Here's Pink Floyd man David Gilmour back in 1984.
Live in London.
Featuring some of his solo tracks.
Of course finishing with his show stopping guitar 
mastery.Comfortably Numb.

Cos I'm Free...

 Couple of promo cd's that came with the Classic Rock magazine.
First up Tesla and their cover versions.
It pretty cool as they do songs that aren't the usual 
go to covers that every band does.
Can't believe this is from 2007!!

Next a fine compilation from Black Stone Cherry.
Hits,Acoustic & Live.
This one is from 2014.
Of course if any of this from these two 
fine bands Rocks your boat. 
Buy their stuff.

Fill My Eyes with Double Vision...

Here's a Classic Foreigner Concert from 1978!

Live at The Spectrum in Philadelphia...

A Great Soundin' Show with the Band Really Rockin' Philly!
(I Think it was Recorded for The Source?)

It Features Songs from Their First Couple Albums...

Not Much Else to Say,
You Like Foreigner
And Don't Have This One...
Get It!

Highly Recommended Show!

I Had to Alter the Back Cover a Bit, 
'Cause it was for a Single CD Version and 
This is the Complete Concert on 2 CDs!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!



Lord, I'm A Simple Man...


According to the Band's Website 

This E.P.
Is No Longer Available for Purchase...

Which is Good News for You Junkyard Fans!

Just 6 songs, But, as expected - They're Good!

The First 3 Songs are What You Would Expect from Junkyard...

Then There's Old #4 - a Pseudo-Country Song...
Simple Man is an Acoustic Version...

And, Then They Rock Out on the Last Song!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Armed and Ready...

Recorded at The Reading Rock Festival in 1982

and Broadcast on BBC One,

And Officially Released, at one time, 

It's The Michael Schenker Group (MSG)!

It features G.B. on Vocals 
(Oh! I Guess I Need to be More Specific)
Gary Barden!

Sound Quality Supplied by the BBC and
The Rock Music Supplied by MSG!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Cry You a River, Tonight...


Glad to See Some Folks Enjoyin' Cry of Love!

If You Read the Comments, 
You'll See How Well They're Thought Of!

Here's a Split Concert Bootleg!

Two Different Years (1993 & 94)
Both in the U.K.

If You Haven't Checked 'Em Out Yet...


Enjoy and Play It LOUD!



Get The Firehouse...

Firehouse were/are(?) a good band!

I Saw them in 1990, Openin' for Tesla!

I Remember the Lead Singer C.J. Snare 
(Great Name for a Drummer!)
After the First Three Songs, Said,
"And You Guys Thought We Just Did Ballads!"

This is a Live Broadcast on Z-Rock 
from Dallas, Texas in 1993!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


It's a Mystery to Me...


It's Hard to Believe, 
But These 2 Releases are Currently Out of Print!

This CD was offered as a Standalone Release,
and Later, as a 2 on 1 CD Set...

It's Moon Martin from 1978!

A Great Album of New Wave/Rock & Roll!

Well, You Know What He Does...

Moon Martin - 1978 - Shots From A Cold Nightmare


This CD Was Only Available, 
at one time, 
as a 2 on 1 Set 
(As far as I know)...

But has since went Out of Print, as well...

It's from 1981...
More Great Music from Moon Martin!

Moon Martin - Mystery Ticket (1981)


Billy, Dave & Paul's First Rock Record...


This is the First CD by the band TALAS!

Talas featured Bass Wizard Billy Sheehan...
And the Other 2 Guys weren't bad!
They hail from Buffalo, NY!

I Saw Talas in 1980 Openin' for Van Halen in Augusta, GA!
And have Liked them Ever since...

The Only Song on This I Don't Really Care for is The First:
See Saw...
They do a Great Cover of Stop! In The Name Of Love...

And, You Just can't Help but Love Billy's Bass Tone!

This is the Metal Blade Release!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!



Just A New Way...

 Seeing the Cry Of Love post made me dig this one out.
A 12" single.
You get a new mix and a couple of live tracks.
Yeah they should've had more success.
The Brother album was a goodie.
I think they only had the one album?

I Was Born This Way...

 Some Southern Rockin' from the band that come
from down Rocket's way.
Maybe their barn is close to his barn?
Anyway cool little set from Germany's Rockpalast back in 2011.
See,we do put up some recent stuff!!

