Just A New Way...

 Seeing the Cry Of Love post made me dig this one out.
A 12" single.
You get a new mix and a couple of live tracks.
Yeah they should've had more success.
The Brother album was a goodie.
I think they only had the one album?

I Was Born This Way...

 Some Southern Rockin' from the band that come
from down Rocket's way.
Maybe their barn is close to his barn?
Anyway cool little set from Germany's Rockpalast back in 2011.
See,we do put up some recent stuff!!

He's Rounding First...

 Digging into the archives once again here's a 
nice little compilation from Knebworth Festival 1985.
Radio Broadcast.
Tape Rip.

I Never Did Write That Love Song...

 Great concert here from Marillion back in 1984.
From the Glasgow Apollo and recorded by 
Radio Clyde.
Excellent crowd here as you'd 
expect from this legendary venue.
I was a fan of the first album and caught up
with the rest of the Fish era later.
Tape Rip.

Come On, Come On, Come On, Now...


Here's the ONLY Other Thing I Have by TOUCH!

It's The Complete Works I & II...

Meanin' It's their First Album - TOUCH (1980)
Produced by Roger Glover

And, Their Second Album TOUCH II (1981)
Produced by Todd Rundgren

Plus, Some Bonus Tracks!

One of Them is From the Monsters of Rock Compilation...
There's also some Rough Mixes on CD 2...

It was a Japan Only Release in 1998, 
Which has Since gone Out of Print!

So, If You Wanna Explore This Band Some More...
This Is Worth Gettin'!

TOUCH - The Complete Works - CD1


TOUCH - The Complete Works - CD2


You Want to Ride in my Big Black Car...


Cry Of Love - Live in Hollywood, CA!

A Band that was Formed in North Carolina...
So They had Some Southern Roots, Along with Hard Rock!

Here they are Tourin' Their First Album: Brother!

They Play songs from That Album and Close with 
a Cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's On The Hunt!

Oh, and, Audley Freed is Here, 
Before He'd Go On To The Black Crowes...

A Good Solid Hard Rock Band - In The Studio and Live!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!



In The Midnight Hour, She Cried, MORE!

Here's Billy Idol on the Charmed Life Tour!

I think I read somewhere that the Date is Wrong on this One...
Should be the 27th or Somethin'...

Anyway, It was Recorded Live 
in Costa Mesa, CA in 1990!

Runnin' With The Devil...


Here's Girlschool - Live!

It's an Out of Print CD that was Released in 1998...

But, the Concert was Actually from 1982 in Tokyo!

It was Recorded durin' Their Japanese Tour that year...

Girls Rockin' Hard!

They were Friends of Motörhead...'Nuff Said!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Now I'm There...

 One of my favourite guitarists
from one of my favourite bands.
Yep,the one and only Brian May.
Here he is with his band featuring Cozy Powell on drums.
I've got the Back To The Light cd but can't say I've listened to 
it much.I'm going to rectify that right now.

Radio Broadcast from the Imperator Club,
Rio De Janeiro,Brazil.
Well...they're seriously Rockin' here!

I Like It Like That...

 Next up Blues legend John Lee Hooker.
If it wasn't for guys like John we wouldn't be listening to our
Hard Rock & Metal today.
As we all know Blues is the basis for pretty much all Rock music.
Great sound on this as well.
Perfect for just (Boogie) Chillin'.


 Sex Pistols Live.
A flame that burned very bright but very short.
Pretty good sound on this one.
Recorded at Burton On Trent,England '76
and Winterland,SF '78.
Good stuff if you fancy a little jump around the living room!


Put Me In Coach, I'm Ready to Play!


You can Always count on 
The Georgia Satellites 
for a Rockin' Show!

I Don't Ever recall hearin' a Bad Performance from Them!
(Maybe less than Stellar Sound Quality, But that's Not their Fault!)

I'm-A-Talkin' 'Bout The Way They Played!

