Open Fire When I Hit The Stage...

Classic Hard Rock from Dave and the boys.
That one two punch of Earthshaker & Black Tiger
put them in the spotlight. 
So here they are in '82 playing tunes from those albums.
I saw them in 1982 supporting AC/DC.
(My first show)
Still going but with only Dave as the remaining original member.
They're still worth seeing.

You're The Voice...

 Time to mellow out a little with Van the Man.
Great sounding show from 1970.
From Them to a long and successful solo career.
He's done a variety of musical styles but the 
one constant is that great voice.

...at Brighton Polytechnic

 Here's Cheap Trick from the BBC Broadcast 
of Rock Goes To College from 1979.
Riding high on the Budokan album at the time.
(Another that's in my Top 10 Live Albums)
Great little show as you would expect 
from one of the greats. 

Found All The Parts...


Here's Somethin' I Been Workin' On...
(One Of Those Projects I's A Tellin' You About!)

THIS Is an EARLY Cars Concert from The Rat in Boston!

It's an Audience Recording, But Actually Sounds Pretty Good!

And, Would Old Rocket Post a Recording That Sounded Like It was Recorded Out in the Parkin' Lot of the Venue, From Inside a Parked Car, With The Motor Runnin?

Now, You Remember me Tellin' about Cap'n Swing, Right?

Well, Apparently This Concert Took Place Sometime in APRIL 1977! 

Now, That's Significant 'Cause The Cars Became The Cars Sometime Around February 1977...So, That Means They'd ALL Been Together for About 2 Months at this Point! And, It Kinda Shows in Some Places...

The 1st Song, I Believe, Ben Sings...Listen Closely and He Starts to Come In a Tad too Early, And They Sound a Little Loose on a Few Songs...Elliot is Solid Throughout! 

Also, The Cars Didn't Start Recordin' Their First Album Until February 1978!

Also, Again, On THIS Recording They Do a Couple Cap'n Swing Songs: Strawberry Moonlight & Lover and a Holiday!

I Made The Covers With Those Old Bootlegs in Mind - You Know The White Record Sleeves with The Papers Pasted on...

Anyway, This Is Pretty Cool To Listen To a Band In The Makin'

I Hope You Enjoy This One As Much as I Do!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

(NEW LINK: 3/2/21)


Tellin' Tall Tales of How it Used to Be...


Rose Hill Drive May Not Be a Name You Know, But They Were/Are (?) a 3 Piece Heavy Blues / Rock Band from the Mid to Late 2000's...(That I Know Of...)

They Made Some Really Good Records of Their Own Material, 
BUT, Here We Have Them Doin' Led Zep II...

This an Excellent Audience Recording and The Guys Do a Better Than Average Job Of Playin' The Classic From Start to Finish!

Not Much Else To Say, 

IF You Like This Kinda Stuff, 

I Don't Think You'll Be Disappointed!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!




First, Here's Nazareth Opening for Deep Purple on The King Biscuit Flower Hour from Back in 1976 out there in California at The Long Beach Arena!

There's Only 5 Songs Here, But Naz Picked Some Good'uns!

This Flight Tonight is Always Good and Of Course, One of the 3 Saddest Songs I Think I've Ever Heard - Woke Up This Morning! And It's Not a Ballad or a Blues Song?

When You Don't Have Much Time 

and Want Some Naz, 

This'll Do The Trick!

Nazareth - Long Beach California 1976  (320)

Now, If'n You's Got The Time and are in the Mood for More, Here's a Full Concert from the Scottish Ones!

They Start out Like So Many Times with Telegram

And, Why Wouldn't They? That's One Great Opening Song!

And They Get Into Some Live Versions of Quite a Bit Off 

The Hair of the Dog album on 

This Excellent Soundin' Soundboard Recording!

Like the Rarely Played Loved And Lost and Changin' Times!



Nazareth - St Paul 1976 SBD (192)


From 1981 - Live in San Jose, California, 

Right Around the Time of Their Excellent Live Album 'SNAZ - 

Here's an FM Broadcast for You!

They Sounded a Little Different with the Addition of Billy Rankin and John Locke...

But, Still, It Was Good!

All The Information Is on the Back Cover!

Nazareth - Malice In California 1981 (FM)   (320)

Don't Report This! 3 Men Said...


Here's a Nice 2 Disc Set from Blue Öyster Cult!

Live from New York City - It's The Amazing     

Blue      Öyster      Cult!!!!

Live from The Palladium for 2 Shows (an Early and a Late one...)!

