If It Takes Me All Night and Day...


After Postin' That Last EAGLES Show...

The One from The Forum 1980 
with the
Incomplete Carol...

I Got To Thinkin'...
(Meanwhile, I'm Still Thinkin'...)

There Was a Show 
With a COMPLETE Version!

Eagles Live in Japan 1976!

It's a Pretty Good Soundin' Show...
(BUT Don't Expect The Quality of Some Posted Before!)

It's a Soundboard with Some Hiss...

But, The Bigger Question IS:

How Eagles Got The Japanese to 
All The Way 
Through the Show!

Many of Their Best Songs, 
Pre - Hotel California...

Great Vocal Harmonies, Good Playin' 
A Complete Carol!

Wherever You Go...


Here's Some More Great Rock & Roll!

Suzi Quatro from a TV Broadcast in
Praha, Czechoslovakia (Back Then)
Now Known as 
Prague, Czech Republic...

This Is a Real Good Broadcast Sound 
from 1979...

There was a Woman TV Host 
Who Talked In Between Songs 
Mostly Over SUZI (!?!)

But Don't Worry, I Edited Her Out!

Still, It's a Great Little Concert 
Suzi Does a Killer Bass Solo as well...

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

There's Reelin' & Rockin' Goin' On...


More Old-Fashioned Rock & Roll...
With One of the Masters!

Chuck Berry Has Been Played for Years
by Every Band Imaginable...

It's Just Crazy That He Wrote All These
Great Rock & Roll Songs and ONLY Had
One Number One Hit: My Ding-A-Ling!

Here's The Man Himself 
Live from the BBC!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


UFO in the USA...


UFO Steve Sez:

The Record Plant 
Sausalito, California USA 
October 6, 1975

There is often some confusion with this one 
and has probably been posted before in the past.

But if you don't have it?

It sounds great ! 
One of the best !

A must for UFO and Schenker fans.

Recorded live in the studio 
with no audience much to 
Phil Mogg's amusement between songs.

UFO recorded a couple of great sounding radio broadcasts,
the one featured here being the best 
in terms of sound quality and performance 
6/10/1975 broadcast 14/10/75 

The other from New York 
with the title Big Apple Encounters 
and was released on the official Bootleg Box Set 
recorded 23/09/1975 and is on the new 
Force It 2 Disc Remasters Set.
It was a great recording 
but the performance of Schenker 
was not as good as this one.

Although the last track C'mon Everybody 
from that show is included on this version.


Demin & Leather Says It All...

Here's a Very Good Audience Recording of SAXON!

Live on the Denim & Leather Tour in 1981...

This Particular Show is From Naples, Italy...

And DAMN! What a Setlist!

ALL Your Favorite Songs Are Here,
Plus Solos and Such!

This Is an Oldie But Goodie From The Past!

Dallas 1PM Does Not Have 
the News Reportin' Segment
In The Middle of the Song...

But, I Have Other Shows, 
Like One from 1983
That Does Have It...

So, That Makes Me ASK:
I Wonder What Dictated 
Whether That News Reportin'
Tape Was Played 
What Kept It From Bein' Played?

You Know The One I'm A Talkin' About:
"I Can See Mrs. Kennedy's Pink Suit..." And So On...

Anyway, I May Never Know The Answer to That...

But, I DO Know, 
IF You Don't Have This Saxon Boot...


All Dolled Up For a Stroll in Paris...

Here's the New York Dolls!

Live in Paris, 1974...

Actually, I Believe, 
This was Recorded in
December 1973 
Originally Broadcast in
Early 1974...

But, Whatever!

This Concert Has Been 
Again & Again!

But, I Believe, It's Currently Out of Print...

It's Great Quality 
The Dolls Do Their Thang!

I've Included a Couple Different Artworks as well...


I Need a Touch of Madness...


This Is a Great Concert 
from Night Ranger...

Sound Quality

They Play Songs from those
First 2 Albums!
Plus, All The Solos as well...

This Was Originally Released as a Laserdisc...

I Wonder IF 4,200 Yen Was
Indeed a Nice Price?
As the Sticker Says...

This Is The Complete Concert Version!

So, For A Thrill
Some Madness
D/L Below

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Well I Can't Stop The Music...

Cheap Trick Live at Alpine Valley in
East Troy, Wisconsin in 1982!

Man, You Gotta Love Bootlegs...

This Artwork Here Had Live at Alpin Valley
on the Front Cover, So I Fixed That, And
Re-Did The Back Cover as well...

Also, I've Included Another Set of Covers as well...

Enough 'Bout The Covers...

This Version Here Is Absolutely Excellent!

And It Is More Complete Than Some Other
Versions I Have, and Have Seen!

The Sound Quality is Outstanding!

And The Performance is as well...

(Has Cheap Trick Ever Played a Bad Concert?)

Some Of Their Classics 
Plus Some Which Are
Really Energized 
When Played Live!

