Watch Out,Watch Out...

He Went He Saw He Shared...Here's Ed!

With a couple of albums and tours under their belt
they decided to get on the road again,
with a Motorhead set which made me and 
the packed out Academy very happy indeed.
Odd start though Phil walks on and does a guitar solo.
Then his Bastard Sons join in and proceed to smash the
place up with 70mins of Motorhead classics...Brilliant Night!



We Need A Storm To Clear The Air...

 My LIanelli boys with their first sold out London show
OK it was only The Black Heart but it's still a statement.
This time next year,Wembley.Ha,seriously tho' this
NWOCR movement has produced some great bands
over the past couple of years.
And add these Welsh boys to the list.
Two albums of quality Hard Rock and 
touring all over the country will lead to bigger things
without a doubt. DIOLCH YN FAWR LAWN. 


Give It All,Give It...

They never let you down live.
It's AC/DC on the Black Ice Tour from,
hard to believe 2008.
So what you get are a couple of tunes from the new album.
Then it's classic tracks galore.
Fine sounding show.



Stand Up And Rock And Roll...


He's back and he's brought with him a cool double bill.

UFO and Saxon defying the years and cranking
out the riffs like it's 1979.
On Tour together in the USA 2017.
Two excellent sounding shows and performances
at BB King's in NYC.
What a great night and tour this must have been.


All Day Long I Think Of Things...

 Some of that early 80's Black Metal from
Angel Witch.
Playing that well known English holiday 
Nice sound on this one and good to go
back to when there were a thousand bands
trying to make it.
It's all good clean fun.

And It Washed Me So Far Away...

 Grungers, Alice In Chains captured during 
their 1993 UK Tour.
From Rock City,Nottingham,March 3rd. 
Very good audience recording.
Great vocals from the late Layne Staley.
If you're in the mood for the more serious
side of Rock music.


The Reason I'm Teasing...

 Another band that are constantly touring,playing
every shithole up and down the country.
This venue has a long history but jeez it's small!
I was up the back but I could have easily picked
up a guitar and joined in.
BUT!! they played it like an arena show
with a full set and amazing backline and for that 
I give them praise.With some great songs
very 80's Rock.
I tried to have a chat with them afterwards
but they're Geordies and I couldn't understand a word...HaHa.

Well that's me up to date with posting all Eddie's recent recordings.
Apart from the new load he's just sent!
So expect some more new bands being uploaded.
Plus a couple we all know.
The Rock never stops!

It Floats Me Up To The Ceiling...

Our resident Gig Goer is back with more recordings.
If there's a guitar plugged in he'll be there!
Cheers Ed.

Another New Wave of Classic Rock Band who are
going places.They already have two albums out with a 
third on the way.As with most of these young bands 
it's good to see them on the way up in smaller venues
like this.I enjoyed this one...keep an eye out for this lot.


No One Knows The Nameless...

 Here's another boot from the Live USA series.
One for the Thrashers out there.
I've never been a big Thrash Metal fan
I just don't get most of it.
So my knowledge of Sepultura is they're from Brazil!


I Saw A Falling Star Burn Up...

 Another show from Billy Rankin's stash.
Interestingly it's an acoustic show.
A cool twist on the Naz songs we know so well.

Expect No Mercy... 



This Is Who We Are...

 Eddie's just strolled into view again.
What's he saying about The Damn Truth?

Over the years Canada has produced some of my 
favourite bands and here's another.
I knew nothing about them until I seen them 
support King King.WOW!...top quality Hard Rock
with a touch of Blues and in Lee-La Baum
they have the perfect front woman.
Parts of their latest album were produced by BOB ROCK
so you know they are destined for a big future.


It's Time We All Reach Out...

 Here's Ed again and this time he's got The Blues!

And just to show that the ladies can do The Blues
as well.She hits all the right grooves with 
traditional Blues and modern guitar histrionics.
Amazing to watch her up close especially when 
she let loose on a couple of the longer songs...
super fast...a big future ahead.

