And All Our Yesterdays Go Sailing Out Of View...

UFO on the Strangers Tour of the USA,1979. 
A pretty decent recording ( couple of cuts )
with Chapman now on lead guitar. 
Lively set with a good vibe 
 in a part of the States 
where the band are always popular. 

I Keep My Weakness At Bay...


YES! I've found another one,this time hailing from Canada.
They play a Southern Blues/Roots Rock 
that I just love (think Black Crowes/Allman Bros) 
having never heard of them before I took a 
gamble and went along and WOW,
they impressed big time,it was their 
first visit to these shores and you could 
tell they were buzzing about it.
Not the biggest of crowds but I can 
guarantee next time they come over it will be in bigger venues...


Hello World I'm Your Wild Girl...


NOW let's go back to the mid 70's a young ED 
was just discovering Rock music and like every 
other male we just assumed
 guitar rock was a man thing UNTIL for me,
THE RUNAWAYS appeared and I was hooked,
being too young to actually go and see them 
on the few dates they played over here I made it 
my goal to try and see them as solo artists 
(well Lita,Joan & Cherie) and my boyhood crush is now complete.
As you would expect the set is mostly 
Runaways songs and she still has 
the voice that I fell in love with back in the day.


No Sleep 'til...

 From a BBC TV Broadcast here are 
Metal legends Motorhead.
Having great success with the Ace Of Spades
album.Who would've thought?
hit singles etc.
In front of an adoring Belfast crowd, 
let's tip our hats to a much missed
one off band.



Time And Again I Sing Your Song...

 The real and proper Whitesnake for ya!
A very good audience recording
from their spiritual home,
Hammersmith Apollo,London.
Touring my favourite 'snake album,
Come And Get It.
All killer no filler as the saying goes.
Just a golden age for Rock Music.



I'm Something Different,Ain't Like The Rest...


Alright back with a couple more shows from the 
Rock The Nation Tour.
Which seemed like a fun tour with 
songs being pulled out that hadn't been played
for a while.A tight band with Tommy and Eric.
It didn't come to Europe but we still put money 
in the band's pockets by buying the dvd etc.
First up a show from Palm Beach then
another from Milwaukee.




Keep Your Nightlight Burning...


Status Quo on the last night of the Electrics Tour. 
With just Francis Rossi left of the original band,  
 although Andy Bown who's been around 
since the early 70's is now a full time member
Not the hard Rocking long boogie of the 70's
 But plenty of foot tapping music
 to satisfy The Quo Army of today.
A very good audience recording.

The unique voice of Magnum vocalist Bob Catley.
Performing songs from his solo albums and of 
course a few old Magnum favourites
recorded in 2000.Just before the 
Magnum reunion the following year.
A Good soundboard recording. 

Never Mind The...

 We're heading back to London 1989
and the final release from Soho Roses.
A band that were only active from 1987-'89.
Plowing their own furrow with their
Glam Punk sound.
Influences include,New York Dolls,Sex Pistols,
The Buzzcocks (What Do I Get) & I 
hear some Hanoi Rocks in there.
It's rough and ready but a fine album
for it's time and place.


Going Down?...

 The Boyz are on it for this one.
Not the complete show unfortunately
but what is here,all killer!
From Hammersmith Odeon,London,
15th November,1989.
It's the Pump Tour.
Just my opinion but that was their 
last great album,for me.
They're just about to or have started?
their farewell tour.
Cheers,it's been a hell of a ride.


If You Want To Take A Ride On My Rocket Ship,Baby...

 The first release from the Rock God from
Bradford,England,Zodiac Mindwarp
(complete with American accent!).
The Wild Child EP from 1986.
Of course there was a shorter version
that appeared on their next release.
High Priest Of Love.
The guys I knocked about with at this time,
we all loved Zody!! 



Who's Your Baby?...

 Back to 2004 for the Rock The Nation Tour
with our face painted heroes...KISS!!
From the home of Country music,Nashville.
Quite an exciting tour as it was all recorded so
the uploads were coming thick and fast
back then.
They also dusted a few songs down that
they rarely played so
for once there,was a bit variety in the setlist. 



And Singin' Out Loud,Yeah...


An excellent soundboard (I believe) of Paul Rodgers.
I don't have any Info on this  
 I ripped it from a cdr I've had for years titled pr 97.
Probably playing live in the studio to promote 
the excellent Now album in 1997.
Paul's voice is great and the band sound really tight. 
With a nice mix of old and Classic Rodgers songs.
One track MP3 file,66 minutes long. 

Where Are Their Souls?...


This is said to be the earliest known recording of the Scorpions
On the19th of April 1973 at Minden  West Germany
 Opening for ELOY and UFO.
Featuring a young 18 year old Michael Schenker
on lead guitar
On the Lonesome Crow album tour.
A Very raw sound and not the scorpions of
 today but an interesting listen for fans of 
the Scorpions and Michael Schenker
(Note cover track listing is different to the files but it's all there)


If I Could Turn The Page...

 From the Tango In The Night Tour,
Fresno 1987.
A Westwood One radio broadcast.
Buckingham is out,Rick Vito and 
Billy Burnette are in. 
Anyway a fine show and the back
cover nearly matches up.
Brown Eyes is between tracks 13 & 14. 
Great band!


You've Gotta Break Away...


WHY the hell did I not go and see this band
 back in the day,I've always been a fan and their first 2 
albums would easily be in my top 100 albums.
Never mind I'm here now and it was just THE perfect night.
And one of the few times I don't have to scrape 
about looking for a setlist as I knew every single song,
my only trepidation coming to the gig was 
Dante's vocals I wasn't to sure if they would 
work in a live setting as I don't think he has the strongest of voices 
BUT no problems that end,
it worked and the whole band was so 
into playing a small venue like this 
it just made the night that extra bit special...
early days but this could turn out to be my gig of the year...


Yeah I Hear Ya,Yeah...


Every once in a while I hear something from a band and
 think wow that's different and good,
2 guitarists and a drummer (what..no bass) and 
between them they produce this wonderful unique 
America Blues/50's rockabilly sound.
Fantastic to watch live the way they play off 
each other with the drummer keeping the whole thing together.
After the gig while having a smoke before catching 
the tube with 2 others also at the show 
we all agreed we may have have 
witnessed something very special 
tonight without be able to fully explain why!!! 
definitely worth a listen.Young group BIG future.Enjoy,Ed.



And I Like It,I Like It...

 Springsteen out on his own without
his E Street buddies.
From Italy 1993.
He slightly tweaks some of his songs here.
But it's a Rockin' good listen if
you're into The Boss.
Features a mega version of Light Of Day.
Vinyl Rip.



The Kind Of Place Where The Kids All Go...


An excellent FM radio broadcast of Gary Moore in 1984.
Featuring the Stellar lineup of,
Gary Moore,Guitars,vocals 
Neil Carter (UFO &  Wild  Horses) on Keyboards,
Guitar & backing vocals,
Craig Gruber,Bass (Black Sabbath, Rainbow & Bible Black)
Ian Paice (Deep Purple,Whitesnake)
A great set list. 
90 minutes of Gary  at his Rocking best.

I Got Some Money In My Jeans...


An early recording of UFO with an 
18 years old Michael Schenker.
Featuring versions of Crystal Light 
and Rock Bottom with different lyrics 
pre-Phenomenon album. And of course 
Boogie For George.With an excellent 
Back In The USA  a favourite encore 
of mine back then. 
Nice enjoyable early Schenker UFO show.