Livin' For Today...

 Partial soundboard concert from '79.
Always good to get something from
the Dynasty Tour.
Things were falling apart but they looked
good and put on a cool show.
The solo songs didn't last too long but good 
to hear them live.
Especially Radioactive,it takes
on a more Rockin' vibe. 



Whatever You Want...


Some more vintage Quo.
From the On The Level Tour,Spain.
A DVD Audio rip 59mins long
a very good raw sounding show.
With a frantic performance.
Classic 1975 Quo show.


You're A Candle In The Window...

 FM Radio Broadcast.
Music and chat with Kevin Cronin.
Various Ads and promo's included.


He's Lost In Time...

 I thought I'd put this one up (again).
Can't find it on the site so here it is for
anyone who missed it on a previous HRC.
Cool little Radio Broadcast from the classic MSG line up.
We've waxed lyrical about Schenker numerous times.
We all know he's one of the greats...Enjoy.


Racing On The Thunder...


Power Metal,another genre I've never really 
been a fan of.But when it's done well I can get into it.. 
here's a short set from one of the better bands playing this style 
and they really did  get my head going 
with great vocals from Miss Razavi
 and throw in a Bonnie Tyler cover and 
I'm hooked, I will be exploring 
the genre a bit more in the future...Enjoy,Ed.



May It Shine On You Tomorrow...


Very enjoyable audience recording from 
English Melodic Rock legends,Magnum.
A band that consistently put 
out quality albums.
Here they are in 2016 on the 
Sacred Blood "Divine" Lies Tour
in front of a very appreciative crowd.
Let's here it for the MVP,Tony Clarkin.
Guitarist,Songwriter & producer.
How many great songs has this guy written?
I'm in the mood for a bit Magnum after this 
so I'm digging into The Gathering.
A fantastic five disc set.
Thanks to Mark for this one.



If You Don't Feel It...

 Excellent audience recording.
Not exactly a household name,UK band The Hoax 
have been going about their business for a 
number of years.
And their business is top quality Blues Rock.
The type you can't help but tap your feet
and nod your head to.
Top notch playing and singing.


Keep Your Eyes On The Road...


Enjoyable audience recording from the legendary
Heavy Metal Holocaust show from
back in 1981.
Featuring Ozzy & headlined by Motorhead.
Here's Frank Marino and his band putting
on a fine show.
If extended guitar solos are your thing,
Frank's got you covered.



Hold On Tight 'til The Mornin' Light...

 Surprisingly good audience recording here.
UFO on the Making Contact Tour.
Pretty decent album (haven't listened to it
in a while) but I'm sure there's two or three
gems on it. 
The big change is Pete Way is out and
Paul Gray is in.
Underrated as usual,Tonka is ripping
it up.



What A Show,There They Go...


Now this was good,Earache records were having a 
35th birthday party and got three of their 
bands to play a set so it was a great 
chance to see BRS up close and personal.
They started the set as a four 
piece with everyone wondering what has happened to 
Mr. Scott Gorham but then five songs in he joined the 
band onstage and everything was back to normal.
Great set covering their 10 years with a couple of covers thrown in... 
not the biggest of turn outs crowd wise 
and left me wondering how their upcoming tour will go down...
hopefully well,but we shall see.


The Main Attraction Is Back In Town...

 Another solid 80's album and tour from
KISS.I enjoyed all the 80's releases but what I liked
back in those days was the sense of 
excitement before each album was released.
Then you'd get to the record shop and
get your copy.Throw it on the turntable,
learning the lyrics and digesting all info
that came on the outer and inner sleeves.
So here they are bopping and weaving 
across the stage and putting on a show.
Well,apart from Bruce!
(Somebody's got to keep it together,right?).



Are You Ready To Rip It Up?...

 The Thin Lizzy tribute that turned into
a band.Yep it's Black Star Riders and 
an enjoyable audience recording.
Plenty of Lizzy tunes to enjoy as they didn't
have enough original material to play.
Though they will now as they've just released their 
new album "Wrong Side Of Paradise".
Looks like Scott Gorham has nothing to
do with the album so don't know what the
deal is there.   