It's Cheap Trick...

It's Exactly What You Expect!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Woman With the Sweet Lovin' Better Than a White Line...


Here's Somethin' You Don't See Every Day!

It's HEAD EAST Live In Concert!

FM Radio Broadcast with a Very Good Sound Quality!

It Wouldn't Be Long After This Concert That
Singer John Schlitt Would Be Let Go
(It Was Those White Lines Apparently...)
The Band
Would All But Fall Apart...
(A Couple Other Members Left On Their Own...)

A Couple Original Members 
Did Keep The Band Goin' Though...

Interestin' Fact:
Head East was Formed in the Same City
and University as REO Speedwagon
Around the Same Time as well...

Now This Is Some Great Feel-Good Rock & Roll!
(Somethin' We Can ALL Use These Days!)

IF You've Got The Excellent 
Head East Live (1979)...
(Then You Know All About Head East!)

And You'll Want This as well...

Please Come To Boston...

This Show was Sent to Us by "the teacher..."

(You May Remember 
from Years Past as well...)

To Share with YOU!

It's Aerosmith!

Back in Their Hometown, 
Back Where It All Started!

They were Promotin' 
Music From Another Dimension...

And They Played a Free Live Concert!

This Is It!

Excellent Sound Quality and Performance!

Check Out The Setlist...
Mostly 'Smith Classics!

You Can D/L Below 
Go to Guitars 101 as well...

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

UFO is Making Contact...

UFO Steve Sez:

UFO on the European leg of the Making Contact tour 

featuring Billy Sheehan on bass guitar.

This is an upgraded sound version 

and is a one track file

65 minutes long so it fits on a CD,

if you still burn them -  tracks are not split.

The band sound great on this with a 

Billy Sheehan bass solo leading into 

a powerful version of  Diesel in the Dust,  

but after a few songs you can hear Phil Mogg is 

struggling probably due to drink and other things, 

a hint of what would happen in a few weeks time in Greece 

when the tour would end in well-documented circumstance.

Note: the file has the wrong date on it, definitely the 8th.


And the old version of this show if you need it.

Old Version


Knock, Knock, Knockin' On The Door...

Here's The Band Named HEAVEN!

And They Don't Play Any Kind of 
Religious Rock!

They Stick to That Australian Hard Rock!

In The Same Ballpark as AC/DC and Rose Tattoo!

These are Some 
Pretty Good Soundin' Demos
Recorded Sometime in 1988!

Allan Fryer Is Present, 
But Not Sure Who Else Is?

Inside of Me There is a Lonely Place...

Here's a Pretty Good Audience Recording from
Christian Rockers: STRYPER!

The Crowd on Hand Sure Enjoyed It!

This was Recorded on Their 
25th Anniversary Tour
Back in 2009 
Up in Canada!

They Play ALL The Songs You're Familiar with
(IF You Follow Them?)
And a Thing or Two You Might Not Expect!
Like Boston's Peace Of Mind 
Judas Priest's Breaking The Law...

I Remember One of Their Videos Made It Onto
MTV Back in the 80's: Calling On You!

And They Were a Great Target 
for Jimmy Swaggart,
The TV Evangelist...
(And We ALL Know What Happened to Him!)

NOTE: An Unusual Fact About Jimmy Swaggart:
He's Cousins of Mickey Gilley & Jerry Lee Lewis!

Again, IF This Might Be Your Thing - Great!
IF NOT - No Problem!
(We Don't Do Much Judgin' Around Here!)

It's Some Great Christian Rock From
The Yellow and Black Attack!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Mark Says Jesus Is Just Alright...


Here's Somethin' for a Sunday...

Mark Farner 
(of Grand Funk Fame) 
Tired of
"Booze and Ladies" 
to Keep Him Right
Sometime in the Late 80's, 
It Seems...

He Became a Christian 
and Released 
This CD in 1991...

He Altered the Lyrics of Some Kind Of Wonderful...
Instead of a Woman (She's) He Changed It to Jesus...

That Song Has an Interestin' Origin, 
To Me, Anyway...
It was Written by John Ellison, Who was from
Rural West Virginia where Coal Mining was the
Only Job in Town...
(Which Is Not That Far From Where I Am...)

John Wanted No Part of That, So, He headed to
New York City and Met up with a Group Called
The Soul Brothers Five...
He Joined Them and 
Wrote She's Some Kind Of Wonderful...
They Changed Their Name To...
The Soul Brothers Six!
The Song Climbed the Billboard Hot 100 
All The Way to #91...

Anyway, Mark Plays Christian Rock on This CD...
Which Some Folks Say Isn't Really Christian, Anyway...
(Nothin' Like The Songs in Their Hymnals!)

Anyway, Again, IF This Might Be Somethin'
You Wanna Hear - Fine!

IF NOT - Let It Pass On By...

We Got Lots of Great Music to
Choose From Comin' This Week Ahead!
And Elsewhere on The Blog!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


At The House Hendrix Built...


