Bad Boy Boogie...


Some AC/DC Music for You!

This Is NOT a Concert,
But a Compilation of Live Songs
From Various Sources...
(So The Sound Quality Varies...)

ALL From 1976...

Jailbreak is from a Performance on
Marc Bolan's TV Show...

ALL Featurin' the Fellows Listed
on the Front Cover...

This Is The First in a Series...
(Rangin' from 1976 to 1979...)

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


The Listening Room

 Artist - Golden Earring
Album - Live
Label - Polydor
Released - 1977

Double live album recorded at The Rainbow Theater,
London,March 1977.
This is their long song period and years before Twilight Zone.
Bought at a 2nd hand record shop once again.
Man I do love a bargain.(if possible!)


Do You Know The Way To...

 Dio from the Holy Diver Tour.
What an album that is...still.
They play songs from the album
some Sabbath & Rainbow.
These times won't be repeated
(unless they do that hologram thing!)
Relive it!!

The Listening Room

 Artist - Starz
Album - Live In Action
Label - Roadracer Records/Metal Blade
Released - 1989

Double live album put together from the Cleveland '77
& Louisville '78 shows.
This is the Dutch release and an ebay purchase
a few years ago.
Glad to have this one in my collection.

Lonely Is The Night...


Here's an Excellent Golden Earring Concert from 2007!

It's a Rockpalast Show, So the Sound Quality is There!

And, Of Course, So Is The Performance!

Also, You Get a Pretty Varied Set of Songs...

It's Late, And I've Run Out of Things to Say
About How Great This Band Was...

So, D/L IF You Don't Have It!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


What Ya Gonna Do?...Rock You!!...

 Some Canadian Metal from back in the 80's.
This is from a Much Music broadcast
so the quality is really good.
Anthemic Rock & Tear Jerkin' Ballads is what you're 
gonna get here.
I saw these guys back in 1983 supporting KISS.
What I took away from it was,wow,these 
guys put on a really energetic show.
Still a going concern as far as I know.


Amie, What You Wanna Do?


This Is a Great Concert from Pure Prairie League...
From the Vince Gill Time Period...

Before He Joined The Band, 
They were More Country Than Rock,
Then Became a Bit More Rockin'...
Then, Vince Went Solo and Became a Big Time
Country Star...
(He's Also Known as Quite the Guitar Picker...)
And, Even Joined the Eagles a Couple Years Back...

Anyway, Live from My Father's Place,
Broadcast on WLIR FM in 1980...

You May Well Recognize I'm Almost Ready and
Let Me Love You Tonight from the Radio...
Or another Hit Song Amie...

Also Freeborn Man is That Old Song That's
Been Covered by Everyone from
Glen Campbell to The Outlaws...

And Also Ain't Livin' Long Like This is
That Old Song That's Been Covered by Everyone from
Waylon Jennings to Foghat...

There's a lot to Like About This One...

Walkin' On The Edge...


The Edge Nightclub 
Palo Alto California 
9th 10th and 11th August 1995

UFO Steve Sez:

A very good full audience recording and 3 incomplete soundboards  
on the 1st USA reunion tour for the walk on the water album 
(unfortunately no Andy Parker on drums)

Phil Mogg (Vocals)
Michael Schenker (Guitars)
Pete Way (Bass)
Paul Raymond (Keyboards, Guitars) 
Simon Wright (Drums)


August 9th, 1995 
The Edge
Palo Alto, California
Audience Recording

Natural Thing
Mother Mary
Let It Roll
This Kids
Out In The Street
Push It To The Limit
Love To Love
Only You Can Rock Me
Too Hot To Handle
Lights Out
Doctor Doctor (encore)
Rock Bottom (encore)
Shoot Shoot (encore)


Soundboard same day (August 9th) with tracks missing

Natural Thing (missing)
Mother Mary (cuts in)
Let It Roll
This Kids
Out In The Street
Push It To The Limit
Love To Love
Only You Can Rock Me
Too Hot To Handle
Lights Out
Doctor Doctor (encore)
Rock Bottom (encore)
Shoot Shoot (encore)


August 10th, 1995
The Edge
Palo Alto, California
Soundboard Recording  

Natural Thing (intro cut)
Mother Mary
Let it Roll
This Kids
Out in the Street
Pushed to the Limit
Love to Love
Only You Can Rock Me
Too Hot to Handle
Lights Out
Doctor Doctor
Rock Bottom
Shoot Shoot
C'mon Everybody

August 11th, 1995
The Edge 
Palo Alto, California 
Soundboard (with missing tracks)

Natural Thing (missing)
Mother Mary (missing)
Let It Roll (cuts in)
This Kids
Out In The Street
Push It To The Limit
Love To Love
Only You Can Rock Me
Too Hot To Handle
Lights Out
Doctor Doctor (encore)
Rock Bottom (encore)
Shoot Shoot (encore)
C'mon Everybody (encore)


The Listening Room

 Artist - UFO
Album - Phenomenon/Force It
Label - RCA/Chrysalis (French release?)
Released - 1983

Here's an unusual one you don't see too often.
UFO - Force It/Phenomenon double LP.
Probably picked this up from a 2nd hand record shop
so no great story behind it.
Other than having classic UFO on vinyl.

A Sound Man To Mix Us,Make Us Sound Loud...

