Fight The Good Fight Everyday...


Here's That Other 3 Piece Band from Canada!


Live on The Allied Forces Tour!

That Album Elevated Them to
The Next Level...

They'd Released Several Great Albums
Before That One, and Had 
Toured Extensively as well..

And Then They Were an 
Overnight Sensation
Here In The States!

Although, Some of Us Already Knew and Had
Many of Their Records!

I Remember Buying That
Rock and Roll Machine
Just From Lookin' at The Cover...

Excellent Soundin' Show Featured on the
Radio Program Captured Live!

NOTE: Don't Know Why I Think Worcester
Needs an "H" in It...But I Had to Redo The
Artwork 'Cause of  That "H" That's Not There!

ANOTHER NOTE: Some List This Show
As Being at Worcester Centrum...
But, Centrum Didn't Open 'Til September 1982!

You Help Me Through and Through...


Sunday is Upon Us Again!

And as I Like to Try to Do
Many Sundays:
Here's Some Music for the Soul...

Stryper from back in 2005

On The Reborn Tour...

This Is a Very Good Audience Recording!
It Has a Full Sound with Plenty of Bass
And Everything Can Be Clearly Heard!

So, IF This Might Be Somethin' You
Might Be Interested In...
Somethin' You Might NEED to Hear
Right Now Durin' These Tryin' Times...

IF Not, That's OK as well...

There's Sure to Be Somethin' Else
Comin' Along You Might Want Instead!




Armed and Ready in Canada...

UFO Steve Sez:

Excellent sounding MSG show from Toronto 1988

A good mix of the old classics

And some McAuley Schenker tracks

Cover art appears to be from a 

Japanese bootleg DVD release


I Ain't Kiddin' Ya, We'd Make a Beautiful Cover...

Here's Some More 
Phil X and The Drills!

This Time They're On Stage
 In Front of an Audience!

These are Excellent Soundin' 
Soundboard Recordings!

And I Know At Least One Person
Liked The Other Set I Posted,
'Cause Oldcapellon Said So!

As Mentioned Before...

Phil Has Original Music as well...

One Song is Titled,
"I Wish My Beer Was As Cold As Your Heart."

Anyway, Most of You Folks Will Probably Get
This to Hear The 1st and Last Songs!

That'd Be My Guess!

NOTE: I Don't Know Phil Personally OR
I'm Postin' This Music 'Cause I Like It!

Everybody's So Different, I Haven't Changed...

Joe Walsh is a Character...

Here He Plays some Good Songs and
Tells Some Good Stories as well...

Great Sound Quality Overall!

Most Was from a Concert in
San Diego, Ca in 2000...

Well, Everything's Right There on
The Back Cover...

Don't Overlook the Song The Confessor!

He Does a Wide Range of Other Songs as well...

You Changed...I Didn't...


Here's a Heart Concert from 1982...

They Had Already Started Makin' a
Transition from Their Awesome 70's
Rock and Roll to Their More Mainstream
Rock, Which Would Be Fully Realized by
1985 with the Release of Heart...

We as Fans Sometimes are a Little Too
Critical and Unforgivin'...

We Find a Band, Like Their Sound, Etc.

And Then Want Them to Stay That Way!

But Most Bands Evolve Over Time...
For Good or Bad!

But Many Bands Don't Wanna Keep Makin'
The Same Old Record Over and Over!

So, They Change!

And Us Fans Have to Deal With It!

So, Deal With It!


Try Not To Wake Up With a Monster...

Cheap Trick Is Always Good!

No Matter The Year!

This One's No Different...

Even IF You're Not a Big Fan of
Their Mid 90's Output...

There's Still Plenty to Like Here!

There's Enough Classics and Others
So's Everyone Can Find Some Songs
That Will Please Them!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


More Motor City Madness...

More of What I Posted Before...

Whiplash Bash the First from '86
Is Down Below There Somewhere!

This Is the 2nd from 1987!

More Ted...
More Loud Guitars...

Both were from JCGM97 from
Way Back When...

Big Time Setlist and All!

You Know What You're Gonna Get Here!

And Don't Forget My Dog...


This Is Buster Brown...

Not to be Confused with the
Buster Brown from Australia
That Featured 
Angry Anderson & Phil Rudd...

This is the One from Louisville, Kentucky!


And it Featured Johnny Edwards...
Remember Him from Foreigner?

This Is Where He Started...
This was Their 1st Release from 1984...