They seemed to Give it their All every show!

One of The Best LIVE Bands Ever!

Enjoy and Play It Really LOUD!


Learn Another Language For Free...


After Tom Petersson Left Cheap Trick, 
He started Work on Some Music 
that wouldn't get released Until 1984 
(He says, 'Cause of Legal Issues...)

This is That Music!

Tom dropped an "S" from his name -
(Or, he Reverted Back to His Given Name, Actually...)

He formed Tom Peterson and Another Language!
It's got a Missing Persons Kinda Vibe!
Kinda New Wave Soundin'...
It Features Tom's Then Wife, Dagmar on Most Vocals...
Tom does Sing My Car...

This is a Nice Vinyl Rip of the EP...

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


LITTLE Caesar Soundin' BIG at the Club...


Here's the Hard Rock band Little Caesar!

It's Just 5 Songs, But Well, 
There's Not many Good Soundin' Live Shows 
from This Band That I've Seen...

I Liked Their Rockin' Sound 
with Ron Young's Great Vocals!

I Still Listen to their First CD every now and again...

Here they are Live at The Country Club in Reseda, CA...

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


The Rider Wearing Black...

 The heaviest band with the massive groove.
Love them or hate them you know what you're getting here.
From Sweden back in 2000.
This is a great sounding one.
For a three piece they have a nice full sound.
It's a right head nodding,foot tapping listen.
Let's face it we're all too old for that
headbangin' stuff these days!!

Let There Be Guitar...

 Sweet compilation from the Hardest,Tightest,
Loudest & Boogiest (a new word?) of bands!
Anything from the Bon era is cool with me.
We even get a couple of pre - Bon tracks.
From the Kobra Records label.
Silver cd Rip.


Take The Wind Right Out Of Your Sail...

 The classics just keep on comin' what a decade the 70's were.
A well known boot from the Boston Boys and it's
time it was up here.
Another fine setlist and
good to see Seasons Of Wither in there.
One of my favourites from Get Your Wings.

We Go Dancing Nightly...

 Alice from the Billion Dollar Babies Tour.
Great setlist and a great band at the top of their game.
I've had a quick think and...I'd say this is 
my favourite album from the band.
Probably as it was one of the first Alice albums I got.
Of course nothing lasts forever,Alice went solo
and had more success.




Here's an Out of Print CD from Pat Benatar...

It's Most of the Concert from Eight-Fifteen-Eighty 
as the Title Says...

Although, Never Wanna Leave You is not Included...
And, My Clone Sleeps Alone was Tacked onto the End,
Even Though It's from 1979!

Pat Benatar - Eight-Fifteen-Eighty (1998)


Here's the Complete Concert from Eight-Fifteen-Eighty!

It was Broadcast from The Old Waldorf in San Francisco...

It is the way the Concert Really Went Down that Evening...

Back on Eight-Fifteen-Eighty!

Pat Benatar - Live In San Francisco 1980


Clock Strikes Ten, Tonight...

Playin' off of smoker's Fantasy Island theme...

Here's Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band's - Ten Tonight!

Now, It's Not an Official Release, Obviously, 
But I did a Little Manipulation with the Artwork, 
a Long Time Ago, and Put this together...

It's a Live Radio Broadcast with Good Sound Quality...

And, a Pretty Good Selection of Songs...

Sorta, a Companion to the Official Release...

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Fantasy Island!!

Isle Of Dreams Festival 1989 

Alright here's something I bought a 
few years ago.A nine album set of something
called The Isle Of Dreams Festival - 1989.
A Westwood One Radio Broadcast.
I never did anything with it apart from listen to it a few times.
Now I tried to find out about this Isle of Dreams Festival.
There wasn't much info because...it's not real!
It's a collection of previous broadcasts put together as 
if it's all taking place on the day.
With announcers making out they are watching the
bands come on stage.
So I've worked on this (on and off) for a couple of weeks.
Recording,splitting,tagging & uploading etc.
But you're not interested in any of that.
It includes all announcements,ads 
just in case you want that full Broadcast experience.
All bands are uploaded separately so you can grab want you want.
Take it all or mix and match.
A lot of bands here that are HRC favourites.
Anyway...Here We Go!