It's the Same Setlist for Both But (We Don't Care!) it's a Pretty Good Setlist for the Time and Quite Varied as well!

They start at The Beginnin' with Stairway to the Stars ("I Think I'll Sign It, Good Health To You") and Then Bounce Back and Forth with Harvester of Eyes ("That's Me") Dr. Music (Another Example of the Syndrum in the Late 70's!) to Hot Rails To Hell ("The Heat From Below Can Burn Your Eyes Out") and Then The Rest and Out!

All The Info Is On The Back Cover!

Enjoy and Play It LÖUD!

BOC Palladium NY79 Early Show

BOC Palladium NY79 Late Show


Heart To Heart, Eye To Eye - Love Is A Lie...


This Is Hands Down MY Favorite Aldo Nova Concert!

It was Recorded LIVE in New York City, Back in 1982 (Not Sure of the Venue?) But was Broadcast on King Biscuit!

It's Relatively a Short Concert (Just 7 Songs) But Aldo and The Band Were Particularly On Fire That Night!

They Play Pretty Much the Bulk of That First Album! 

If You Really Listen to the Lyrics of Several Songs...

Someone Did That Boy Wrong! 

Aldo Seems To Have Gotten Burned by Some Girl Sometime Before Writin' Those Batch of Songs!

But, I Guess He Ended Up Gettin' The Last Laugh...

'Cause He Hit The Big Time With That Record!

Hope You Enjoy This Show Half as Much as I Do...

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!





Since I Posted Richie Ranno's First Solo Album on Violation Records (0002) as the 200th Post...
I figured I'd Post the Very First Release by Richie
(Violation Records 0001) 

Starz - Live In America! 

Only available as a Vinyl (Never Transferred to CD) Release...

So, It's Fairly Rare as well!

Recorded in Various Locations Across America...

Great Vinyl Rip of Some Starz Classicz! 

Plus, an Outstandin' Cover of Route 66!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

The Sky was as Black as the Water...


Here's a Band I Really Liked! 
Of Course, I Could Be Just a Little Biased, 'Cause they're from about 80 miles from Where I Am! They were from the Part of The U.S. Where KY, WVA, and OH All Come Together - Huntington, West Virginia! Not Exactly a Hotbed of Music!

American Minor were a Short-Lived Band, Unfortunately...
They made an EP, and 1 CD and That's It!
So, It's Great To Hear Them Here Live!

This Is an Audience Recording, I Believe, But Sounds More Like a Soundboard! I Guess 'Cause It Was Recorded in a Small Bar in Atlanta, GA, (The Star Bar) in Front of a Small Crowd...
(Thanks to the Original Recorder and Uploader!)

American Minor Wrote and Played Great Hard Rock Songs...
Songs about a Variety of Topics - from Relationships to the Death Penalty! With a Song about a Mining Disaster In Between...

You Can Read About the Buffalo Creek Disaster HERE, If You're Interested in That Kinda Thing! (Over 500 Homes Destroyed, and Over 1,000 People Killed!)

They Sounded Kinda Like The Black Crowes, But a Little More Hard Rockin' (No Disrespect to The Crowes...)

Great Singin', Great Playin'
What More Could Ya Ask For?

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Close Enough For Rock 'n' Roll...uh...

 Great show here from Scottish Rockers Nazareth.
From that Rock City,Detroit.
(I'm sure somebody wrote a song about that!)
The band are on fire here,great show.
And a cracking setlist.
They don't make them like this any more.
It's boogie time...for everyone!

Life's A Stage And We're All In The Cast...

Ozzy on the Diary Of A Madman Tour.
Kicked out of Sabbath for being messed up when 
to be fair they were all messed up. 
He's done all right as a solo artist.
Classic stuff here with RR on guitar.

I'm Right Here In Wonderland...

 Another audio DVD rip.
Seven Deadly Tour.
Like most bands of this age they play a couple of 
songs from the new album.
Then load the set with the classics.
What classics UFO have and how many they have to leave out.

Strangers In The Night

This came out about a week ago.
Strangers In The Night Deluxe.
The original album remastered plus six other concerts
that were recorded for the album.
I wasn't going to get it.
Do I really need the same concert six times?
Turns out I did.I ordered it the day before release.
It's fantastic.
Strangers is in my Top 10 live albums so...


Two-Hundred Already?


smoker just told me That This Would Be the 200th Post since We Re-Started Hear Rock City!  

And We've ONLY Been Back, What? A Month? 


Now, Here's Something Fairly Rare for ALL You STARZ FANZ!

It's Richie Ranno's Very First Solo LP After Starz!