I've Seen Them Labeled as Glam Rock,
They're NOT!

They're Just Straight On Rock N Roll!

Reminds Me of a Bar Band...

Also, The Drummer was Replaced
by James Kottack
Soon After This Record Was Made!

It's a Good Vinyl Rip...
(Never Released on CD...)

But The Original Production Was Not That Great!

But, Hey They Got to Make a Record...

And Here It Is 
All These Years Later!

NOTE: As for the Title of This Post...
Well, Ya Gotta Be Old To Get It...
Hint - It's Not a Music Reference!?! 

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Funk It Up...

Excellent Living Colour Concert!

Live on Rockpalast!

From Back in 1990!

Funk and Hard Rock Blended So Well!

Great Songs and Great Musicians...

IF You'll Never Heard Them!?!
(Hard to Imagine?)

This Is a Perfect Place to Start!

Sound Quality Is Outstandin' as well...

And a Blisterin' Encore of 
The Clash's
Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Enjoy and Play It LOUD and Funky!

The Sun Rises In The East...


Here's an Out of Print CD...

Also, It Was a Japan ONLY Release as well...

It's The Paul Raymond Project!

This Was Also Their 1st Release!

I Guess I Picked It Up 'Cause of the
ANGEL Connection and 'Cause I
Always Liked Paul Raymond as well...

The Line Up Consists of Paul and Frank DiMino
And 2 Japanese Guys!

It's 5 Great Melodic Rock Songs 
The Last Song 
Is Just Them Havin' Fun
In The Studio!

Good Mornin' Sunshine!


You'll Never Drill For Oil on a City Street...


You Folks Ever Heard of Phil X?

I Hadn't 'Til I Ran Across These Recordings...

But, I Looked Him Up...
His Given Name Is:
Theofilos Xenidis
And He's from Canada..

He Apparently Took Over for
Richie Sambora in Bon Jovi
Some Years Ago...
('Course I Stopped Followin' Bon Jovi after New Jersey!)

Also, Before That, When Rik Left Triumph
Phil and Rick Santers Took His Place...

Plus Phil's a Session Guitarist as well..

His Discography Is Too Extensive to List Here:
Movie Soundtracks, Kelly Clarkson to Alice Cooper!
And Everybody In Between!

Here He Is with His Band 
Phil X and The Drills!

Pretty Much Havin' a Blast in His Studio!

Playin' Some Old Songs, Just for the FUN of It!

These Have Not Been Released...

Although, They DO Have Original Music for Sale!
Like This One:

Which Reminds Me Of This:

See (Hear) What Ya Think of These?

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Drunk on The Blues...


A Classic Concert!

George Thorogood and The Delaware Destroyers!

From The Early Days!

Live from The Bottom Line...

In New York City!

From Way Back in 1979!

The Artwork Needs Updatin'...

But, Well, It's Been Travelin'
with This Bootleg So Long...
I Just Left It Alone!

The Music Is Just What You Think It Is!

Classic Thorogood!

Mostly Classic Covers!

IF Ya Don't Have It...

Did But Can't Find It...
(Been There, Done That!)


It's Here for the Takin'...

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Excuse Me, While I Kiss The Sky...

Buddy Miles, Again...

With The Man HisOwnBadSelf...

Jimi Hendrix!

Some Demos 
Assorted Recordings!

Produced by Eddie Kramer!

Oh! and Johnny Winter Shows Up as well...

IF It's Somethin' You Can Use...


Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Rememberin' Jimi...


You've Heard of This Randy Hansen Fellow?

I Know You's Heard of Buddy Miles!

Probably Not Heard of Tony Saunders...
Maybe His Father...Merl Saunders?

(He Comes from a Very Musical Family!)

Oh! And He Got His 1st Keyboard at Age 10 from
Sly Stone and His 1st Bass at Age 13 from
Tom Fogerty...And Won an Emmy at Age 14...
Then, He got Serious 'Bout Music at Age 17...
AND, Never Looked Back!

So, We Have 3 Excellent Musicians
Playin' the Music of Jimi Hendrix!

And It's a Fine Quality FM Broadcast!

They were Billed AS:
The Return of The Band of Gypsys!


That's What They Say...


Outstandin' Jeff Healey Band Concert!

Live in Halifax, Nova Scotia...
From Back in '89...

You All Know 'Bout This
Jeff Healey Fellow, Right?

I Mean He was Kinda Special...

