Well The Times Are Gettin' Hard...

Great White Live at Summerfest...

Great Soundin' Broadcast...

Great Original Songs...

Great Cover Versions...

Great Download...

Life After Angel...


Here's Another Band That Came Out Of Another Band...

After Angel Called It Quits...
(For 'Bout 10 Years...)

GIUFFRIA was Formed and Had Moderate Success...

Listenin' to Some of This Concert in Japan,
(I Wasn't In Japan...I's Here At The Barn...)
I'd Forgotten How Good This Line-Up Was...

Sure, There's Keyboards...

But, That Craig Goldy was a Wiz on Guitar,
And, David Glen Eisley Had a Great Voice,
And Alan Krigger Was Solid on Drums...

This Is a Damn Near Perfect Bootleg!

Sound Quality and Performance Are Stellar!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

I've Got To Keep On Chasin' That Dream...


It's Kinda Confusin'...
And, Probably, ALL Tom's Fault In The End...
(I'd Say It's Tirin' Waitin' on Tom's Quest for Perfection...)

In 1980, Barry Goudreau Released a Solo LP,
Which Sounded a Lot Like BOSTON...
(Of Course, Several Members of The Band Were Present...)

Tom Was Not Pleased!

In 1990, Brad Delp and Barry Formed
RTZ (Return To Zero), 
Recorded a Bunch of Songs and Released an Album and
Toured (Of Which This Is One Concert...)...

And That Was Pretty Much That...

(And, I Didn't Even Mention Orion The Hunter...)

Oh, Barry Released More RTZ...

Lost, Found, and Lost and Found...

But, They Were Supposedly Songs
Leftover From the First Sessions...

This Is a WMMS Broadcast from 1991...

Live From The Empire...

They Play Originals and a Couple
Boston Songs as well...




Your Dream Is Over,Or Has It Just Begun?...


Firstly I cocked up on recording...two sets tonight
1st set (Rage For Order).I had the levels set too high,Doh!
But thankfully I noticed it during the break
ready for the 2nd set (Empire).Which I prefer anyway.
The gig itself,Mr. Tate,even after all these years you 
STILL have the voice.
Just hearing Silent Lucidity live,
is such a special moment that will go with
me to my grave.
Great show,great choice of albums...
See you next time...Enjoy,Ed.


What Do Ya Want? I Want Rock 'n' Roll...

 Very nice audience recording.
Def Leppard back in '88 on the massively  
successful Hysteria Tour.
Of course it also turned into one of biggest 
selling albums of all time.
And to this day it still sounds great.
Cracking setlist as well,only one song
that isn't from Pyromania or Hysteria.
So you debut album lovers are out of luck.



Rock Is In Their DNA...


Here's the Canadian Band HELIX!

A Little Past Their Prime...

But, Still Rockin' Strong on this
Concert from 2011...

smoker posted one of their shows
From 1985 HERE...
In Case Ya Missed It...

A Nice Soundboard from the Band...

Live In Their Home Country...

From The Legendary RED DOG!
(That's What It Says!)

Lots of Good Songs 'Bout Heavy Metal and Such...



It's a Real Humdinger and I Like It Like That...


Someone Sent This to Us...
(Thanks, as Always!)
All I Did Was Put Together Some Artwork...

It's the NWOBHM Band BRONZ!

I Remember Them From Back Then...
Probably 'Cause They Covered the
New England Song: Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya...

Anyway, Bronz were Appropriately Signed to
The Bronze Record Label...

They Released Taken By Storm in 1984...

They Recorded Another Record as well...

And Then Everything Went Sideways...

If'n You've Never Heard Them...
You Should!

They Put on a Great Rock & Roll Show...
Good Playin' and Good Singin'...

Live from Harpo's in Detroit...

Oh, And 1 of the Songs was written by
Bob Halligan, Jr.
That Name May Seem Familiar to Judas Priest Fans...
And, Other Bands Like KISS, KIXBlue Öyster Cult, Etc.

Great Broadcast From WLLZ: Detroit Wheels!

'79 Or '80...What's The Difference?...


Ok, So, I Had This Angels Concert...
(Sounds Like The Start Of A Joke...)

Anyway, The Folder Had Music Files...
No Artwork...
But, There was an INFO File That was
Dated March 14th, 1980...

So, I Did Some Searchin'...


September 13th, 1979 Kept Comin' Up...

So, I Went to Setlist...


They Were BOTH There!?!

So, Which Show Was This?

Based on the Great Sound Quality, Etc.

I Deduced (So, I'm Probably Wrong...)

It MUST Be 13 September 1979!

The Audio from a DVD Released
A While Back...

Enjoy The Angels Show...


Let The Comments Commence...

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Shaken Not Stirred...

 There can't be many things better than a New Year's Eve
show with the Brian Setzer Orchestra.
From San Francisco back in '95.
Great music (Rock,Rock 'n' Roll,Rockabilly & Big Band)
played by a fantastic band.
Radio Broadcast,Let's Rock!




