Goodnight Now 2020, Hello There 2021...


Excellent Audience Recording from Cheap Trick 

on New Year's Eve: 1977!

I Mean a Really Great AUDIENCE Recording...

Recorded by the Now Famous Mike the MIC at 

The L.A. Forum December 31st, 1977...

Sounds Kinda Like a Cross 

Between a Soundboard and FM Recording...

Cheap Trick Play an Excellent Setlist as well!

AGAIN: Don't Let The Audience Recording Tag 

Stop You From D/L and Enjoyin' This Trick Show!

And, Happy New Year to YOU ALL from US HERE at HRC!

THANKS for Your Support!

Lookin' Forward to What The New Year Brings!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


The Axeman Cometh!!

 Barden out,Bonnet in,Bonnet out and Barden in.
I think that's how it went.Phew!!
MSG on the Assault Attack Tour.
From Manchester,England.
An album recorded with Graham Bonnet but 
as you all know he didn't last too long.
A good audience recording supplied once again 
from what is known as "Eddie's Stash".
Thanks Ed.
Schenker,a guitar maestro you hear every note he plays
whether he plays fast or slow.
Very clean.

Anyway I'm making this my last post of 2020.
Lots more to come in 2021.
To everybody who enjoys the site.
Happy New Year and see you on the other side.

Circles and Rings, Dragons And Kings...

More from the Dio fronted Sabbath.
Recorded at the Orpheum,Boston.
9th August 1992.
Great incomplete show and they're also 
sounding suitably Heavy!
This was a bit of a comeback with Dio after
the falling out over the Live Evil album.

Down Comes The Night...

 Fleetwood Mac one of the biggest bands ever.
They managed to make the classic Rumours
while they were a totally disfunctional,drugged up group.
Here they are live in '77.
Great setlist as well.
Sound's in and out a little bit but overall a good listen.
Lindsey Buckinham,great guitarist with that 
finger picking style of his.
Another of my underappreciated players.

Joan Loves Rock & Roll on New Year's Eve...


Here's Joan Jett & The Blackhearts 
Live on New Year's Eve - 1981!

They Play a Lot of Songs - 22 in All!

Pretty Good FM Broadcast from The Ritz in New York City!

You Know What They Sound Like, Blah, Blah, Blah...

It's Already 2021 in Some Places Around the World, 
But We're Still Waitin' Here!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


It's Tradition to KISS on New Year's Eve...


Here's an Excellent, Short KISS Bootleg!

Just Five Songs from Cleveland, Ohio!?

Whoever Made The Artwork Explains on the Back Cover 

and Shares Their Personal Opinion as well!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Heads, I Win - Tails, You Lose...


Excellent Southern Rock by an Unknown Band!

I'm A-Listenin' to it Right Now!

Crossrode was a Band from Columbia, South Carolina...
(This was Recorded in West Columbia 
at a Little Studio [Strawberry Jamm] 
About a Mile from My House Back Then...)
So, I May Be Biased!
But, That Don't Make Me Wrong!

These Guys Had The Southern Rock Sound Down Stone Cold!

This is Their One and Only Album!

Originally Released on Record in 1980...

Way Back When, I Posted This from a Vinyl Rip...

But, This is from the CD Released in 2008 
and is Now Out of Print...

Their Sound Falls Somewhere Between Skynyrd and Hatchet!

My Favorite Song is Win Or Lose (You Lose)
But There's Not a Bad Song Here!

IF You Like Hard Rockin' Southern Rock - 
You'll Like This!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

NEW LINK 1/17/21



Rockin' At the House Of Blue Light...


An Excellent Foghat Concert from 1994!

Live from The House of Blues 
on the Westwood One Radio Series!

Short, But Lively Show of 
World Class Boogie Rock!

A Must Have for Any Foghat Fan!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Turn The World Around...


Excellent Golden Earring Concert from 1989!
Live from Parkpop!

A Great FM Broadcast with Some Really Good Songs...
And, For Those of You That are 
Tired of Twilight Zone and Radar Love...
Well, They're The Last Two Songs, 
So You Can Listen, Then Just Stop the CD!

At The Drive In...Again...


Once More...
File Under: Just In Case You Missed It!

Excellent Soundboard from Blue Öyster Cult's 
Drive Up Concert From This Past Summer!

NEW LINKS 1/8/21

BOC-Live Drive-In-CD1


BOC-Live Drive-In-CD2


Mo Mother's Finest, Again...


Here's Something I Posted Before The Restart of HRC, 
So File This Under: Just In Case You Missed It!

Mother's Finest Live in 1981!

Hard Rock/Funk At Its Finest!

Great FM Broadcast!

Don't Pass This One Up!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Buck's Boogie...Again...


As The Year Comes to an End (Thank, God!) 
Here's Something I Posted Before The Restart of HRC, 
So File This Under: Just In Case You Missed It!

Buck Dharma's Archives are Demos of Songs That Evolved Into Blue Öyster Cult Songs, Some for His Solo Efforts, and Some Never Released!