He's Rounding First...

 Digging into the archives once again here's a 
nice little compilation from Knebworth Festival 1985.
Radio Broadcast.
Tape Rip.

I Never Did Write That Love Song...

 Great concert here from Marillion back in 1984.
From the Glasgow Apollo and recorded by 
Radio Clyde.
Excellent crowd here as you'd 
expect from this legendary venue.
I was a fan of the first album and caught up
with the rest of the Fish era later.
Tape Rip.

Come On, Come On, Come On, Now...


Here's the ONLY Other Thing I Have by TOUCH!

It's The Complete Works I & II...

Meanin' It's their First Album - TOUCH (1980)
Produced by Roger Glover

And, Their Second Album TOUCH II (1981)
Produced by Todd Rundgren

Plus, Some Bonus Tracks!

One of Them is From the Monsters of Rock Compilation...
There's also some Rough Mixes on CD 2...

It was a Japan Only Release in 1998, 
Which has Since gone Out of Print!

So, If You Wanna Explore This Band Some More...
This Is Worth Gettin'!

TOUCH - The Complete Works - CD1


TOUCH - The Complete Works - CD2


You Want to Ride in my Big Black Car...


Cry Of Love - Live in Hollywood, CA!

A Band that was Formed in North Carolina...
So They had Some Southern Roots, Along with Hard Rock!

Here they are Tourin' Their First Album: Brother!

They Play songs from That Album and Close with 
a Cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's On The Hunt!

Oh, and, Audley Freed is Here, 
Before He'd Go On To The Black Crowes...

A Good Solid Hard Rock Band - In The Studio and Live!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!



In The Midnight Hour, She Cried, MORE!

Here's Billy Idol on the Charmed Life Tour!

I think I read somewhere that the Date is Wrong on this One...
Should be the 27th or Somethin'...

Anyway, It was Recorded Live 
in Costa Mesa, CA in 1990!

Runnin' With The Devil...


Here's Girlschool - Live!

It's an Out of Print CD that was Released in 1998...

But, the Concert was Actually from 1982 in Tokyo!

It was Recorded durin' Their Japanese Tour that year...

Girls Rockin' Hard!

They were Friends of Motörhead...'Nuff Said!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Now I'm There...

 One of my favourite guitarists
from one of my favourite bands.
Yep,the one and only Brian May.
Here he is with his band featuring Cozy Powell on drums.
I've got the Back To The Light cd but can't say I've listened to 
it much.I'm going to rectify that right now.

Radio Broadcast from the Imperator Club,
Rio De Janeiro,Brazil.
Well...they're seriously Rockin' here!

I Like It Like That...

 Next up Blues legend John Lee Hooker.
If it wasn't for guys like John we wouldn't be listening to our
Hard Rock & Metal today.
As we all know Blues is the basis for pretty much all Rock music.
Great sound on this as well.
Perfect for just (Boogie) Chillin'.


 Sex Pistols Live.
A flame that burned very bright but very short.
Pretty good sound on this one.
Recorded at Burton On Trent,England '76
and Winterland,SF '78.
Good stuff if you fancy a little jump around the living room!


Put Me In Coach, I'm Ready to Play!


You can Always count on 
The Georgia Satellites 
for a Rockin' Show!

I Don't Ever recall hearin' a Bad Performance from Them!
(Maybe less than Stellar Sound Quality, But that's Not their Fault!)

I'm-A-Talkin' 'Bout The Way They Played!

They seemed to Give it their All every show!

One of The Best LIVE Bands Ever!

Enjoy and Play It Really LOUD!


Learn Another Language For Free...


After Tom Petersson Left Cheap Trick, 
He started Work on Some Music 
that wouldn't get released Until 1984 
(He says, 'Cause of Legal Issues...)

This is That Music!

Tom dropped an "S" from his name -
(Or, he Reverted Back to His Given Name, Actually...)

He formed Tom Peterson and Another Language!
It's got a Missing Persons Kinda Vibe!
Kinda New Wave Soundin'...
It Features Tom's Then Wife, Dagmar on Most Vocals...
Tom does Sing My Car...

This is a Nice Vinyl Rip of the EP...

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!