Dressed In Their Summer Clothes...


An early Mk 2 soundboard FM broadcast from 
Radio Amsterdam in 1969 entitled Ritchie's Blues. 
Featuring early versions of Speed King ( Kneel and Pray ) and Child In Time.
Blackmore's guitar is lost in the mix on the first couple of minutes otherwise,  
 very good sound for the time.

This Time I'm Fighting Back...


The Answer live at Wacken 2015. 
Once voted the best new band of 2005 by Classic Rock magazine. 
  The band have been constantly touring and releasing albums since 2000 
 with a degree of success in the UK, Europe 
and Japan playing their 70s style Rock.
This is excellent sounding dvd audio. 
It plays as one mp3 file 45 minutes long.


You Know You Done Me Wrong,Baby...

First broadcast in 1983 it's Blues Legend B.B. King.
From the Guitar Greats series hosted 
by Alexis Korner.Music and chat as usual.
Approx 1hr.


You Can Get It If You Really Want It...

 Classic Rock n Roll from Bruce Springsteen's pal,
Southside Johnny.Captured live by BBC Radio,
London 1989.
Let The Good Times Roll!!


And Going To All Of The Shows...

 The Legendary KISS rehearsing 
for the Rock And Roll Over Tour of 1976.
Probably my favourite studio album of theirs.
No frills Hard Rock and one of their
best sounding albums which in my book
makes it a winner. 
A few demos tacked on the end of this as well.



Hat,Shades,Head In A Daze...


Very good audience recording of
Paul Rodgers in 2017 playing a set of classic 
Free numbers at Bristol in the UK.
Its Amazing to think that all of these songs 
are now well over 50 years old.
But you wouldn't know it listening to this as 
Paul's voice sounds as bluesy and soulful as ever.

Together We Can Rock n Roll...


Status Quo headlining the 1982 Monsters of Rock Festival, 
Donington Park in front of 60,000  people. 
Fairly decent audience recording. 
With an excellent setlist full of crowd favourites.
Not quite the full performance Bye Bye Johnny appears to be missing.


Your Tricks With Fruit Are Kinda Cute...

 A pretty good audience recording from The Stones 
in '73.It's The Goats Head Soup UK Tour.
So we're well into that golden period.
On a run of great albums,lookin' good,
soundin' good.And once again Mick Taylor
adds more quality with his guitar playing.


Won't You Still Be There...

 Magnificent Magnum and a little eight song set here.
From German TV back in '86.
Just before the Vigilante album came out
and we get a couple of tunes from that one here.



As The Thing Crawls Into Town...


KK's Priest live from a recent live stream at the 
Rock Hard Festival Germany 2024.
And you get what you expect, 
 a set of Priest classics and tracks from their two albums.
 With plenty of huge riffs and guitar solos by  
KK Downing and Tim Ripper Owens with the vocals and screams. 
Plays as a two track MP3.

Take No Orders,Don't Get Fired...


With so few 1976 recording around (4 in total ) here's another version of Birmingham 1976 listed as a first generation recording with a better sound to the  previous post on HRC,
featuring some great Schenker guitar solos.
Followed by a show from Sweden at the start (second date) of the
 No Heavy Petting tour. 
The sound is a bit rough and ready but still listenable and again some nice guitar work.

(the original back cover art has errors,London instead of Birmingham and a band photo from 1974 with Paul Chapman)


To The Seat With The Clearest View...

 Soundboard recording from David Bowie
back in 1999,Paris.
Playing a few tunes from
his latest album,Hours.
Plus there's still room for a few classics.
I'm pretty sure I haven't listened to much Bowie
after Let's Dance and he released a few
albums after that.I think I'm going
to make a note and check out some
of his later recordings.
So much music so little time!


I See The Tip Of The Iceberg...

 A nice audience recording here if
a little distant.Rush from Japan 1984 and the 
Grace Under Pressure tour.
A fine album.
The music at this stage was more influenced
by New Wave & The Police (those reggae 
inspired riffs man!)But I found
those shorter songs easier to get in to.
I was one of those that went back to 
earlier Rush and finally got into
their (classic) Prog albums.



She's Crazy,I'm Lazy...

What's not to like about old school British Heavy Metal?To be honest I never really paid much attention to them when they started back in the 80's but over the years I've got to really like what they do and with BLAZE going off and joining Maiden briefly and then setting off on a solo career I didn't think I would get the chance to see the original line up play live...BUT NO,I was suprised as everyone when they announced a few dates 40 years after they started and what a great night it turned out to be,Blaze really is an engaging frontman,to watch him point out fans in the crowd and offer to fight them was hysterical and for a man who had a triple heart bypass at the begining of the year this really was an outstanding performance....enjoy Ed.


Come On,We'll Get From This Place,Now...


SUPPORT SLOT #1.OK for all the good people at HRC I'm gonna try something a bit different..Every gig I go to I always make sure I get there early to see the support bands hoping to catch that ONE band/artist who I think will go onto bigger and better things.They will be short sets (but complete) and hopefully introduce you to new artists you would'nt possibly of heard of..Let's start with TOBY LEE a young blues guitarist (born in 2005...jeez I'm old) who even Joe Bonamassa has raved about and to watch this kid play the guitar myself and quite a few others were left open mouthed and to end with a brilliant Jeff Healey cover was the icing on the cake...What a talent...check him out...enjoy,Ed.


Get Too Much You Get Too High...


Gig #101 of the year for me tonight..jeez that's something I have not done since the 80's and I will NOT be doing again as it's getting harder on my old bones ha ha...it's been fantastic and I've been fortunate to see some great bands old & new WITH only 2 walkouts (SUGERHILL GANG...the old hip hop fan in me felt let down..."put your hands in the air and scream"...every 5 mins...jeez just play the complete song FFS...and THE SOAP GIRLS who were just awful...(if you're gonna play on the live circuit at least learn to play your instruments and not rely on good looks.) ANYWAY what a great way to end the year I just love SWEET and as I said on last years post they are heavier live than on record,as you would expect all the hits are here with a couple of new songs...great stuff...enjoy,Ed.



The Future Was Wide Open...

 Here's another of those magical mystery bootlegs
from the Arriba! label.
No information with this one.
But when I ripped the cd the title on it was,
The Travelling Heart.
Which would make it Oakland Coliseum Jan. 22nd 1992.
Or...Another boot called Rock n Roll Caravan
from Oakland Coliseum Nov. 23 1991.
Tom does say that there's cameras there tonight.
Which would make it 1991 as there was a
video release of the show!?
If like me you don't really care it's a fantastic show, 
performance and sound.
From The Great Wide Open Tour and by all
accounts the sound was originally taken from
the laserdisc.
The most important thing to remember tho' is,
It's Only Rock N Roll!!


Your Freedom's Just A State Of Mind...

 Once again on the Rock The Nation Tour.
It's KISS!!
This time from Cincinnati.
Makin' Love & Unholy just a couple of the 
highlights on this one.



I'm In Overdrive...


An audio rip from the original bootleg 
DVD from the early 2000s.
An excellent Soundboard recording of MSG 
with their classic 1981 line up,
65 minutes of the Mad Axe Man live in Germany.

Travel Light And I'm Always Alone...


With the release of the classic Robin Trower album 
Bridge Of Sighs 50th anniversary edition box set,
 here's an excellent sounding 
FM/soundboard radio broadcast 
from Pittsburgh 50 years ago in 1974. 
 Apart from microphone problems 
on the vocals on the opening track,
it's 45 minutes of the Blues Rock Trio at their finest.