The Eagle Has Landed...in Glasgow!

And, Lastly, We Have Saxon Payin' a Visit to Glasgow!

A Great Soundin' and Great Rockin' Show!

Just Look at That Setlist!

Classic Saxon One and All!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Like a Fox, Like a Fox...On The Run!

Here's a Single Released in 1975 in Germany...

By a Band Called The Hunters...
(Which We All Know as SCORPIONS!)

It's a Couple of Cover Versions of SWEET's
Fox On The Run and Action...

Sung in German!

This Is Just One of Those Things That Everyone
Needs to Hear, at least Once!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

All Mixed Up In Memphis...


Some More Live Cars...

Recorded Live in Memphis, Tennessee!

Live on the Candy-O Tour...

They Play Much of that album, Plus
Songs from Their 1st album and the 
Then Unreleased Take What You Want...

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Squier's On Fire...


Billy Squier had Himself a Good Music Career...

Until...That Infamous Rock Me Tonite Video
That smoker mentioned and showed You 
on an Earlier Post!

This Concert is From Before That!

And, It Rocks!

Recorded in San Francisco for the 
Supergroups In Concert Radio Series from 1981...

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Bustin' Out Dead Or Alive...

 The love affair with all things
Brian 'Robbo' Robertson continues.
Thin Lizzy from the TV show - A Night On The Town.
It's short but very sweet!

And They All Started Grooving...

 Another out of print Sweet cd.
Containing live tracks from Japan.
Yep,the same as the Live In Japan cd.
But,this also contains a healthy dose of demos.
Good collection if you like to Rock out to Sweet. 

I Kinda Like The Way She Dips...

 Time to look out your skinny tie.
Some of that New Wave from The Cars.
This looks like it's one of those Rock Goes To College shows.
(AC/DC,Cheap Trick etc)
Radio Broadcast from the BBC.


Someone Else's Song...


While Rose Hill Drive ARE NOT a Covers Band...

(IF You D/L That Last Post CD 1 - Then You Know They
Have Original Songs as well...)

But, They Have Done A Lot of Covers Over the Years!

This Little CD I Put Together Will Give You The Idea
of The Range of Covers They Have Played!

When They Cover a Song, RHD Don't Try to Mimic

The Original...

They Re-Create The Vibe of the Original...

And Then Play It With Their Style!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

I'm Taking Little White Pills and My Eyes Are Open Wide...


Now, Why Would You Want This Single?

By a Band You Probably Never Heard Of?

It's a Cover of the Classic Trucker Song
Made Famous by Dave Dudley from the Early 60's...
As You May Have Already Guessed...

Maybe, It's to Hear:
A Rock & Roll Version of The Song Itself?

Jon Parrot's Vocals & Bass Work?

Steve Mundt's Drumming Style?

Probably Not!

But Maybe, Just Maybe...

It's to Hear Rich(ie) Ranno's 

1st Recorded Guitar & Vocals!

(Yep! That Richie Ranno of STARZ!)

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Robbo in Tokyo...


The Continuin' Story of Brian Robertson...

With This Release of a Concert 

by Wild Horses Live in Tokyo, Japan!

It's Been Released More Than Once Over the Years...

But, Seems to be Currently Out of Print!

The Artwork Pretty Much Says It All...

(I've Included 2 Sets in the D/L for You to Choose from...)


AND...Don't Give Up!

While I Was Away...
smoker Sure Has Been Treatin' You Well!


You Remember the band TOUCH?

Well, The ORIGINAL MEMBERS have a New Album
Comin' out in April...

Here's a Song "Let It Come" from It 
(IF Ya Wanna Give It a Listen):

Here's Somethin' I Put Together...
It's TOUCH's Most Famous Song...
Several Versions of It!
(Includin' Live & Cover Versions...)

It's an Exclusive Rocket Records Release,
So, That Means It's Quality 
(Just For Your Listenin' Pleasure!)


Don't Give In...