 Excellent show from Tom And The Boys.
From the Soundstage series of TV concerts.
They seem to be having a lot of fun & 
it's a pretty mega setlist.

The Mad Axeman In The Land of The Rising Sun...


Michael Schenker Group 
(FM Budokan Broadcast 1981)

UFO Steve Sez:

A  nice Japanese FM radio broadcast 
of the show that was also recorded as the 
one night at budokan  japan album.



The Listening Room

 Artist - Rose Tattoo
Album - Scarred For Life
Label - Albert Productions - Carrere Records
Released - October 1982

This is the album where I got into the Tatts.
Heard the title track and I thought that'll do for me.
Although they had that Aussie Boogie style what set
them apart was the addition of  the slide guitar.
Production's great on this and there's no filler,
it's all killer!
Plus,these guys were the real deal.

I'm Free To Sing My Song...

 Well I know we've got a few Stones fans that visit,
so here's another show.
From San Diego '69 and a very good audience recording.
Would've been Mick Taylor's first tour I think.
Also the tour ended in disaster (Altamont) and the Stones wouldn't 
tour the US for another few years.

Stop!Get Out...

 Cool support? set from Metal legends,Saxon.
Here they are trying to break America.
I don't think it quite happened.They never reached
the popularity of Maiden or Leppard.
But,live they're great and of all the albums they've
released,they have an impressive discography.
The standard has been pretty high throughout their career.

The Listening Room



We've decided to start a little fun feature on the site.
Where I will post some of the vinyl albums I've been
listening to recently.
There may be a story.
You may have a story,a memory,good times or bad times.
You might like my choice or not.
You might just pass it by or just look at the pix!
Anyway...Welcome to The Listening Room.

Artist - Hughes/Thrall
Album - Hughes/Thrall
Label - Epic
Released - August 1982

I must've heard I Got Your Number on one of the few
Rock Radio shows we had back then.
That was enough for me to go out and buy it.  
It's a great album not a dud track on it.
Unfortunately due to both of them
being into drugs at the time it wasn't 
properly publicised or toured.
It also denied us more albums.
The cover.
I've never understood what it meant!


Had My Hair Piled High...

 Guitar,Bass & Drums.
So basic but what a noise from those
big haired Rockabilly Rebels,Stray Cats.
Rocking it up at something called
Hellride,from Fullerton,CA 2003.
Grab your partner & get Dancin'!!


Wouldn't It Be Nice...

 Radio Broadcast from BBC Radio 2
celebrating the Beach Boys 50 years in the music Biz.
As told by Harry Shearer.
Approx 2hrs.

And The Music Was Soothing...

 As the title says,Outtakes.
Excellent stuff from one of our fav bands
at HRC.Ahead of their time in many ways
especially in production & harmony vocals.
But,mostly they'll be remembered for 
great catchy songs.
Their Hard Rock period should've put them up there.
It was as good if not better than anything else 
going on at the time.

He Had A Heart Of Stone...

 Some noisy and fun Metal from Skid Row.
Recorded back in 1992 at the Budokan,Japan.
They came out the gate pretty fast and had some
big success.But..of course it couldn't last.
Especially when the lead singer kept 
putting his foot in his mouth!
He had to go.
Anyway they're still around doing their thing.


Got To Get Ready,Rock Steady...

 Great show from the classic Bad Company.
It's an audience recording but a great one
from Dan Lampinsky.
Classic Rock at it's finest and I could listen
to Paul Rodgers sing all day.


Me and Baby Are Goin' Out To The Agora...


The BABYS were a Band I Listened to 
Throughout The 70's to Early 80's...
(Still Do!)

And, None of My Friends Could Understand WHY?

For One...
MOST of My Friends Back Then were STUPID!
and Two...
They Didn't LISTEN to The Albums!
(Just Went by What They Heard On The Radio!?!)

But, The BABYS Played The Singles Game
The Record Execs Wanted Them to Play...
(Most of Them with Time in the Title...)
Then Filled The Rest of The Album with
Great Rockin' Songs!

(Kinda Like SWEET Did...
Remember The Singles, The Albums & Then LIVE!)

THIS Concert's Pretty Special!

It's Got The Popular Songs as well as
Some That Went Unreleased...
Like Stick To Your Guns, Outlaws Of The World,
Restless Heart (Which would Show Up on John Waite's
No Brakes LP - with a Different Arrangement!)

They Were Recording The Union Jacks album Durin'
This Time and Preview a Couple Songs...

Plus There's a Great Drum Solo from
"One Take" Tony Brock!
(There's a Story There That Has to Do 
With Bob Ezrin, a Bet and a Click Track!)

The Babys - Agora 1979

Here's The Second of Two Agora Shows...

This One from 1980!

Just After The Release of Union Jacks...
(Which I Bought Jan. 1, 1980 in the USA!)

NOTE: WIKI says Jan. 8, But I Remember It Bein' Like The
Very First LP Release of the New Year!?!

They Play About Half Of That Album Live!

Plus, Songs from Previous Records...
Run To Mexico was Such a Badass Song Back Then...
(Nowadays, Folks Seem To Be Runnin' The Other Way!)

IF You STILL Just Think They're a POP Band...

Well, You're WRONG!

And, You Oughta D/L THIS, 

Just To Hear How WRONG