Well, I'm Hungry for Rock, Ready to Roll...

Here's The Awesome Y & T when they were really Rollin' and A Rockin'!

Live from London on Their Mean Streak Tour!

This Concert was Recorded by the BBC, so the Quality is There! And the Performance - Out of This World! What a Voice Dave Meniketti had, Not to Mention his Excellent Guitar Work! And Their Secret Weapon - Leonard Haze behind the Drum Kit! Leonard Never Used a Double Bass Drum Set Up, 'Cause he Didn't Have To! With Just One Foot on One Pedal, he could get Any Pattern he chose, Fast or Slow, or somewhere In-Between! He was a Beast! (R.I.P.)

Great Songs were Played, But My Favorites are Mean Streak, Midnight In Tokyo, Rescue Me, and Hurricane! But, It's a Solid Show from Beginning to End!

NOTE: The Last Song IS COMPLETE! Some places I've seen this show where Hurricane Fades Out, But Here, You Get the Whole Song as performed!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


G.A. S.A.T.S.

Here's an Outstandin' Radio Broadcast by The Georgia Satellites From New York City  (With Special Guest on the Last 2 Songs: Joey Ramone!)

The Sats Crank It Up at The Ritz! 

This Concert took place near Christmas Time back in 1988, So, That's Why they Include Run, Rudolph, Run durin' Let It Rock...

Dan and Company Play a Wide Variety of Tunes from their albums Plus some Covers as well... They Absolutely Scorch The Place! They've Never Been Shy About Blastin' Out Good Old Rock & Roll... And They Always Seem to Have a Great Time Doin' It! This is Such a Fun Concert to Listen to, as are All the ones I've Heard from Them! They Never Disappoint LIVE! 

For Some Reason, I Really Like Sheila...It's one of My Favorite Songs! Sheila Thinks that Everyone is Beautiful Inside...That's just a Wonderful Way to Look at the World and All its People! 

(But, sadly, the Folks who have presented such a Simple Message that We Ought to Treat Each Other Better...Well, Look What Happened to Them! Whether You use examples such as MLK, Jr. or John Lennon or Gandhi or Even Jesus Christ - The Outcome seems to be The Same! Maybe I'm a Dreamer, But I'm Not The Only One!) Not Sure How I Got Off Topic There...Just the Way My Mind Works Sometimes...

Joey Ramone joins The GA. SATS. On Stage for the Encores: I Wanna Be Sedated and I'm Eighteen! and That's just Cool as All Get Out!

IF You Like Just Flat-Out-Full-Steam-Ahead Rock & Roll - 

Then This One's For YOU!

Enjoy and Play It Really LOUD!


Joe's Run Off To Fire Lake...

 One of the great American songwriters.
Here's Bob and his band captured during a 1980 European Tour.
I don't think they played much outside the US?
Would've loved to have seen this band.
This is a VG/Ex audience recording from Germany is all I could find out about this.
Look at that setlist...killer!
Silver cd Rip.

The Ringing Of The Division Bell Had Begun...

 Pink Floyd in rehearsals and a couple of bonus tracks here as well.Can't say I'm much of a fan of their early stuff.
To Be honest I haven't really listened to much of it.
I seem to start at Dark Side onwards.
Great sound on this one.
Check info on the back cover.
Silver cd rip.

The World Is In An Uproar, And I See No End In Sight...

...But I Will Not Let It Bother Me Tonight!

I want to STOP and say THANKS to YOU!
For the Support and Faith You have put in Us (smoker and myself) to Try to Present a Music Blog You Would Want to Visit and Enjoy!
I Also Wanna Thank Jobe (Again!) for All he did That Led Me Back to Here: The Barn! 
Somethin' in the back of my brain, while I was postin' over at Floppy Boot Stomp & Voodoo Wagon, kept tellin' me: 
"Why Not? Why Not NOW!"

So, Here We Are!