Some More Jeff Healey Band Music for You!

This Time It's 1990 in New York City...

At Electric Ladyland Studios...

A Fine FM Broadcast in Both Sound Quality and
the Band's Performance...

We Always Focus on Jeff Himself, But He Had
Two Other Great Musicians With Him as well..

Bassist Joe Rockman and Drummer Tom Stephen!

For a 3 Piece Band, 
They Made an Excellent Noise!

Hard Rockin' Blues at its Finest!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Built Ford Tough...


Here's another Former Runaway...
Lita Ford!

Live from the Reseda Country Club in
Los Angeles, California...

It's a Very Nice FM Broadcast Recording...
Recorded Durin' the
Dancing On The Edge Tour 
in 1984!

Somethin' Kinda Funny Is:
I Made This Artwork Like 100 Years Ago,
And Some Bootleg Company Picked It Up
And Used It On Their Unofficial Release...

It's on DISCOGS, Even!

Most of You Probably Have It Or
Have Heard It, 
But for Those That Don't...

One of The Queens of Noise Says:
Come & Get It, Boys!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Lost Horizons Might Return Again...


UFO Steve Sez:

An audience recording of the classic MSG live album 

One Night at Budokan on the 12.08.1981

Very good recording.

Those Japanese fans certainly know how to clap throughout this show. 

Schenker sounds great, amazing tone.

Not sure about Cozy Powell's drum solo 

sure some people will like it.

Was there many studio enhancements done 

to the original recordings for the album?

You can decide.



She's Drivin' Away With The Dim Lights On...


Excellent Radio Broadcast of The Cars!

Live from California in 1979
on the 
Supergroups In Concert 
Radio Program...
(Those Always Have Great Quality!)

Fourteen Songs from Those Classic First Two Albums...
And One Song That Was Unreleased Back Then...

You Know The Cars...

What They Sound Like and So On...

So, IF You Like This Kinda Thing...

Let's Go!


Sometimes I Feel It's Getting Late...


Here's One Everyone NEEDS!
(Unless You Already Got It!)

Some Excellent Music for This Weekend!

IF It's "Hot As Blazes," 
as My Grandmother Used to Say, 
Where You Are...

You Can Be Oh So Cool With 

Make Sure to Play It LOUD Enough So
If There's Anyone Around, 
They'll Ask Who It Is!

Pass The Word About This Band...

This Is a Big Full Soundboard 
from The Netherlands...
From Back in 1994...

The Usual Songs Show Up 
For the Most Part...

There's the Always Interestin' 
Highway Jones and
Drive It Home 
Is a Big Time Jam!


There's Covers 
On The Hunt
Mini Skirt Minnie
Walk Like A Man!
(Yep! The Grand Funk Tune...)

So, Get Your Copy Out 
D/L This One...NOW!

(That's Your ONLY 2 Options!)
Nothin' Else Will Suffice...

Oh My...


UFO Steve Sez:

Here is a fairly recent new transfer 
of this old classic bootleg of UFO
on the 75 Force It album tour 
and in my opinion a slightly better sound.

I was lucky enough to be at this show way back 
when at the small and very hot Marquee Club 
in Wardour Street, London,
Right in the front row.
My poor ears were ringing for days.

The setlist features the last days of some
of the old stage favourites:
Give Her The Gun and Cold Turkey
and Prince Kajuku
as the Keyboards 
start to appear more in the the live set.


He's The Bloodstain On The Stage...

It's Friday The Thirteenth!

So Here's Some 
Horror Heavy Metal 
for the Occasion...

It's Mötley Crüe from Back in 1983!

A Pretty Good Soundboard From San Antonio...
(Home of The Alamo, Remember?)

A Few Sound Issues at the Beginning,
But They're Soon Cleared Up...

Overall, a Pretty Good Soundin' Show...


Sweet Little Rock N Roller...


Here's some More of That Suzi Q!

Ms. Quatro, Live and Rockin' at The Forum!

Her and Her Band Were in Fine Form, as Always!

This Is a Nice Audience Recording Taped by 
The One and Only Mike Millard!

He Always Captured a Good Sound...
(Least The Ones I Heard Anyway!)

Most of The Songs are Ones You Heard,
But Don't Mind Hearin' Again!

And, The Jam and The Ending Are 
Pretty Cool as well...


Lonely Is The Night...

Billy Squier DID Indeed Survive 

"The Video To End All Careers"...

But Just Barely...

He Released an album the Year This Show
Comes from and Then a Couple More...
But Nothin' in the 2000's...

This Concert Comes from a Westwood One Broadcast...
So, Not Sure IF This was ALL Or Just What was Aired?

But It's Real Good Quality...

He Starts With a Song From His 1st Solo Record...
(Remember, He was in Piper in the 70's!)

And Ends with the Title Song From Don't Say No!

All In All, 
It's a Nice Showin' for Billy!