Hard working British Blues guitarist who I 
have seen a couple of times.
Although considered one of the new breed
he has been around for about 20 years.But like 
all Blues players he is forever touring and 
playing everywhere.
Reminded me of a young Eric Clapton if
that is possible. 


Singing On The Shoulders Of An Angel...

 I was just looking at my watch and it would appear to
be time for some Symphonic Metal.
So if you like Metal,Classical,Rock and
Celtic folk music all mashed into something epic.
You might like this one.
Nightwish,probably the most well known in the genre.
They've had three females singers.
The current one (since 2013) Floor Jansen is in my opinion
the best female singer of any genre around today.
Here's a very good audience recording from
Bloodstock 2018.

Danger,Straight Ahead...

 Bubblegum Glamsters Poison for you.
Some demos from before the first album 
and maybe even before CC Deville?
Poison?Yeah I followed them for a while.
That first album is a Glamtastic Klassic!
I nearly wore the grooves out on that record.
Tape rip a little hissy but contains a couple
of cool songs that haven't made any albums.


My Baby With The Sunset Eyes...

Here's Ed again,He Goes Where The People Go.

I'd seen The Wildhearts a few months earlier
just going through the motions,obviously all pissed off
with each other again.
So it was great to catch up with Ginger in a more relaxed set up.
You can tell he was loving it away from the 'hearts.
And they played some great covers,great night.

Some People Break The Rules...

Over to you,Ed.

Quite a new band really been around since 2009,
they play fast and furious street punk.
Bordering on Oi Oi punk which was quite
big back in the day but thankfully these days
violence does not follow it around like it used to.
It's fascinating watching the mosh pit at some of these gigs.
They really go for it and how the hell they don't
get seriously hurt is beyond me...
Great night was had.


Well I Can Rock With Anyone...


Our Buddy UFOSteve is back once again pulling something
from the U section! 

One more of my old bootleg cd rips.
2 Radio Broadcasts.
The first one from France February 7th 1983.
With Billy Sheehan on bass guitar.
Complete with the mad French disc jockey between tracks.
And then the second part has the Radio edit Broadcast
of the St. Louis show on 24th April 1982.

How Easy It Would Be,To Show Me How You Feel...

 A band that did have some good success,it's Extreme.
With the album Pornograffitti & the big
lighter waving ballad,More Than Words.
I dug that album especially the other single
Get The Funk Out.
Of course Gary went on to have an ill fated 
time in Van Halen.
Nuno had a cool gig playing guitar for Rihanna.
Back to the good times it's a radio broadcast from '89.


Reaching For The Stars,We Blind The Sky...

 After the Dehumanizer album with RJD.
Sabbath are back with Tony Martin on vocals
for the Cross Purposes album & tour.
A pretty good audience recording from L.A. 1994.
The last track Mob Rules/Computer God features
Dio from Boston 1992.
All in all pretty enjoyable.
Silver cd rip.




Like Ants In A Colony We Do Our Share...

Getting closer I can nearly make him out,yep
it's Eddie tellin' it like it is.

Just to show that it's not just the Brits that do Punk well,
I've always like this lot
with their short fast Yank Punk.
I stood at the back and watched the crowd
lap it up.Although when he mentioned the Jubilee
it didn't go down too well.
Not many Royalists in here tonight...great gig!!


But I'd Rather Be Back In Soho...

It's a support & headliner set.

Who's that coming over the hill?
It's Eddie coming to tell us all about this one.

Here he is Mr. Charlie Harper and the UK Subs.
A lot of people have said he is Mr. Punk.
Starting it all way back in 1976 and still going after all these years.
The bands love him the fans love him,total legend,
and at 125 years old still looking good.



Hey You,What Can I Do?...

 Rootsy Rock 'n' Roll from the Quireboys
playing the Reading Festival back in 1987.
Good honest Bluesy Rock featuring 
those classic Spike vocals.