This one's Dedicated to Jobe... 
It's The Atlanta Rhythm Section from Doraville, Georgia Playin' a Concert Up in New York in 1978 After The Belmont Stakes (Which is Part of the Triple Crown of Horse Racin': Along with The Preakness, and Of Course, The Kentucky Derby!)...

IF You Have This One OR IF You D/L It From HRC in the past, Well...You Might just wanna Get It Again! I was Listenin' to the Sound Quality, and I Believe I Improved It Quite a Bit! It seemed a little Too Bass-y Before - And Now sounds Much Brighter and Lively-er!

Anyway It's One of My Favorite ARS Concert Bootlegs! The Setlist is Excellent, The Band Is On Fire! And, Ronnie Hammond (Lead Vocals) Gets Drunker and Drunker as the Show Goes On. People in the Front Row keep handing him Beer after Beer, and Although his Speech gets Slurred Somewhat - His Singin' is Still Spot On!

NOTE: Someone Help Me Out With This: During Imaginary Lover (Somewhere Between 3:05 and 3:10) Ronnie Says Somethin' - As He does on the Original Album Version as well... What Does He Say? "Get Out...???"

Anyway, Here's The Newly Remastered Version of This Show!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


What You Gonna Do When Everybody's Insane?


Remember the Days when You Could See and Hear a Rock Band that had a Flute in it? (And Not think it Odd...) Or maybe some Folk style music mixed with Rock & Roll? (And You Could Dig It!)

Yep. Back in the 70's That's what Heart did!

This is an Early Concert from Washington State University in 1976. They apparently had a TV Studio where they produced a show called The Second Ending. Heart was there on April 9th of that year...

The Intro is some kinda NASA Space Countdown, and then Heart play an Instrumental, and then the Concert Really gets goin' with Heartless!

They Play Songs from the Dreamboat Annie album (Their First) and also Magazine (Their Second).

It's an Excellent Show with Quality Audio (Apparently there's a Bootleg DVD Out There as well...) and an Outstanding Performance from THE Classic Line-Up of Heart!

I saw Heart in concert but it wasn't until 1980 (I have a Live Bootleg from that Year Comin' Up Soon...) from the Be Be Le Strange Tour!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Been Drivin' All Night...

Here's an Excellent Golden Earring King Biscuit Flower Hour Show from Detroit's Famed Cobo Arena (Hall) from 1974!

To the casual Listener of Golden Earring, Several of the songs performed here will be Unfamiliar to You...Many Folks just Know Radar Love & Twilight Zone, as those were their 2 biggest Hits here in the States!   

But in The Netherlands and in Europe - They have been much more successful!

Golden Earring is one of My Favorite Bands, Along with Deep Purple (Blackmore Eras) Blue Öyster Cult, Cheap Trick, Etc.

NOTE: to make the Umlaut Sign (the Two Dots) over the Capitol "O" - All You Have to Do Is:  Press & Hold the ALT Key and Type 0214 on the Number Pad Then Release The Alt Key...

I have Many Golden Earring Live Recordings to Post, But I Figured I'd Start with the Earliest, Best Soundin' One! (Meaning I have some Earlier Ones, But the Sound Quality Is Not As Good!)

ANOTHER NOTE: Golden Earring IS One of the Longest Runnin' Bands Ever! They were formed in 1961 (YES! I said 1961!) and released their 1st Single and Album Way Back in 1965 as The Golden Earrings! Their Current Line-Up have (In One Form Or Another) been together since 1970!

Even IF You just Check it out for Radar Love, That's Fine!

Hopefully, You'll like Some of the Other Songs as Well!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!



He's The One

 One of the Rock Stars we've lost lately was also one of the most influential.
EVH - Eddie Van Halen.
So here's the mighty Van Halen supporting and destroying 
Black Sabbath back in 1978. 

"Round Up The Usual Suspects." ...

 KISS go acoustic in '95.
Would've been cool to see this but it never made it over here did it? The nice thing about these shows were they did pull out
a few deep cuts or songs they hadn't played for years.
As we know the convention tour led to MTV Unplugged
which led to the Reunion Tour which led to...
According to the cover this show's from Boston and to me sounds like an excellent audience recording.
Silver cd rip.