 Another session for the Friday Rock Show.
This time quality Melodic Rock from FM.
Now this is a band that should've challenged 
the big American AOR scene.
They had the sound and the songs.
Still releasing high quality albums I believe.
Tape Rip.

I Hear Some Rock 'n' Roll...

A four track recording from Swiss Rockers,Krokus
back in 1980.
Broadcast on the Friday Rock Show.
They had a pretty decent run back in the 80's.
Releasing a few successful albums.
My fav being One Vice At A Time.
An excellent tribute to AC/DC!

The Thunder Of Guns...

 Classic British Rock from Thunder.
We'll say it once more,great band.
Still doing it they've recently released a new album,
All The Right Noises.
So here they are Live From London,1990.


Fast And Furious...

 A band that weren't afraid of the Heavy Metal tag.
They pretty much wrote the book on what Metal is,
in sound and image.
Fronted by the Metal God,Rob Halford.
Here we find them in France during the
Defenders Of The Faith tour.
A fine album and a worthy follow up to 
Screaming For Vengeance.
It's an audience recording but don't let that put you off.
The sound is great.

I Ain't No American Pie...

 Classic stuff from The Alice Cooper Band
way back in '72.
Mad,bad and dangerous to know.
From the Killer Tour,School's Out wasn't released until June.
Tho' they do play the title track from the album. 


Just A Soldier Of Fortune...

 Early Whitesnake for ya 'ere! 
Honest Hard Rockin' blues from the 'snake 
back in '78.
Recorded in Hanley,England.
Great setlist featuring songs that that go from
the suggestive to the soulful.


Fair Warning,Be Ready...


Double tap for another fine four piece,out of 
San Francisco,Y & T.FM Broadcast from California 
and a soundboard from Japan. 
Back in the 80's when they were in their prime.
Unfortunately they couldn't really keep up
the quality of those 1st three albums they made
as Y & T.Live of course it's a different story.
That's where they've always Rocked.

Santa Barbara 1985

Japan 1986


Everybody Needs A Main Attraction...

More from Japan,this time Sweet.
Going by the songs should place it as 1976
on the Give Us A Wink Tour.
A band that should be mentioned in the 
same breath as all the other great 70's Rock Bands.
They had a strange career starting off as a bubblegum pop band.
(Not for me).
Then big success during the UK Glam scene.
I love all the Blockbuster,Hellraiser stuff.
They really came into their stride when they started doing
their own thing.Just great quality Hard Rock. 
So it says on the cover this is a soundboard.
If it is it's pretty rough.It's listenable,I enjoyed it
and it shows how heavy Sweet were.
Maybe not one for the casual fan.
Out of print.

Upon My Brow The Lightest Kiss...


A double shot from Queen,live in Japan.
Very good audience recordings from Osaka '76 
and Tokyo '75.
Covering the Sheer Heart Attack & 
A Night At The Opera Tours.
It's Epic!

Osaka 1976

Tokyo 1975


Just Like Every Night Has Its Dawn...

 Excellent set of studio sessions from one of our
fav's,Thin Lizzy.
Always interesting to hear songs we know 
before they're finished.Different lyrics etc.
Plenty of Gary Moore on show here.
Check the back cover for all the details.

Turn Your Radios On...

The Gene Simmons produced Van Halen demos.
He tried to get them a deal at the time,no one was interested.
The rest as they say is history.

You're A Victim Of...

OK time for the UK's one time shoot for the stars,
Glam Bangin' hot shots...Wrathchild.
With big hair and big choruses they really had a chance
to get somewhere.But record company problems
put paid to any momentum they had.
Now I'm not saying Wrathchild would've changed the
world.They were F-U-N! With a bucket load of 
catchy tunes.Here they are in all their glory
live in London 1984.

Wrathchild Bonus

Here's their three track demo from 1982.
Mascara Massacre.
I bought this thru an ad in Sounds mag
way back then.
Tape Rip.