You're The Spark In The Dark...


Can't believe these Swedish guys have been going since '87.
With pretty much the same line up.Starting things off
with two instrumentals seemed odd to me.
But once they were out of the way they proceeded to
kick some serious bottom.Good solid Hard Rock
with the bass lines giving them that Funk groove.
Pretty sparse crowd tonight not sure where they go from here
but those of us that were there enjoyed it.
We shall see...Enjoy,Ed.


Both Our Shadows,Never Sleep...


Guaranteed these guys are the biggest band in Holland
that you have never heard of...same with me
until last Monday.My phone pinged.
Ed come and see a stadium filling band play a 
small dingy club in Camden,er OK.
Did my homework and wow... if you
like your 80's anthemic rock (think Goo Goo Dolls - Simple Minds)
this is for you,brilliant stuff.
Now the only downside being the only Brit in house
between songs it would seem the Dutch like
to start full on conversations with each other.
Which was a tad annoying.But Hey Ho...I still
get that buzz discovering new bands to my ears
even if they have been going for years.
Great gig...enjoy,Ed. 


The Pleasure And The Pain...

 Here's an excellent Radio Broadcast from Dire Straits.
The On Every Street Tour.
From Nimes,France.
Which is nowhere near Derek from Paris
as Nimes is Southern France.
(I looked).
There were a couple of tracks on this that were
cut into two or three parts for some reason.
Not on my watch! I've managed to join them 
back together for a better listening experience.
Who says we just throw these shows up?! Lol.

Everybody Up,Everybody,Everybody Up...

 Classic Metal from Saxon from back in '85.
The mid 80's when most bands hair got bigger
and the albums sounded a bit slicker.
They were all looking for the elusive breakthrough
especially in the US.
It didn't really happen for Saxon they were always
more popular in Europe.
Live,they always deliver as you can hear,here!




There Is A Demon Among Us...

 Audio from Lizzy's last filmed performance.
Finishing on a great album but as we've
said before why finish at all?
I guess what will be will be some paths 
cannot be changed.
One of the best,and they left us with
a fine body of music.



And When The Music Started...

 Here's another Neil Young Radio Broadcast.
Great sound and performance once again.
You either like him or you don't.
Me? when I'm in the mood for the lighter
side of Rock I love it.
From two different venues back in the 90's.



A Flash Of Light,Fills The Night...


This is an excellent sounding soundboard.
From the Michael Schenker Group in Nuremberg 1983.
On The Built To Destroy Tour
a disappointing album at the time but the 
songs sound a lot better live.
Schenker's guitar sounds amazingly clear on this.


Did He Leave The Building?...

 Excellent Radio Broadcast
from 1992 out of Denmark.
I've said it many times before that I used to dislike
Dire Straits when they were at their
most popular.Luckily I grew up (a little!).
Only six songs but you're still getting
a lot of music here. 


You Got Me Ringin'...

 Pretty good audience recording.
From The Back In Black Tour and the album
that would turn out to be one of the 
best selling in history.
Who would've thought it,back then?


Just Like That River Twisting Through A Dusty Land...

 Back to another mid 80's recording from our
resident Marty McFly...Eddie.
Quality Melodic Rock from Rio if that's your bag.
Not a band I know anything about or
bought any of their output.
I've listened to it and it hits the spot!


Hey Hey Mama...

 Decent soundboard and incomplete for this one.
Still a lot of music to be had tho'.
On the Tarantura label.
From '73 and The House Of The Holy Tour.
Album didn't come out until March
so you were hearing unreleased new songs
live.From Oxford,England.



Your Judgement Day Is Here...

 Not somebody you'd imagine fronting Sabbath.
Surprisingly it seems to work.
He's a fine singer and he handles the 
Sabbath stuff very well.
He did the Seventh Star Tour
(that album usually gets slated,I love it!)
and started work on the Eternal Idol album
but due to various difficulties he was
replaced by,you guessed,Tony Martin.
It was hard keeping up with what was going
on with this band.
The turnover of band members was similar to
that of Rainbow.A different lineup
for every album and tour.
Anyway I think Eric Singer is in this version?
Badlands anybody!



See The Horse And The Gun...

 A cool band that's highly rated at Hear Rock City.
Cry Of Love,quality Blues Rock.
Managed to find some more stuff from them
a while ago.Got 'round to digging it 
out and making covers etc.
So we've got a Radio Broadcast and a very good
 (excellent) audience recording to enjoy.



The Hottest Band In The World...Again...


Live on the Reunion Tour...

KISS, Live in Atlanta, Georgia...

From 1996...

A Great Soundin' Soundboard...

With ALL 4 Originals...
In Face Paint, Again!

Speakin' of KISS Soundboards...

KISS Has Been Releasin' Some...

Their Newest One IS From 1977!
(It's Ordered, But Not Here, Yet!)

Who Knows?

This Might Be One They Release...

In The Future!?!

Kiss - Atlanta 1996 - CD1

Kiss - Atlanta 1996 - CD2