38 Special

01 Announcer
02 Rock & Roll Strategy
03 Back Where You Belong
04 Fantasy Girl
05 Second Chance
06 Ads


01 Announcer
02 Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
03 Rag Doll
04 Ads
05 Announcer
06 Draw The Line
07 Sweet Emotion/Peter Gunn
08 Walk This Way
09 Ads

Huey Lewis & The News

01 Announcer
02 Perfect World
03 I Know What I Like
04 Jacob's Ladder
05 Ads
06 Announcer
07 Heart And Soul
08 Power Of Love
09 Heart Of Rock & Roll
10 I Want A New Drug
11 Announcer
12 Ads


01 Announcer
02 Finest Work Song
03 Pop Song
04 Stand
05 Ads

Little Feat

01 Announcer
02 Let it Ride
03 Dixie Chicken
04 Tripe Face Boogie
05 Announcer
06 Ads

Robert Plant

01 Announcer
02 In The Mood
03 Tall Cool One
04 Announcer
05 Ads
06 Trampled Underfoot
07 Misty Mountain Hop
08 Announcer
09 Ads

Pat Benatar

01 Announcer
02 We Live For Love
03 Fire & Ice
04 Love Is A Battlefield
05 Ads
06 Invincible
07 Heartbreaker
08 Hell Is For Children
09 Ads

John Cougar Mellencamp

01 Announcer
02 R.O.C.K. In The USA
03 Play Guitar
04 Hurts So Good
05 Ads

Bruce Hornsby & The Range 

01 Announcer
02 Mandolin Rain
03 Valley Road
04 The Way It Is
05 Ads

The Moody Blues

01 Announcer
02 I'm Just A Singer In A Rock n Roll band
03 Ads
04 Nights In White Satin
05 Questions
06 Ads

Eddie Money

01 Announcer
02 Two Tickets To Paradise
03 Take Me Home Tonight
04 Baby Hold On
05 Ads

Guns n Roses

01 Announcer
02 Mr Brownstone
03 Sweet Child O' Mine
04 My Michelle
05 Ads
06 Knockin' On Heaven's Door
07 Welcome To the Jungle
08 Paradise City
09 Ads/OutCue
10 Show Promo


I Have Used Up All My Weapons...

 Here's a cool one from Blue Oyster Cult
back in 1981 from NYC.
The album at the time,Fire Of Unknown Origin.
I assume it's a radio broadcast.
It's another of those boots where the songs fade at 
the end.But no (if any) music is lost.
Some good songs included,Veteran Of The Psychic Wars
being a favourite of mine.

Rockford's Best at ChicagoFest...


Tom Petersson Went Off to Do Other Things...
(More On That Later...)

And Here We Have Cheap Trick Carryin' On!
(It's What They Do!)

Live from ChicagoFest in 1981!

A Nice Radio Broadcast with a Great Setlist!
Everything You'd Expect and a Few You Might Not...

Cheap Trick, Whatever the Era, are Always Great!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


A Piece of My HEART...


Here's an Excellent Quality HEART Concert!

I Doubt It's The Complete Concert, Though!
It May Be One of those Best of the Biscuit Type Shows!?
Only 'Bout 30 Minutes...

But, What's Here, Is Pure Classic Heart
With The Best Line-Up!

A Great, Short Listen!
Only 7 Songs, And Not a One Is Filler!

Heart Were Firin' on All Cylinders 
(or Maybe "Pumpin' on All Chambers," I Should Say?)...

However You Say It = Classic Rock!

Instead of Blood, 
Electricity Was Flowin' Through All Those Wires!