The Quo on their first Australian Tour. 

Live at the Randwick Racecourse International Rock Festival Sydney, 1973.

In front of a 20,000+ crowd.

2nd on the bill to fellow UK rockers Slade.

There's a good full description of the event 

by the Taper in the download.

A decent audience recording.

50 minutes of excellent piledriving boogie rock.

Enjoy and Play It Loud!

He Has A Metal Heart...

Udo Dirkschneider and His Band: 

Live From The Back To The Roots Tour...

A Farewell To ACCEPT!

From Back in 2016...

Another Excellent Audience Recording...

Excellent Performance on This One as well...

Live From a Festival in Germany...

UDO and Band Stay True To The Originals...

I Like That...
And, You Probably Will Too!

The Iron Maidens Are Out To Get Ya...


A While Back, Folks Were Diggin' This Band:

The Iron Maidens!

Durin' the Great Internet Outage of '22, 

I Found Another Bootleg in the Vault...

It's Probably an Excellent Audience Recording,

But It Kinda Sounds Like a Soundboard!

Yeah, It's That Good!

Despite Bein' 128 kbps as well...

Also, It's a Concert from 2011 as well...

Thanks to the ironsbootlegs Blog (RIP)...

For the Show and Artwork!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


I Closed My Eyes,I Took A Drink...


The last time I'd seen the Tygers was at a 3500
sold out Hammersmith Odeon way back in
the early 80's.And here we are again at another 
sold out London gig,150 people,how times have changed.
BUT,that did not stop them putting on an amazing show
of quality,top notch songs.
Each song starting off with a great Riff as only
Rob Weir can do and they played us
some newer songs,to show us they are not
just doing the nostalgia trip like a few
bands I could mention...Everyone here tonight
old and young thoroughly enjoyed this
and jeez it was loud!...Enjoy,Ed.


Scratch My Itch...


As I have said before I like to get to the
venues early to catch support bands
and after doing my Spotify homework
this band stood out.They play that 80's Sleaze Rock
which really does put a smile
on my face.Played at 100mph with guitar solo's
all over the place.They definitely gained some new
fans over tonight...hopefully one for the future...




You've Got Nothing to Lose, But Everything to Gain...


Sometime 'Round the Live Evolution Period,
Played a Show at The House Of Blues
In Anaheim, California...

This Must Be What Was Broadcast Back Then...

Even The Songs You May Not Think You Like,
Sound Better and Heavier HERE!

A Little Over a Half Hour, This One...

But, Super Excellent Sound Quality...

And, Queensrÿche ALWAYS Played to
Perfection In Concert as well...

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Check, Check, 1, 2...

This Is Just What It Appears To Be...

KISS Doin' a Soundcheck Sometime Before a
Concert in Santiago, Chile in 1994...

A Wide Range of Cover Songs Are Played...

Most Are Just Snippets or Excerpts, Etc...

Rangin' From 30 Seconds to a Couple Minutes...

Good Soundboard Quality...

Also, There's Not One, But Two Introductions...
(One in English and the Other in Spanish...)

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Lester Has an ACE Up His Sleeve...


Something Wicked This Way Comes Is The Title of
A Great Book by Ray Bradbury from 1962...

Something Wicked This Way Comes Is Also
The Title of This CD (EP) from 1998...

This Is One For KISS Kollectors ONLY...

'Cause It Features Ron LeeJack...

From Wicked Lester...

No Paul Or Gene...

But, ACE Makes an Appearance, Barely...

He Plays on the Last Track, Which Is an
Instrumental, And Barely Over a Minute Long!?!

(Two Other Tracks Are Essentially Instrumentals as well...)

Oh! And They Recorded the Wicked Lester / KISS Song: She...

Also It Was Produced by Author / Musician / Ace's Friend:
Gordon G.G. Gebert, Who Was Also a Member of ANGEL
At One Point...

This Is One of Those Things Probably ONLY of Interest to
(Did I Already Say That,  Already?)

For More Info, If You're Interested Click HERE!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


I Can Almost Taste It...

 Alright it's Christmas Time once again
so here's a KISSmas treat!
From the Animalize Tour.
Bruce Kulick has replaced the unfortunate
no luck Mark St.John.
I saw this Tour but there was some debate as to whether 
it was Kulick or St.John on stage.
(Of course it was Bruce)
This was before the internet,news was kinda slow.
St.John was in the Tourbook so what was going on?
It all calmed down and Bruce stayed a team player
until the reunion came around.
So it's a high energy show from '85
where they played as if it was a race to get to
the end of the song!
AH...good times.



Riding The Air Waves...


Now for something a bit different...way back in the 90's
Headswim released a brilliant song
"Tourniquet" which I played to death
and that was it.I heard nothing about them 
until about 6 months ago when some fans
set up a Facebook page that grew so much
the band got back together for a one off performance.
And here it is...Jeez,The Underworld was packed
and you would never of guessed the band had
not played live for nearly 20 years.
A bit more Grunge than I would usually go 
for just watching the reactions from the 
crowd was worth the ticket price alone
(fans even came from the USA)...
Great Night...Enjoy,Ed. 


