Gonna Have A Real,Good Time...


Quo live On The Level tour in France 1975.
With an Excellent Rocking set list including 3 tracks off the album,
good to see Gerdundula included.
Sound wise similar to past 70's audience posts, 
  But a very good listen. 
 Not quite the full show Bye Bye Johnny is missing.

Shine A Light For Me...


Waysted  promoting the Save Your Prayers 
album in the USA.
Opening for Iron Maiden on their 
Somewhere In Time tour.
A Very Good sounding audience recording with 
Danny Vaughan on the vocals and 
Paul Chapman showing once again what a good 
guitarist he was.Despite extensive touring 
as support act for the likes of 
Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue,
Dio and Status Quo the band
 never really broke though 
 and the band ended by late 1987. 
Until reforming in 2000.


Red,Red Knocks 'em Dead...

The Red Rocker himself,it's Sammy.
A fantastic show from Glasgow,Scotland.  
Touring probably his best solo album and my
favourite of his,Standing Hampton.
Throw in a couple of Montrose tunes and
you've got yourself a hell of a setlist.
Good Hard Rockin' Times!


They Got Stars In Their Eyes...

 Here's a fine British band from back in the 90's
where they had some success.
Little Angels.
One of the support bands for Bon Jovi
back in 1993 at the Milton Keynes Bowl.
You can catch singer Toby Jepson
on Planet Rock Radio where he has a show.
I've caught it a few times,very enjoyable.


Remember When You Were Young?...

 Excellent show from the David Gilmour
led Pink Floyd.The Division Bell Tour
live in London,1994.
Playing all your favourites and also
the Dark Side Of The Moon.



Everything I Do...

 A Melodic Rock Golden Boy from the 80's.
It's Bryan Adams and an FM Broadcast from 1985.
Hit singles,sold out tours,millions in album sales
and working with some of the biggest names
in Rock.Whatever Bryan has achieved he
will always be best remembered for his 
couple of co writes on the
Creatures Of The Night Album...BOOM!!
Fade out after each song on this one.



Everybody Else Is Here,Watchin' Us...

A very nice audience recording for this one.
KISS on the Revenge Tour.
A bit of a return to form with the album
as it was back to the Harder Rocking version of the band.
Even the black leather made a comeback!
The show is from Meadowlands Arena,NJ.
We also have some tracks from The Crazy Nights Tour
at the end of cd two.



I'm Charged With Cosmic Energy...


Who the f%&k are Leader Of Down? you will be saying.
Well let me explain,originally formed by 
Wurzel after he left Motorhead and 
bass player Tim Atkinson.They made 
one album then Wurzel sadly passed 
but Tim continued and that's where we are today.
The reason I like them is they play straight 
forward old school British Hard/Heavy Rock.


I Still Remember That Rumblin' Sound...


A rare chance to see some Confederate Rock from across the pond.
Originally formed in 2004 with ex-members of Skynyrd & 
Molly Hatchet,these days they have a 
couple of ex-Blackfoot guys in the band neither 
of who I recognize but it doesn't matter at the end of the 
day they play real Southern Rock and that will do me.
A piss poor turnout (about 20 of us in the venue) 
but a massive high five to them as 
they played a full set including 
a lot of my favourites from way back.Enjoy,Ed.



Don't Give Them Lies And Empty Promises...


One night and day at the Festival Hall Osaka.
Two excellent soundboard recordings in the 
afternoon and evening on the 19th August 1981. 
Similar set for both,no Courvoisier Concerto 
on the afternoon show. And similar set to the 
One Night at Budokan album 
recorded a few days earlier on this tour.
These make nice companions for that album.

Do Always Watch Out For Things...


A very good audience recording 
from the Swedish Rockers on the Secret Society album tour of Japan in 2007.
Excellent setlist of old and newer songs
and some great guitar work from John Norum. 
With of course a good performance from the voice of Europe 
 Joey Tempest.
Still a very underrated rock band,even to this day in my honest opinion.


I'd Taken A Stand For An Outlaw's Life...

Alright we've been sent in a show from
BFK (Bigfootkit).
Who's recently discovered HRC once again
and is enjoying the site.
So it's one of our fav's Rose Tattoo 
from 2022.Still pummeling
audiences with their no holds barred
Rock 'n' Roll.
To BFK...Cheers Buddy!

Yeah,You Looked Pretty Cool...

 Queensrÿche from 1988 in Germany
promoting the Operation:Mindcrime album.
One of the best albums of the 80's
in my opinion.From their debut E.P.
up to Empire that was a hell of a run.
Audio taken from a TV broadcast so it's
a very good listen.



And I Want It Now...


Here's the concluding part of the Rare Queen
upload.This takes us up to 1995.
Hopefully simonthecat's wife enjoys
this batch as much as the first!


'Cause I Keep On Running...


This is a nice companion to the
recently posted 
Paul Rodger's 1997 sessions. 
A live concert from the 1997 tour in Osaka,Japan.
An excellent audience recording
Paul's voice as always sounds great.
With a Good set list full of songs from the current 
Now album and of course Bad Company and Free classics.