Nope. It's More Gin Blossoms, Instead...

Live from a Place in Tampa, Florida...

Called Twilight or Twilight Lounge...

Nice Soundboard from 2003...

Most of the Usual Songs You'd Expect...

And a Couple Unreleased Ones as well...

The Lady of the Strange Wings...


Here's The Golden Earring Post!

A Very Good Audience Recording!

Live from Bonn, Germany!

From Back in 1989...

A Very Good Mix of Songs Here!

The 2 Most Famous Ones
(That Many May Be Tired of Hearin'...)
Come at The End!

Before That...
There's Lots to Like Here!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Mark Says Domo Arigato...

On That Last Grand Funk Post from The Agora...

Someone Commented, Somethin' Like
They Hadn't Heard Any From This Time Period...
Or Somethin' Like That...

Which Got Me to Thinkin'...
(See, It's Good to Comment!)

There's Another Really Good Concert
From That Same Tour!

And, Well - Here It Is!

Much Further From Their Home...

All The Way Over in Japan at 
The Famed Budokan!

Another Excellent Soundin' Show!

Can't Go Wrong With This Funk!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Takin' Hold of Louisville...


This is a Pretty Decent Audience Recording of
Fairly Early on in Their Career...

Long Before Too Many Egos and Lawyers
Would Get in the Way of The Music!

Live in Louisville in 1984...

Opening for KISS!

They Had the EP and The Warning...
At This Point!

The EP Showed Potential and
The Warning was a Big Step Forward...

And They Would Make Some Great Music
Goin' Forward for Awhile...

I Guess Everything You Really Need to Know's
On The Back Cover...

Thanks to The Original Taper and Uploader!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Kix Out The Jams...

Here's the band - KIX!

This Is Their First Live album from
Back in 1993 (I Believe...)...

Simply Titled: KIX - LIVE!

It Seems to Be Out of Print Now!

Hard to Believe Kix started Out
Way Back in 1977 as The Shooze!

And At One Point (in The 2000's...)
Went By The Name: 4/5 Kix!?!

Anyway, IF You Like Their Kinda
Hard Rock N Roll...

I'm Sure You'll Like This Live CD!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Catch It If You Can...


A Classic Nazareth Concert!

Live from 1985...

From Harpo's In Detroit...

A Pretty Good Radio Broadcast on
Detroit's Wheels Radio Station...

On The Catch Tour!

A Very Good Setlist with a
Mix of Old 
Plus Then New Songs!


I'm Just a Stranger on This Road I'm On...On and On...


This Was The Cover I Had for This Show
Many, Many Years Ago!
(And Have Seen Many Other Places!)
((Which Is Kinda Cool!))

Somewhere Along the Way,
I Got a Better Version of This Blackfoot Show!

SO, I Figured It Needed a Better Set of
Cover Artwork!

SO, Here 'Tis!

Live At Donington in 1981...

For the Monsters Of Rock Festival...

Excellent Soundin' Southern Rock!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Don Says Joe's Cool...


Joe Walsh on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert!

I Think It Was Billed as Joe Walsh and Friends!

A Very Nice Selection of Songs Here!
Plus Some Covers as well...

It's from 1975...

Sounds Pretty Good,
There's Canned Audience
At The Beginnings and Ends of Songs!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Why Waste Precious Time...


It's Pat and Neil
Sittin' down with
In The Studio...AGAIN!

It's from 1991, 
But They're Lookin' 
Back at The Classic Album 
from 1981...
Precious Time!
This Time...


Here's Another of Those Radio Shows...

Sent to Us by TidesWorthy!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Doctor Doctor...Gimme The News...


Here's a Great WBCN Broadcast of
Moon Martin 
(And The Ravens...I Think He Was Callin' Them...)

Live from The Paradise in Boston!

A Very Good Concert from 1978...

Great Simple Rock N Roll...
Guitar, Bass & Drums...
With a Sorta Rockabilly / New Wave Sound!?!
Whatever Ya Want to Call It?

Moon's Biggest Hit Was One He Wrote and
Robert Palmer Made Famous!

You Might Recognize His Drummer?

Also, They Cover the Beatles...

ALL In One Night In Boston!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


MSG = Michael Schenker + Guests...


UFO Steve Sez:

An interesting 

Michael Schenker Group 

line-up and set list from 1998

with guest appearances on

Track 09, 10, 13

featuring Gary Barden

Track 14 & 15

Jam with Uli Jon Roth & Joe Satriani

Excellent sounding show.

Schenker sounds great as does vocalist David Van Landing.

The beginning of track one is unfortunately missing.


Burnin' Down The House...


THIS Is Somethin' Fans of FireHouse Will Want!

It's The Demos That Led to That First CD!

Back Before They Were FireHouse!


Thanks to The Original Uploader (Share-er!)
(I Just Made Some Artwork...)

The Production Is Lacking a Little...
(As Would Be Expected!)

And There's Some Tape Hiss...
(As Would Be Expected!)

But, Overall, It's Pretty Cool to Hear...

Everything's Basically In Place...

They Just Needed a Little Major Label Help...

And That Was All She Wrote!


Saw You Walkin' Out On Sentimental Street...


THIS Is Such a Great Concert...
To Have Such Sorry Artwork!?!
(Or So I Think...)

The Sound Quality 


Performance are Excellent!

It's Listed as an Unofficial Release...

(AND, Looks Like It!)

So, I Made Some Artwork (For Me!)

BUT, You Can Use It IF'N Ya Like!

Don't Have Any More INFO

Than, Los Angeles 1986...

ALL Artwork Is Included

For You to Choose...

But, Whatever You Choose...


Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

In The Presence Of Another World...

I've Been Lost In Another World, Lately...

The World of Imaginos!

These Demos of Albert's Are the Place to Start...
(Can Be D/L-ed Below...)
((The Others, I Can't Help Ya With!))

He and Others Made These Demos from 1981 to 1984...

And Then He Mixed 'Em, Etc. in 1985...

All Ready To...What?

Then Came Blue Öyster Cult's Version

in 1988...

Not Many Were Happy with the Results!?!

(It Seems!?!)

So, Fast Forward to 2020:

Albert Released Re-Imaginos.

Then Last Year, 2021, He Released

Imaginos II: Bombs Over Germany

Supposedly, Albert Promised Sandy Pearlman

On His Death Bed

(Sandy's, Not Albert's!)

That It Would ALL Come Out!

So, IF The Pattern Follows:

Imaginos III

Should Be Released THIS YEAR, 2022!?!

But, As I Said. You Can Start 


Enjoy and Play It LOUD!