No Regrets And These Cassettes Are Never Running Down...


Now like most of us here I am quite open minded
when it comes to music.I am always looking for something 
different with the exception of Grime,Drill & Modern Rap.
I will give anything a listen to hence the inclusion
of LeBrock,SYNTHWAVE is a genre I have always
had a soft spot for.Taking me back to the 80's
theme tunes for all the best Films & TV Series
and when you include some great guitar 
playing I am hooked.
Even without a drummer or keyboard player
(just vocals,guitar & bass).
The sound coming from a fecking computer I can 
forgive within this genre
because the songs are so catchy and it works.
Also the crowd lap it up which adds
to a great atmosphere...AND I was
not the oldest here tonight which made
me feel good...HA!


Don't Stand In My Way...

 Eddie's had a busy time this year,gig going.
Here he is again sharing his recordings.
With Us!!

Now Symphonic Metal has never been my thang
aside from Within Temptation
but I do quite like the band Leave's Eyes
who Elina also sings with.
So I thought I would jog along and break my 
symphonic virginity.I was pleasantly surprised,
some really good songs with exceptional vocals.
As you would expect from those classically trained singers.
Not the biggest of crowds but those there seemed to
enjoy...myself?...not sure I will be rushing back
but Hey Ho an OK night was had.


Now You're Messin' With A ...

 Here's one I bought from a show when I went to see
Nazareth a few years ago now.
Great band and a fine show.
Unfortunately 3/4 of the classic
line up have now departed.
But the music lives on.



There Go the Street Lights Bringin' on the Night...


Surprisingly, a Pretty Good Audience Recording...

Look At That Song List!

Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band

From The Stranger In Town Tour...

Look At That Song List!

I Saw Them On This Tour...

(Toby Beau Opened at the Carolina Coliseum...)

Look At That Song List!

They Were Firin' On All Cylinders!

Look At That Song List!

Look At That Song List!

Look At That Song List!

Bob Seger - Chicago 1978 - CD1

Bob Seger - Chicago 1978 - CD2

Lights Out in Long Island...


Pat Travers Band Live in Long Island...

From The Radioactive Tour from 1981...

Pretty Decent FM Broadcast Recording...

Sandy Gennaro Isn't Tommy Aldridge, But
He Ain't No Slouch Either...

The Performance Is Excellent as You Might Expect...

Not Sure I Ever Heard a Bad Pat Performance!?!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Sail The Darkness Under A Red Sky...


Here's Michael Schenker Tourin' in '22...

Celebratin' His 50th Anniversary in Music


Promotin' His Newest Album: Universal...

At Graspop Earlier This Year...

Ronnie Romero Sings While Michael Plays...

They Even Play The Single: A King Has Gone...

Which Is a Tribute to Ronnie James DIO...

A Super Excellent Soundin' Show, It Is...

That's Michael, 
There On The Back Cover, 
Pointin' At YOU!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

The Vision Never Dies...


DIO Disciples Were Formed about a Year
After the Death of Ronnie James DIO...

The Folks Listed on the Back, Many 
Were Members of the Final DIO Band,
Have Been Tourin' Ever Since...

And No Matter the Members...

The Mission Is the Same:
Keepin' the Music of RJD Alive!

Very Good Soundin' Show from
Wacken Back in 2016...

Thanks to Big O for Postin' This!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Got The Delaware Blues in Cincinnati...


Here's a Concert Everyone Should Hear!

George Thorogood & The Destroyers...

Live In Cincinnati...On The Radio...

WEBN Broadcast This in 1979!

It's One of Those Live-In-The-Studio Things...

But, It's One of The Best I've Heard!

There's George, a Small Rowdy Audience,
A Radio Station DJ And Some Great Rockin' Blues!

Throw In a Few Jokes as well...

Plus Some Cheerin' & Laughter as well...

ALL At Just Under an Hour and 20 Minutes...

Don't Let This One Get Away!

And Thanks to That "Crazy" Fellow for
Sendin' This In To Be Shared With YOU!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Might As Well...

 I love the original Van Halen.
I like Van Halen with Sammy Hagar.
To me they just became another good Hard Rock band.
Even though they were successful with Sammy
it didn't really float my boat.
Sure I bought the albums and enjoyed the hits.
But I can't say when I'm looking for something to 
play I don't rush to pull out a Van Hagar record.
(Although I might now that I've listened to this,lol).
So here they are at the Selland Arena,Fresno back in 1992.



With A Rush And A Strummin'...


A very good audience recording from Newcastle,
UK,1988.Good setlist and nice to hear
One More For The Rodeo and Electric Phase.
Songs not played live back in the day
with Schenker.Simon Wright is on drums
otherwise the classic 77/78 line-up. 

Will The Power Possess His Mind...


Another good audience recording from the
Assault Attack Tour of 1982.
This time from the Hammersmith Odeon.
As with most of the shows on this tour
the band and Schenker are sounding great.