I'm Gonna Live on a Mountain, Way Down Under in Australia...


Here's One You Might or Might Not Have...

IF You Have It - Great! 
IF You Don't - Get It!

Originally This Audio came from a VHS Concert (And Kiddies, VHS were big tapes You put in a machine... Kinda like a DVR... Well, It was How We Streamed a Concert Back in the 80's... Or kinda like "our" On Demand!) and then it was on DVD, I believe...

Anyhow, VHS & DVD Involved a Step or Two Most Don't Have to Do These Days: A$$ Off Couch was one.. 

Pretty Soon We'll Not Be Able to Own Any Music!

The CD is practically Gone, as is the DVD, and Blu-Ray will go away as well...
The Media Companies Don't Want You to Own Any Media, But Rather have You Rent it and Pay a Payment Every Month...
(What Happens to All Those Songs someone has Purchased - IF, They Stop having an Account with a Company!?!)
That's the current model most Companies are tryin' to get to:
A Payment for Everyone Every Month! 

This Concert Audio is Great and the Performance - Well, I've seen 'Em Twice, About 30 Years in between times and Well, They give it Their All - Every Night they Step Foot On Stage!  
It's Loud and Noisy and Wonderful!

Curiously, there was One Song that Didn't Go with the Rest of This Show. I believe it was Never Had A Lot To Lose. For Some unknown reason (To Me Anyway?) It sounded like a really Bad Audience Recording... So It's Not Here, But You Won't Miss It!

This was Recorded in Sydney, Australia at a small club called Selina's Coogee Hotel there (or That's How It's referred If You Search for it on the 'Net...) So, Not Being From the Land Down Under - The Info I had was Selena's...

This was During a Resurgence for the Music of Cheap Trick and was their most Successful as well! And This was the Year (1988) when they had Two Top Ten Hits! Don't Be Cruel went to #4 and The Flame was Their Only #1 Hit EVER! in the U.S. (IWYTWM! Only reached #7 in The States, Although It was #1 in Many Other Countries like Japan and The Netherlands!) 

So, To Sum Up...
The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same!
Cheap Trick Is Still a Great Band!
This Is An Excellent Concert, But to Get It, It Might Just Require The Step I Mentioned Earlier (But, Maybe Not?)...

The One On The East Coast...


Some More Boogie Rock & Roll For Ya!

Here's Foghat a Little Later Down the Road...
After a Line-Up Change and a Little Change to Their Music... 

Erik Carkwright would replace Rod Price on guitar on Foghat's Newest Record: Girls To Chat & Boys To Bounce and Tour, as Mr. Price wasn't diggin' the more New Wave Influenced Type of Music the band was goin' in...

Foghat performs just a couple songs from that record here in this particular Radio Broadcast from Hollywood, Florida...

But as You can see from the Back Cover they Still Play some of  their Classics: Startin' the show with Stone Blue and Endin' I Just Want To Make Love To You,  with Slow Ride in Between! There's also, Fool For The City and More!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Train Kept-A-Rollin' All Night Long...


Well, It's Friday Once Again! (Although it's the Wee Hours here...). Not sure Why We say Wee hours? (Well, Went and looked it up... Wee Hours are the first few hours after midnight; ie. from 1 - 4 A.M. Wee means small, so small hours - Lord, That's enough of that!)

Can't Sleep, Again, So Figured I'd Post This...

This just happens to be one of My All-Time Favorite Aerosmith Live Bootlegs!

It's got the Classic Line-Up, The Songs and The Sound Quality ALL Goin' for it! It's like a companion piece to the Official Aerosmith Live Bootleg!

17 songs in under 80 minutes of that Classic Aerosmith Sound!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!



Enjoy The Zoo And Walk Down 42nd Street...

 FM Broadcast from the Scorpions.A transition from Uli To Matthius.
You may have your favourite version but in the not too distant future it was Blackout and Love At First Sting.
Quality times.
There's also a couple of tracks from Donington 1980 here as well. 

