The Gods Look Down In Anger...


Nice sounding soundboard demos from the excellent Robin Trower,
 Long Misty Days album.  
And a few Soundboard tv and radio live recordings.
All of course with plenty of guitar solos and 
vocals by the unique voice of James Dewar.

Really Thinks She's Something Else...


Status Quo live in Paris 1975 again, 
this time earlier in the year on the Quo album tour.
  Decent audience recording similar to previous 70s posts.
Excellent rocking set list.  
With plenty to get your head and feet moving.   


Nothing Left To Say...

The final part of this KISS boxset
with cd's 7 & 8.
Ripping it on the Creatures Tour with new
guitarist Vinnie Vincent.
Then back to 1974 for some real nostalgia.
With a couple of bonus tracks as well.



I'll Play The Clown,When I'm Insecure...

 Michael Schenker live in Japan 2000
on the Unforgiven World Tour.
Good set list full of MSG classics. 
Schenker sounds surprisingly very 
 good on this considering what would happen 
later in the year on  the UFO tour.

(note track listing on the back cover 
slightly different to the file but music is all there)


Warning Came,No One Cared...

 This one was recommended in the comments recently by Derek.

What can you say about Glenn Hughes?
He's now 72 and his voice is still the same as 1975.
I saw him live recently (13th October) 
and man can he still hit those high notes.
This is an FM radio show from Chile in 2018, 
with a set list of Purple classics.
If we could only get Mr Coverdale on stage one more time with Glenn!
its never  going to happen but we can dream.

I'm A Capricorn And She's A Cancer...

 Back to the well for more KISS.
Lightweight album,cool tour.
It's KISS Unmasked from Sweden.
Next we're on the Dressed To Kill Tour.
It's a couple of months away from the release of Alive!
Which we know,is the game changer.




You've Got Something I Need...

 A couple more shows from Classic KISS.
First up Springfield '78 on the 
Love Gun/Alive II Tour.
Next up from the Dynasty Tour the 
boys are in Montreal.
Hit It!



And It's Coming Down On You...

 Here's one that might blow you away!
Classy Hard Rock band Hurricane from 1990.
An FM Broadcast from Hollywood.

Kelly Hanson - vocals
Doug Aldrich - guitar
Robert Sarzo - guitar
Tony Cavazo - bass

A while ago I picked up their album
Slave To The Thrill,produced by Michael James Jackson.
Another KISS connection.


If anybody wants it at a higher bitrate,Unknown has
sent in this link he posted at G101.Thanks Buddy!



This Is A Place I'd Never Seen Before...


British veteran Rockers since 1969.
Uriah Heap are still touring and releasing great 
new albums like the current one, Chaos and Colour.
Here they are live on the Living The Dream 
2019 album tour at the Wacken Festival. 
Proving what a great  
Iive band they still are.
An excellent sounding DVD rip.

A big THANKS to Steve for his continued support of the site.
Cheers Buddy!

Risin' Up...

Here is some classic AOR.
An excellent soundboard DVD rip.
A one track file,65 minutes long of 
Jimi Jamison live at Firefest Festival in the UK.
Great set list full of Survivor classics mixed in with solo songs.
The band sound great 
and of course excellent vocals by 
Jimi,who sadly left this world way too early.


Always On The Run...

 Here's a show from down Rocket's way,Kentucky.
It's Bad Company (kinda).
You've got Mick & Simon but no Paul.
Robert Hart handles the vocals here and
he does a good job.
Channeling his inner Rodgers.
It's an enjoyable show.



No One Really Knows...

 Klassic KISS from 1975,the very well known
Long Beach show.
Then from Miami 1976.
I love all versions of the band they 
all had something (different) to offer.
But the originals can't be beaten.




But Your Hands Are Full Of Life...


A compilation of UFO and band members featuring 
Japanese bonus tracks and other bits and pieces.

Tracks 1. and 2. Japanese bonus tracks
from the High Stakes and Dangerous men album and the You Are Here album.

Track 3. Paul Raymond instrumental piano version of Love To Love.

Track 4. Japanese bonus track from the Mogg Way album Chocolate Box also featuring Paul Raymond.

Track 5. The Paul Raymond Project reinterpretation of Lights Out featuring Phil Mogg on vocals.

Track 6. House Of X featuring x UFO members,Danny Peyronel, Lawrence Archer and Clive Edwards playing a rocking version of Martian Landscape.

Tracks 7. and 8. Unused tracks from the Heaven's Gate live album and Misdemeanor DVD live in Oxford 1985.

Open Up Your Vault...


Listed as soundboard recording by Cardiff 
Hard Rock band Budgie in the USA,1977.
A band that everybody in the mid 70s seem
 to know about but they never really 
sold many records with just the one UK top 30 album
 In For The Kill in 1974
I saw Budgie twice around this period and they 
were a good live band and very loud.   
Full of big riffs that are probably more 
Metal than Hard Rock at Times.


Yank It Up,Baby...

 Keith in the studio and on TV.
A true legend,the man who has written
some of the best known riffs ever.
Looks like The Stones are never going
to call it a day.New album coming soon
and I suppose,a tour.


But I'll Run You Through...


Couple of shows from Classic Iron Maiden.
Heavy Metal at it's finest.
From The Piece Of Mind and Powerslave Tours.
London and Ipswich represented.
Enjoyable audience recordings.




Never,No Never Again...

 It's the other Black Sabbath,from
Excellent from these legends of Metal.
Their contribution and influence can
not be measured.
Of course always great to hear DIO again.


The Wolf Is Always At The Door...

 Excellent sound on this one.
From New Jersey '94.
Are The Eagles too slick for Rock 'n' Roll?
Not for me.It takes a lot of talent and 
skill to play and sing this good.
If I'm feeling in the mood for something a little
softer,yeah I'll stick these guys on. 


Head over here to get the full show.