The Boys Are Back...


Released yesterday.
After all this time we're finally getting
the complete Live And Dangerous recordings.
A total of eight discs featuring classic Lizzy.
I'm three or four discs in and it's
(as you would expect) fantastic.

I Want A Roll Of The Dice...


Alright Mark's been in touch to tell us how much he's enjoyed 
the site.And he's shared some shows with us to post.
So thanks for that!
He's a big fan of Melodic Rock & AOR so
from now on he'll be known as AOR Mark.
(Took a while to come up with that!!).
First up we have polished Rockers,FM.
I've said it before if these guys had been American,
A nice audience recording from Wolverhampton 
back in 2014.



At Hammersmith...


Another Cheap Trick Show 

from The All Shook Up Tour...

Live At Hammersmith in London...

From 1980...

They Play a Few From That Record,

And It's Good to Hear

I'll Be With You Tonight Live...

And There's Day Tripper as well...

It's a Great Soundin' FM Broadcast...

And, Well, It's Cheap Trick!

Gett Ready, Gett Sett, Gett Jett...


Joan Jett & The Blackhearts Live...

Recorded from WNEW in New York...

A Great FM Radio Broadcast...

And, a Great Performance as well...

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Chicago's In California!?!...


A While Back I Posted a Chicago Concert...

There Was a Quick Discussion 'Bout It
Possibly Bein' Terry Kath's Last Concert...

It Wasn't!

But, This One IS!

I Happened to Visit the So Many Roads... Blog...
Speedy Had Posted This Show...

It's an Excellent Soundboard,
(You Knew There'd Be One...)

It's Incomplete OR Not The Whole Show...

There's a Few Songs That Are Missin'
Or, Weren't Recorded...

So, Here's The Last Chicago Show
With Terry Kath...

Of Course, No One Knew It At The Time...

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


And She Sure Ain't Drinkin' Tea...


Another Super Excellent Soundboard!

It'sNaz Live From Germany...

From Mannheim in 1990...

And What an Interestin' Set of Songs!

There's Some of The Usual...

And, Then There's Some They
Go Way Back To Play...

Catch This Rainbow...


This Bootleg's Called Definitive On Stage...

I Call It a Companion...

Probably Not Much Difference...


It Is The Definitive Line-Up of Rainbow!

Dio, Cozy, Carey, Bain, And Of Course,

It Don't Get Much Better Than This...

Super Excellent Sound Quality and Performance!

Live From The Budokan in 1976...

The Evening Show...

Not Much Else To Say, 'Cept...

If You Don't Like Rock & Roll,

See Their Bodies Out On The Ice...


Well well well...it's been nearly 40 years since my ears have 
been subjected to the delights of Mr Tatler's guitar 
playing style in a live environment and how I've missed it... 
He still has IT... and for 45 mins had me transfixed and 
thinking back to those wonderful Marquee Club gigs waaay 
back in the 80's. short set but included 3 of my favourite 
DH songs so I was a happy bear...Enjoy,Ed



Take A Step For Me...

In these strange times there are a few things you can 
always rely on and one of those is Saxon putting 
on a great show,Biff & the guys 
know what they're doing it's not rocket science..
release a new album add a 
few of the songs in the set and 
play all the favourites and have the crowd eating it all up...
you have to admire the fact they are still doing it after all these years.
Having not seen them since the 80's I knew what I was gonna get 
and I got it...brilliant night was had,
my only gripe being the venue...shite...

Saxon = Hammersmith Odeon...end of...Enjoy,Ed

(It's a big file so a one off triple link!!!)


I'm A Roller Too,Baby...

 From 1980 on the Vertigo label it's
Living Legends with a cover that
makes no sense!Anyway...
five bands are represented here and it's
mainly the live versions we get.
Retro Rock We Luv Ya!