From Make Up To Break Up!

 Here's an interesting one,Hanoi Rocks playing their last show together before breaking up.The first time.
This is what a band sounds like when they know it's over and some of them don't want to be there.
They should've been huge but unfortunately it wasn't to be.
So this is Live In Poland,1985 or Rock 'n' Roll Divorce.
Vinyl Rip,and to be fair when I listened to some of this back it wasn't as bad as I remembered. 




You Really Got Me, Babe...


Very Cool Early LIVE Mott The Hoople Recordings!

Mott start off with a Cover of Ohio (4 Dead in O-HI-O...) on the 1st Set of Recordings and End with an Instrumental Version (Like on their 1st record) of You Really Got Me! During Keep A Knockin' - It's Audience Participation Time!

During the 2nd Set, They cover a Sonny & Cher song Laugh At Me (Written by Sonny Bono - Not to be Confused with Bono of U2, I Don't Believe they're Related in any way!).
There's Only 1 Song That Is Repeated Between the Two Shows...

It's an Awesome Sounding LIVE CD that IS Out of Print and a Few Places I Checked, A New or Like Copy Went for Just Over $100 USD...

IF You're a Mott Fan (And Don't Already Have This CD) Then YOU NEED THIS ONE!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet...


Here's an Excellent Radio Broadcast from Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO)!

BTO along with The Doobie Brothers and many Other Bands were All Over the Radio Airwaves back in the 70's!

And, You could tell, just by their Style and Sound, even when it was a New Song You hadn't heard yet - That it was Them!

Recorded Live in Chicago in 1974, BTO plays Their Biggest Hits and some other songs as well... This is a KBFH Show, So You Know the Sound Quality is Outstanding!

For Those of Us Who Want to Remember, and for Those That are Hearin' This Music for the First Time - We Salute You!

This is a Classic Rock Saturday Night Type of Concert that Used to be played (For FREE) on Your Local Radio Station - Not Some Subscription Service Radio-Like Channel-Thing that Gets Played These Days (Or So I've Heard)!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!



We Used To Ride Baby,Ride Around In Limousines...

 It is what it says on the tin.The Stones at work,alternate versions,works in progress.Two cd's worth and the covers are in the download for those who still use them.

This is from the Red Tongue Records Boxset a 3LP - 2cd set.
Personally I love these behind the scenes recordings.

I Think I'll Fall To Pieces, If I Don't Find Somethin' Else To Do...


smoker Postin' about that new Box Set from Thin Lizzy, 
made me Remember about This Old Bootleg!

Two Different BBC Broadcasts + Two Different Years + Two Different Line-Ups (Although, TWO Remained Constant Throughout the Broadcasts, Years and Line-Up Changes!)

That All Adds Up To One Great Bootleg!

I Think I'll Just Let The Music Do The Talkin'...

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


BABY(S), You Can Drive My Car...


Here's an Excellent King Biscuit Flower Hour Radio Broadcast from John Waite's 1st Solo Tour for the Ignition album!

It includes songs from that first record, Plus a Couple of The Babys songs and 2 Beatles Covers...

I Love the song Change from that record! 

Now, I Know Everyone says it's Patty Smyth of the band Scandal (Remember the song The Warrior?) singin' on the Studio Version, But the First Time I Heard It - I Heard Pat Benatar! 

John & Pat were both on Chrysalis Records at the time and Neil Giraldo Produced Ignition and Played Some Guitar on It... 

So, You Do The Math!

Anyway, This Is a Great Concert Performance!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!



Dry Your Eyes,Mate...

 Here's a vinyl rip from the late great Tom Petty & His Heartbreakers.
Not much to say about this one,sounds great.
It's a studio performance from back in '78. 


A Trick and a Treat...


No Big Surprises here as far as Cheap Trick is concerned...
You Know What You Want - And You Get It!

The Treat mentioned in the Title of this Post is when Dave Edmunds shows up and Joins them On Stage for a Couple Rockin'  Chuck Berry Numbers: Let It Rock and Promised Land!