He Played the Guitar in a Unique Way...
(In More Ways Than One!)

Guess I's Talkin' 'Bout How He Would
Sit and Play It Layin' Across His Legs...
(See Front Cover!)

And He Used His Thumb Quite a Bit...
More Than Your Average Guitarist Would...

But The Good Noise These 3 Fellows
Made Was Sometimes Beautiful and Melodic 
Other Times Just Blisterin'!

But, You Know All That!

They're Joined by a Couple Guys On One Song...

That Dutch Mason Fellow Was a Big Deal in
Canada, and was from Halifax...

This Dutch Guy was Known as The
"Prime Minister of the Blues"...

And was Given The Title by BB King!

So, Yeah, He Was a Big Deal as well!

Anyway, That's All I Got!

Dig In & Dig It!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Hey Mr. Tambourine Man...

Here's One You Will Want!

This Is One You NEED!



Gin Blossoms are Good Time Rock N Roll!

Labels or Categories DO NOT Apply!

They Been Called Alternative ______...

That's BullSHIT!

That's LAZY Music Critics Talkin'!

These Guys ROCK!


Thanks to DON for Recordin' This and
Sharin' It Freely!
You're Awesome, Dude!

OK, There's The Usual Songs You'd Expect...

On The First Disc You Have to Hear
Dead Or Alive On The 405!

On Disc Two GB Play Eddie Money's
Think I'm In Love!
And a Touch of Rebel Rebel as an Intro to
Hey Jealousy!

Are You Still Readin' This?

Start D/L or Miss Out on the FUN!

Oh! As For the Connection to the
Title to This Post...

You Gotta Listen to Find Out
Read Don's Notes 
Included With Every D/L!

DO NOT Let the Audience Recording
Tag STOP You From Gettin' This, Either!

It's a Full Soundin' Show with
Balanced Sound Quality!

But The Music, Ah! 

That's The Thing!

Gin Blossoms - The Castle 2011 - CD1

Gin Blossoms - The Castle 2011 - CD2

'Cause I'm the Main Man...


Continuin' On with Glam...

(Don't Worry, I'll Soon Be On To Somethin' Else...)

After Some Sort of Fallin' Out...

(Most Likely Creative Differences...)
((AKA - We Can't Stand Each Other Anymore!))

At One Time or Another,
There Were Several Different SWEET's,
Tourin' & Recordin'...
Andy Scott's, Steve Priest's and Brian's...

Here's Brian Connolly of SWEET...

Live In Concert!

From Essen, Germany from 1989...

Brian Sings Most of the 
Sweet Songs 
You'd Expect
Even Does
You Really Got Me!

Good Sound Quality 
A Pretty Good Performance as well...


Hey, Hey, Hey...


UFO Steve Sez:

Back In the day 

about 20-years ago 

I actually bought half a dozen UFO bootlegs 

long before i knew any better

here is one of them 

there are several versions of this around 

this version is one I ripped straight from the CD

the CD label has this as the Birmingham ODEON 
but it's from

Barbarell's Night Club
Birmingham, England
April 20th, 1976

No other info on this at all, a very basic packaging 
A Pretty decent recording with some hiss 
standard set for this tour

Its always good to hear the songs 
from the No Heavy Petting album live

Give Me More

You Keep Usin' That Word...


This Is The First Record by Sweeney Todd!

Nick Gilder was the Lead Singer...

They Recorded and Released as a
Single the Song Roxy Roller!

There Were Actually 4 Different Versions
Released in 1976!

A Glam Rock Classic!

Now, hinterwald made an Interestin' 
Comment on The Kink's Japan '82 Post...

The LINK He Refers To...

ALSO, There's THIS:

The Kink's Top of The Pops 1970

L O L A !

Glam Rock, as I Understand It,
Started in The U.K. 
(England, Specifically...)

Usually It's Marked with Bolan's
Appearance on Top of The Pops in March 1971!
(Bang A Gong (Get It On)!?!)

Then in '72 Bowie Became Ziggy 
The Sweet Released Little Willy in '72,
Which Led to a String of Glam Hits, Etc.!
And On We Go!

Try Searchin' Glam Rock and It'll Give
You Somethin' Like (1971 -1976)...

But That 1 Comment Changes 
The Whole Traditional Timeline!?!

Apparently, I got this from
Sons Of The Dolls Blog (RIP)...

It's an Excellent Vinyl Rip
An Excellent Glam Rock Record
from Canada!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!