Buck Dharma - Archive Volume I (1975-1983)

And, I Think The Way I Posted Them Before 
(I Kinda Messed It Up, I Believe) 
'Cause a lot of Folks got The First Volume 
But Not the The Other Ones...

I Think This Second Volume Is My Favorite 
(At Least Right Now!)...

Buck Dharma - Archive Volume II (1975-1984)

Some of the Song Titles Can Be Misleadin', 
As They Were Workin' Titles, and Were Changed 
(Along with Lyrics) Before Makin' The Cult's Albums...

Buck Dharma - Archive Volume III (1980-1997)


Take These Chains From My Heart...


Here's The ORIGINAL Dokken album Breakin' The Chains!

It was Originally Released in 1981 under Don Dokken's Name...
(There were Only like 500 Released That Way!)
And Then Just as Dokken...

Later, Parts Were Re-Mixed and Re-Recorded, 
Even Song Titles Changed, Etc. 
and Released As I First Knew It in 1983...

This Version Has Paris (The Studio Version) 
as Opposed to the Live Version Titled Paris Is Burning...

Plus, Peter Baltes of Accept Played Bass 
on Some of This Version 
and Bobby Blotzer of Ratt Played Drums 
On Some as well...

You'll Also Notice Misspellings 
on Some Song Titles From the Original Back Cover...

You Can Read More About All This, 
If You're Interested in that Kinda Thing HERE

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

New Link 1/7/21


Sometimes I Feel Like I'm Back on the Streets...


Gary Moore Was a Great Guitarist!
Be it with Thin Lizzy or on His Own...
Be it Hard Rock, Blues or Jazz Fusion...

Here's Gary Rockin' on the BBC!

I Still Remember Buyin' the Back On The Streets Record...
I Didn't Realize at the time The Cover was Different Here in the States Than in the UK and Elsewhere...But the Back showed a Picture of Gary and Phil on Stage Somewhere - And I Was Sold!
So It's Good To Hear a Couple Songs from that Particular Album Live!

NOTE: I've Been Tryin' to Post for Two Days...Is Everyone in the World on the Internet or What? Maybe It's My Company? 'Cause Man, It's Been Goin' Mighty  

S  l  o  w  ! 

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


I Wanna Dial Long-Distance...

 Here's our little Canadian friend Aldo Nova from 
1991.Touring his Blood On The Bricks album.
His first release in six years and he plays a 
few songs from it.
A very enjoyable Radio Broadcast.

Smokin' Ain't Allowed In School...

 Another of Eddie's recordings here.
Motley Crue on the Theater Of Pain Tour.
Their weakest album?There's some clunkers
on there for sure.
But,it did produce the big ballad hit
Home Sweet Home.
The show is from the Playhouse,Edinburgh,Scotland. 
A place I saw a few bands at.
Probably the biggest band to come out of that 
whole L.A. scene back in the 80's.
It's a good recording and a fine performance from the Crue.
And the audience are right into it!

Come Susie Dear, Let's Take A Walk...

 Excellent audience recording.
Here's BOC back in '96 with a long and varied setlist.
A lot of good songs in there.
They didn't have an album out but they were touting
Workshop Of The Telescopes during the show.
A double disc compilation.



Tear The Roof Off The Sucker...

 The other Canadian three piece but the one
that's more straight ahead Hard Rock.
On the Allied Forces Tour.
(Album gets two thumbs up from me)
A great sounding Radio Broadcast.
Capturing the goodness that was early 80's Rock.
Fight The Good Fight,People!

I See You Play Imaginary Guitars...

 Scorpions on their 1982 UK Tour.
In support of the fantastic Blackout album.
Here's a good audience recording,that's enjoyable
but probably not as enjoyable as being there.
The Scorps on the up and the crowd responding to it. 
This one came from Eddie but he got it in a trade.
It's all good cos we get to hear it!!


No You Don't - Have To Be So Bloody Cool...

 Another that came from Eddie.
Turning into a right HRC favourite we have Pat 
& hubby Neil Rockin' London back in 1983.
It's a good audience recording in front of an
enthusiastic crowd.
Had to do a couple of tweaks here and there.
As you'll see from the tracklist a couple of songs are cut.
The limitations of tape.
Thanks Ed!

I'm Living In A Room Without Any View...

 We all know this one,Sabbath in New Jersey 1975.
A King Biscuit Broadcast.
Just before the release of Sabotage.
Here's another release from 2018 on the
King Street label.
What a killer setlist!
Silver cd Rip.

Small Town Predicts My Fate...

Hopefully everybody's recovered from being
fed and watered over the Festive Period.
Let's Rock!

 Very good incomplete audience recording from 
Pearl Jam on the Vs Tour.
Did a little digging on this.
Seems it's from The Ahoy,Rotterdam July 19 1993.
Not as the back cover states from Seattle.
Vs,great album and a good follow up to the debut.
Silver cd Rip.