I saw Cheap Trick in 1979, although Not in Liverpool, But in Columbia, South Carolina at The Township Auditorium (Which was an Excellent Place for Concerts!). The Township was an Old 3,500 Seater Built in 1930 (Many of these type of Theaters were built during the Great Depression) as compared to the 20,000 seat Carolina Coliseum just down the road... 

They musta booked it way in advance, 'cause CT was Very Popular in 1979 and Coulda filled the Coliseum! Anyway, It was General Admission - So We got Good Seats...And We also got to Watch a Glass Door Fly Off its hinges Inward and Land in the Lobby! Where as You can Guess - It Shattered into a Million Pieces! 'Cause people were Pushin' from Behind, Tryin' to Get In!

Back to This Boot, It's Unique, in that Dave's On It! 

It's also a Nice Radio Broadcast as well!

I could go on, But Well, You Know the Rest...

If You're a Trick Fan and Don't Already Have It;

Then Wait No Longer!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Hey Joe, Where You Goin' with That Guitar in Your Hand...


Joe Bonamassa has a New Album out Now!

But IF You're Not Sure You Wanna Buy It, (Or Any of His Other Records) You can sample some of Joe's Previous Music - FREE!  Just go to Joe's Home Page (Link Listed Here at the Bottom of This Post) and You'll See a Place to Get the FREE 13 Track Compilation! It has a song from each of his Studio Albums from 2000 to 2018 (His Last record prior to the New One Just Released!)...

However, There IS a Catch: 
You Have to Enter Your Email, and The Download Link Will Be Sent To You...
It was No Problem for Me, 'Cause I Use the Email over on the side of This Blog for All Music Related Things...
But, IF You don't have such an Email Account and Don't Wanna Use Your Personal Email Account - I Understand!

I remember back in the 1990's, when Computers and Online Activities were really becomin' popular, we had a training session, at work, that was to be done on the computer. There were about 15 of us Employees present. 
The Lady in Charge was from Out of Town, Maybe Even Out of State, and She said to go to www. whatever and Register First. 
When I got to that page, I told her Politely that I Was NOT goin' to be Participatin'... She asked Why. 
I said "Because I'm Not Puttin' My Social Security Number on This Registration Form!" 
She said, "No, It's OK; It's a Secure Site."    
I Laughed, and said, "Whatever helps you sleep at night."
She said, "No, Really. See That Little Lock Icon There - That Means It's Secure."  
I Looked at her and said, "Did You Know Every Lock Ever Made Can Be Breached - Whether, Picked, Cut, Shot, Blown Up, and so on - Nothin' Is Secure!"
She turned to my Co-Workers and asked, "Is He Always Like This?"
In Unison, They replied, "YES!"
She said, "Well, You won't get Credit for This Training!"
I said, "Lady, Do You Know How Many of These Kinda Training Things I Do a Year?" 
She admitted she didn't.
I said, "So, Don't Worry About It," as I made my way to the door!

So, Somewhere on This Page I've Put a Direct Link to By-Pass That Email Thing, IF You Can Find It!?!

Also, I made the Cover Art for Me, But You're Welcome to It, IF You Decide to D/L This Excellent FREE Bonamassa Compilation!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


'Cause I'm a Fool for Hear Rock City...


Here's an Excellent FM Radio Broadcast of Foghat from 1976!

It's Short (Only 4 Songs)...
(So, This Post Will Be Short as well!)
But the Sound Quality and Performance are Outstanding!

It was Broadcast in January of 1976 on a Radio Program called Rock Around The World... The Concert took place in Wallingford, Connecticut...

It's That Great Boogie Rock & Roll that You Remember!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Look To The Skies

 Another from Eddie's stash,not a recording he did but one he got in a trade.It's UFO,not the classic line up but the short lived version featuring Atomik Tommy M on guitar.

Dunno if this one's out there but it's a decent listen.Just don't expect some Pink Floyd type production!