It Was ONLY Released On Vinyl back in 1984!

He Never Transferred It to CD AND Doesn't Even Sell It Over at starzcentral 

Now, IF You've D/L This Before, Then You Might Wanna Think About Gettin' It Again!

Why? You Ask?

Well, I Re-Did It From Scratch! And I Believe I Have a Much Better Soundin' Version This Time Around!

So, Happy 200 Posts to Hear Rock City and May We Have Many, Many Hundreds More...

Enjoy And Play It LOUD!

Pushin' Up Daisies...


Here's a Good Hard Rockin' (Fairly) New Band: The Dead Daisies!

I Happen to See Them Live Back in 2016 (I Think?) Openin' for KISS!
And, I Was Surprised at How Good They Were!

They Write and Play Some Really Good Rockin' Songs, 
and Do Better Than Many Bands with Covers!

Here You Get a Full Show of the Daisies Live from Rockpalast!

So, The Quality is Outstanding, as Is the Performance by the Band!

They Play a Goodly Amount of Tunes With Guitar and Drum Solos as well as a Medley of Songs!

The Dead Daisies - Rockpalast 2018 - CD1

The Dead Daisies - Rockpalast 2018 - CD2

A Killer Shade of Lipstick...


Here's Some Demos from the New York Dolls of Their First Album!

IF You Like the NY Dolls - You'll Like These Demos, 
and If You Don't, Then Well, I'd Say You Won't!

Some Folks Thought They Changed Rock & Roll and Others Thought Rock & Roll was Fine Without Them...

Not Many People say, "Ah! They're Alright!"
Pretty Much You Love 'Em OR Hate 'Em...

Whichever Camp You Fall Into - 
They're Here, So, The Choice, as Always, is Yours to Make!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Big Black Shape With Eyes Of Fire...

 The original Sabbath from 1999.
This was a warm up show in front of 2000 lucky fans.
I ripped the sound from a very good DVD.
The sound on it is excellent,considering. 
What a beast of a band it's a great performance.
A shout out to Bill Ward and his phenomenal 
drumming.He makes a difference when he's on the skins.

You Drive Us Wild...

The Hottest Band In The Land on the Dressed To Kill Tour.
From Tulsa.
Pretty good sound on this and a nice 
addition to the early Kiss concert collection.
 It's Kiss on the way up!! 
Includes bonus tracks as well.
Silver cd Rip.

Washed My Hands In Muddy Water...


Here's a Soundboard Concert from The Georgia Satellites!

It's from Way Back in 1985! 

In Atlanta, Georgia at The Buckhead Bar - 

Just the Kinda Place They Liked to Play!

And, Of Course, As Always - 

They Leave The Stage A-Smokin'!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Kihn You Dig It?

Anybody Remember the Greg Kihn Band?

I was Talkin' to Some Folks a while back...And, I Mentioned Huey Lewis and The News and They'd Never Heard of Them - And These Folks Weren't That Much Younger than Me!?!

Greg Kihn Kinda Falls in That Same Category - An Excellent Band That Had Many Hits, But is Now Forgotten!

Greg and The Band Are Right On It Here in This Great FM Broadcast from Santa Cruz Back in the Summer of 1984! They Play The Hits, But The Covers Are Really Good, Too!

They Start and End With 2 Excellent Covers!

This Show Will Make You Remember Just How Good They Were Back Then!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

(NEW LINK: 3/5/21)


Throwin' The Switch...


Here's Another Great Golden Earring Concert!

This One's also from The Switch Tour, 
But It's a Much Longer Concert!

Live from Winterland out there in California...

It's a Excellent Soundboard Recording!
It Features the Same Four Members That Are Still, and Have Been Since 1970, The Core of Golden Earring!

They Really Get to Stretch Out and Play Some of Their Classic Songs, and Ones from The Then "New" album...

IF You're a Big Fan of This Band, Like I Am, Then You Probably Already Have This Show, But, If Not, Give It a Try!

She Flies On Strange Wings and Vanilla Queen are a Couple of Stand Out Tracks Featured Here!

Thanks to Derek (I Noticed from the Back Cover) for This One!

Golden Earring - Winterland San Francisco (1975) CD 1

Golden Earring - Winterland San Francisco (1975) CD 2


A False Or Assumed Identity.

simonthecat thought he remembered a band called Alias
that featured former members of Lynyrd Skynyrd. 
Well he was right.Here they are.
This is their first show and it's broadcast live on the radio.
They released an album called Contraband 
and they play all the tracks from it here.
It's cool when you realise your memory's not totally gone!