Thoughts and Prayers Fade Away...


UFO Steve Sez:

Nice audience recording 

Supporting Iron Maiden in 1987

With the save your prayers line-up of

Pete Way-Bass

Paul Chapman-Guitar

John Diteodoro-Drums

Danny Vaughn-Vocals

A Pete Way interview from 2006 also included



Radio Blastin' Silly Little Love Songs...

 Classic period Bob from '78.
Pretty good audience recording for the time.
A great songwriter,man he's written some fantastic tunes.
He's also got that timeless throaty singing voice.
Let It Rock!


Star Walker,Sun Walker,Spiritwalker...

 The Cult from '86 still a bit Gothy,
touring the Love album.
Before they would go full Hard Rock 
on the next album,Electric.
Anyway six tracks from a German TV show.
Great performance and great guitar 
playing from Billy Duffy.

Should Not Have Got on This Flight Tonight...


Here's an Interestin' Nazareth Concert!

It took Place in Norway...
During a Classic Rock Night...
Back in 2006...

Now, To Be Honest with You,
I Had to Look Up the Band Lineup:

Dan McCafferty - lead vocals
Pete Agnew - bass
Jimmy Murrison - guitar
Lee Agnew - drums

It's an Excellent Soundin' Soundboard Recording!

And, Look at that Setlist!

Naz Play a Little of Everything...

Oh! And Cocaine IS An Electric Version!




Lights Out in Fresno...


UFO Steve Sez:

One more from 77 lights out tour

good audience recording 

a real vibe to this performance 

supporting for Rush on the 

lights out USA tour 1977 

Michael Schenker is back on guitar 

after his disappearance earlier in the year


Comin' Straight On For You...


A Great FM Radio Broadcast from Heart!

Recorded Back at the Beginning of 1979...

Live from Boston!

Nice Setlist of Classics...

Great Concert 
Despite the rather Rough Artwork
From Long Ago...

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Big, Better, Best, Tell Me Where Does It End...


Excellent FM Broadcast and 
Performance from Y&T!

Live on the Mean Streak Tour...

From 1983...

You Know What They Sound Like...

IF You Don't Already Have It...

Strangers in Cleveland...

UFO Steve Sez:

UFO on the lights out tour of 1977 

Michael Schenker disappears and Paul Chapman is called in 

at very short notice to play the first half of USA tour 

Schenker would return later in the year

This version also has two tracks from 1975 featuring Michael Schenker



Without Warning...

 Strap in let's go Turbo!!
Priest touring that album.
One which would divide the fans.
Due to the use of synths and the technology at the time.
Getting away from their signature sound.
Maybe they were trying to make a Heavy Metal - Eliminator.
Anyway enough o' that,fine FM show here full of headbanging classics.

We'll Fight The World...

 Compilation of TV Performances here from
straight down your throat Aussie Boogie Boys,
Rose Tattoo.
Ranging from 1982 - 2001.
They Can't Be Beaten!


It's Time For Southern Girls...


Here's a Really Unique Cheap Trick Concert!
It's from the One On One Tour from 1982...
But That's Not What Makes It Unique...

The More I Listen to It Now, I'm Sure
It's Not a FM Radio Broadcast, But an Excellent
Soundboard Recording...
But That's Not What Makes It Unique...

The Tricksters Play a Few from One On One...
But That's Not What Makes It Unique...

It Was Recorded on the Campus of Louisiana Tech University...
But That's Not What Makes It Unique...

It's Song #11 Bite It that Makes It Unique...

A Song Sung by Rick Especially for the
Fine Folks in Louisiana...
It's a Real Short Blues Number About...

Well, You Got Ears...

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Who's Gonna Drive You Home, Tonight...

A Great Concert from The Cars!

It's Got All Their Big Songs 
(Like the Ones from Those 80's Videos...)
from Over the Years...

Plus a Few Lesser Well Known Ones...

It's a Westwood One Broadcast from
The Summit in Houston, Texas
From Back in 1984...

Cryin' in the London Rain...


An Excellent FM Broadcast of Cry Of Love...

Live from The Borderline...

In London, Back in 1993...

Similar Setlist with 
Really Great Sound Quality as well...

The Boys Give The Folks on Hand and
Those on the Radio a Real Rock N Roll Treat!

Just Can't Have Too Much Cry Of Love!

Yep...You NEED This One, Too!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


She Took The Last Train...


Excellent Concert Recording by 


Live from Little Rock, Arkansas 
from 1991...

Great Songs and Performance!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Rock My Nights Away...


UFO Steve Sez:

Very short  lived line-up of MSG with Ray Kennedy on vocals 

I believe these are 3 of the only 4 shows he played 

He didn't do a bad job just didn't look right

Its on 3 downloads 

One for each gig

Not 4 as on the cover

D/L 1

D/L 2

D/L 3


The Agony & The Ecstasy...

 Very good audience recording from one of the 
originators of Heavy Metal.
From back in '77 over there in Sweden.
The classic line up are in fine form here.
It's Heavy!

You Used To Say Live And Let Live...

 Here's GnR wearing their influences on 
their sleeves with these live cover versions.
No surprises on the bands they were into.
Stones,Queen,Aerosmith etc.
A couple of studio tracks tagged on to the end as well. 

She Got a Mean Streak...


Y & T 
Live in London Back in 1983!

Recorded and Aired on the BBC!
(So, The Sound Quality's Great!)

Dave and the Original Band Members:
Joey, Phil and Leonard (RIP)
Rock Out to Songs From Their
Trio of Excellent Albums:
Black Tiger
Mean Streak

NOTE: There are Some Versions of This Show
Where The Last Song, Hurricane, is Incomplete...
But, THIS ONE Has the Complete Song!

In The City of The ANGELs...


THIS Is the Best ANGEL Bootleg Out There...

Shame It's ONLY 3 Songs!

Recorded for the King Biscuit Flower Hour
Back in 1976 from Los Angeles, California...

The Date (I Believe?) Is The Air Date...

It Runs About 21 Minutes or So...

But, For Anyone Into Angel,
This Is One to Get!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Makin' Moves in Birmingham...


UFO Steve Sez:

Very Nice clean sounding audience recording 

This is an upgrade on some previous versions 

sometimes this is listed as soundboard 

I'm not sure

Ufo on the wild the willing and the innocent 

UK tour of 1981 featuring 5 tracks from That album




Earth Was Shakin' We Stood And Stared...

 Very good audience recording from short lived 
Supergroup,Black Country Communion.
Featuring - Joe Bonamassa,Jason Bonham,Derek Sherinian
& "The Voice Of Rock" Glenn Hughes.
They made a pretty sweet noise.

Keep Your Eyes On The Road...

 More Boogie from '82.
A charity show in front of Prince Charles & Lady Di.
One of the UK's most successful bands,
they never deviated much from their signature sound.
This is the Friday Rock Show Broadcast.
They play a blinder with mega versions of
4500 Times & Roadhouse Blues.


It Felt So Right...

 Cool Blues from hotshot guitarist Ryan Mcgarvey.
Recorded live in Glasgow,Scotland back in 2013.
A very good audience recording.
This was presented to us by Thunderbyrd and 
first posted on a previous version of HRC.
Good Times!