But I'm Doing All Right Now...


1970 the start of the Quo boogie years.
 Three short similar shows from Germany 
promoting the Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon album 
and their new sound after the
  previous psychedelic years. 
 Decent variable sound quality 
and tracks 8 to 13 plays as one track.

War Games On A Castle Wall...


This is a really excellent recording from an old vhs tape.
 Recorded on the On A Storyteller's Night Tour in London 1985.
With a great set, mix of old and new songs.
59 minutes long or one Sacred Hour of Magnum.


I Just Want To Stand And Stare..

 There's been a lot of line ups of
Iron Maiden and this one is a lot of peoples favourite.
Here they are from the Beat Club in Germany.
A couple of technical issues but the
boys pull it together and keep Rockin'!!


You Sometimes Drive Me Crazy...

 Excellent show from Rush back in '02
on the Vapour Trails Tour.
This was a bit of a comeback for Rush
after taking time out for Neil Peart's tragedies.
Great setlist and they don't forget their
Proggy roots either.



Like Dolphins Can Swim...

 Here's another Bowie show.
This one's during that Berlin,Art Rock,
Thin White Duke phase. 
I'm no expert on this period.
My favourite albums are Hunky Dory & Ziggy.
Apart from his hits I got back into it during the
Let's Dance era,you couldn't really ignore him back then.
This show is from Earls Court,London '78. 


No Dice Honey You're The Salt...

 Here's a new vinyl rip of one of the best
known Aerosmith shows out there in internet land.
Boston 1978.
From the Draw The Line Tour.
A fine album even if it seemed a little
haphazard and the production left a lot to
be desired.But,70's Aerosmith,right up there.



I've Heard A Rumour From Ground Control...

Great show from the legendary David Bowie.
Not a man to stand still musically,
if he wants to revamp some 
of his best known tunes,he will.
From an FM Broadcast and a BBC TV show
back in 1999.
Excellent sound on this one.


Get Down With Fire...

 Another fine audience recording of
Rainbow in Japan.This time The Long 
Live Rock n Roll Tour (Dio's last) in 1978.
For those in the mood for some 70's excess,
extended songs,multiple solos etc.


They Live Inside Of My Head...

 Not had some Cheap Trick up for a while.
Here's a TV Broadcast from back in 1990
& the Lap Of Luxury Tour.
The album that surprisingly produced a 
massive hit single.Another band who are
consistently excellent.
The show is from Chile and they seem to 
have played two shows,second one looks incomplete.
But hey!we'll take what we can get.


Baby Let The Music Flow,Yeah...


Classic Bad Company. 
Two shows in Boston,1974 and '75, 
promoting their excellent first two albums.
Both pretty good audience recordings.
 Good set lists especially the 1975 show.

I Want To Be Part Of It...


Back Street Crawler formed by legendary Free guitarist Paul Kossoff. 
 The band who took their name from his solo 
album title unfortunately didn't last too long ending in 1976 
with the well documented death of Paul. 
Here is an incomplete Soundboard recording 
of their blues and soul style Rock.
Recorded in Liverpool in 1975.


Sent Here To Redeem Us...

 Quality Melodic Rock band Dare,
fronted by ex Thin Lizzy keyboardist Darren Wharton.
Live,from a town just outside Manchester,Oldham.
Dare are probably better known now for having
Professor Brian Cox in their ranks.
Now a TV personality and fronting
programmes about all things scientific.


Went To A Party At The County Jail...

I remember this controversy at the time.
Queen playing South Africa during the apartheid era.
Somehow they managed to weather that storm
and went on to continue getting more and more
popular.Anyway...it's a fine show as you would expect.



Look,I'm Right Beside You...

 From Japan 1976 it's the Dio fronted Rainbow.
Very good audience recording
from the Rising Tour.
Plenty solos between songs to keep you occupied,
for many the classic lineup. 



And We All Lose Track Of Time...

 Alright digging out some more Magnum.
From 1985 & '91 it's Magnum on the Radio.
Cool stuff from (as we know) a 
quality band.
Check the back cover for all that info.


I'm The King With The Golden Crown...

 Here's one that was sent into us by Scooby.
Only the ten years ago!!
Ex Georgia Satellites man Dan Baird.
With his usual rip roarin' brand of 
Rock 'n' Roll.
From Glasgow,Scotland,very enjoyable.



Well,When You Hear That Music...


Requested for in the comments by BFK,
Larry Wallis live with UFO.
Very early UFO sort of space rock boogie.
I don't have a lot of information on this, 
tracks 1 to 3 from France 1972. 
Tracks 4 to 8 Marquee,London 31st May 1972.
Track 9 is 3 tracks from French TV program Rock En Stock 1972.
Hopefully that's correct. 


You Got It...

 It's that noisy mob from (mostly) New Jersey.
Skid Row.
Here they are in California playing tunes from
their first album.
It was a hit pretty much from the get go.
They continued for another couple of albums
until they had to Boot Bach Out.
Still doing the rounds with a new singer.


So Keep Out Of Shootin' Range...

 I've been through the UFO posts (phew!) and didn't
see this one up.
From the Covenant tour and featuring 
Schenker back on guitar.
Pretty good audience recording.



Rainy Day,Stormy Night...

 Magnificent Magnum from 1988.
This is a Radio Broadcast so we get them in
all their Pomp & Majesty.
This is the start of their most popular period
with the albums,Wings Of Heaven and
Goodnight L.A. Unfortunately they couldn't
crack America.Which is a pity
as they were a match for any of those 
Melodic Rock bands at the time.
As we know it didn't matter how popular
or unpopular Magnum were,they still
released albums and toured on a 
regular basis.Right up until the end.


I Sang Love Songs So Glad...

 It's not a Radio Broadcast as stated on the cover.
But it is a pretty good enjoyable audience recording.
Led Zep seem to be having a good time on stage
and the audience are lapping it up.
We also get to hear some chatter from the tapers
between songs,interesting stuff.
Where are they now?
50+ years later! 



Close My Eyes And I Let Myself Go...


An excellent sounding DVD rip of the 
Don Kirshner's Rock Show in 1974 
including the announcers comments 
and a couple of bonus tracks from 1979.
Amazing to think it's 50 years ago since the release of the 
Bad Company self-titled debut album.
And still to many including myself one 
of the great debut Rock albums.