The End Of The Year Message.

Just a quick Happy and Safe Festive Season
to all those who follow and visit HRC. 
Thanks of course to everyone who contributes whether it's with shows
or commenting etc.
Big thanks as always to EDDIE (for his exclusive recordings).
And Steve for (UFO,QUO and everything else).
Many of you have probably noticed Rocket has been absent
for a while.It's been pretty quiet as far as info goes but 
hopefully he'll return in 2024.
Saying that I'll be taking a break until the New Year.
After that? we continue Rockin' of course.

I Must Have It Painted Black...

 It's the Stones from the Steel Wheels Tour.
Spain 1990.
The setlist is a good mixture of old and new.
Sounds like a fun show.
Bonus tracks featured at the end.


Many Years Since I Was Here...


This man is so talented it should be illegal.
Not only did he write all of these songs 
going back 5 decades but he plays a mean 
guitar on top,just why he would want to 
play a small pub in front of 150 people on a cold 
Thursday night is beyond me.
BUT, I am so glad he did.To hear 
these classic songs up 
close and personal was a real treat and to witness 
'Two Silhouettes' played live was a died and gone to heaven 
moment for me...
I left tonight in total awe of his genius...Enjoy,Ed.


She's Got Me Hooked...


Looking through my gig list for the year one thing 
that really stood out unfortunately was the lack of 
Melodic Rock bands on the road in the UK,
a genre very close to my heart..
SO! a massive thank you to Midnite City 
for keeping this catogory alive with some top quality 
AOR/Melodic Rock.They have been so consistent 
over the years album wise it was a pleasure to watch a
nd hear in this tiny venue tonight and 
just proving to me we in the UK can match what the U.S. 
and Sweden do so well...Enjoy,Ed.



Into The Misty Morning Sun...


Excellent FM radio broadcast of Paul Rodgers. 
 This time the band's called Paul Rodgers and Company. 
As always Paul's voice sounds great,
with a good setlist of classic songs and tracks from his 
Muddy Water Blues solo album.

Running Scared...


Here's an old classic audio dvd rip from a bootleg dvd
 I bought way back in the early 2000s,along with the
 MSG,Hamburg 1981 dvd.
 It's definitely worth having if you don't already. 
This version includes Chains Chains that's often 
missing on some versions probably 
due to the vocals lost in the mix at the start.
Otherwise it's an excellent soundboard from Dortmund,
With Paul "Tonka" Chapman firing out the riffs.


Came A Time Remembered Well...

 aking in the comments recently
asked for some Blackmore's Night.
So here it is.
From Japan 1997 and a very good audience recording.
Folk/Rock from Ritchie and his wife.
A couple of Rainbow tunes are pulled out as well.


You That Hide Behind Desks...

 Two legends touring together in 1986.
Bob Dylan and his pretty special backing band
Tom & His Heartbreakers.
Looks like it was value for money as it's
a mammoth setlist.
Of course Tom gets his fair share of tunes too.


We Love Them,Yeah Yeah Yeah!

 A pretty good soundboard from The Beatles
back in '64.Thankfully all the screaming
is way in the background and leaves us
with a very enjoyable show.
A couple of years later The Beatles
would give up touring to 
concentrate on making some 
pretty decent albums. 



Doctor Doctor,Gimme The News...


Here we go again.An album by the Little House Band 
otherwise known as The Company Of Snakes 
or The Snakes or M3 and the Moody Marsden band.
An unreleased album of cover songs 
given away free at a company Xmas party.

Kicking Out Just Like A Hurricane...


Michael Schenker on his 50th anniversary tour. 
Michael will be 69 in 
January and showing no signs 
of slowing down.Still constantly 
touring and recording a new album 
every year.Good sounding audience 
recording with a set of mainly early 
MSG and UFO songs.



Hot As The Desert Sand...

 Classic Hard Rock from those San Fran Rockers,
Y & T.On the Black Tiger European Tour.
A very nice audience recording from
Lyon,France.These guys were the first big band 
I saw live from the very same year,supporting AC/DC.
So they hold fond memories for me. 


Fighting For One Cause...

 Thrash time from the biggest of them all.
An historic show as it's Cliff Burton's first
show with the band.
Mustaine is still in the band at this point (just).



Wild Billy Was A Crazy Cat...

 Springsteen and his buddies on the 
Born To Run Tour.
Excellent audience recording.
Somebody who always puts 100%
into his live shows and this one
is no different.



Dreams Get The Best Of Me...


So the big question is when does a band become a tribute band?? 
Well here is my take on Molly Hatchet 
for what its worth.I have been a huge fan 
since album one and although there are no 
original members left I think Bobby Ingram,
after being in the band for over 40 years 
has every right to carry on taking this brand of 
Southern Rock around the world. 
For me to witness songs I have over 
the years worn out many air guitars playing 
along to was a privilege and to have real 
Southern Rockers in his band was a joy to watch and listen to 
(we don't get many of those in London).
Having purchased the ticket in 2020 
just before that little flu 
thing took over the world the wait was well worth it...


A Rock 'n' Roll Disgrace!

Ok as I didn't really enjoy their performance 
earlier in the year at the Underworld I thought 
I would give them another try.Plus it was a FREE show so why not?
So this time I got up real close and 
band performance wise they were 
exceptional BUT Dougie on vocals was just off his face 
(at one point he introduced a song they had just played...
SERIOUSLY) pretty much ruined it for me 
and on the encores with Kim(Girlschool) &John (Raven) 
was just embarrassing to watch.
With a pissed Dougie hardly noticing them...
now I know it's Rock 'n' Roll 
but please show some professionalism...
nice venue though...Enjoy,Ed.



I've Been Waiting...

 Excellent sounding DVD rip from the 
German TV broadcast Rock and Pop show.
Foreigner, probably at the peak of their powers 
live on the massive selling 4 album tour.  
 With a good lively set full of Mick Jone's riffs 
and powerful vocals by Lou Gramm.
Classic AOR at its best.


Let Me In...


Very good DVD audio of Quo from the 
German TV broadcast Rock and Pop show In 1982.
Not the full show but that was all they broadcast. 
An 8 song,crowd pleasing,Rocking set.


I'm Outta Control...

 They're not subtle.
They just smash you in the face with their fast
and furious riffs.
It's the Aussie wild boyz,Airbourne
live at the Wacken Festival 2008.



Someone's Screaming My Name...

Good audience recording of Rainbow with 
Graham Bonnet on vocals for the Down To Earth Tour.
Bonnet seemed an odd choice at the time
 along with his John Travolta style white jacket 
but he did a great job on the album as he did on the 
MSG Assault Attack album in 1982.
 There are still plenty of long guitar solos by 
Blackmore and  keyboard solos by Don Airey here,  
plus of course,a Cozy Powell drum solo.