Pushed To The Limit...Again!

UFO Steve Sez:

4 nights at Palo Alto

15th 16th 17th and 18th April 1998 

Same set list all shows 

Except the first night where 

Schenker walks off during "Venus"

To end the show. 

Now where have we heard that before?

April 15th 1998

April 16th 1998

April 17th 1998

April 18th 1998

Anything to Make This World Look New Again...


Got Back Just in Time To
Say Goodbye to This Year 
Say Hello to a New One!

But My Question to Folks Has Been:
Are We Gonna Be Able to Tell the Difference?

Some Say Yes, Some Say No...
(Lord, I Hope So...)

Here's a Great Audience Recording from
Gin Blossoms!
Back from 1993...
Live in Germany...
Sound Quality is Real Good for an Audience Recording!
Everything Can Be Heard and Not Too Much
Highs or Lows!

They Play Songs from Their 1 Full Length CD
(At That Time...)
Plus Songs from EPs and Such...
And, Then There's The Covers!
From Cash to Eagles to KISS to
That Dead Skunk Song!

When Mentionin' the Dead Skunk song...
"Stinkin' To High Heavens..."
I Just ASS/U/Me/d Everyone
Had Probably Heard it Before...
But, It was from 1972...
So, That May NOT Be the Case!
It was Sung by Loudon Wainwright III
(And Indeed He was a 3rd...)
((Hard too Believe there were 2 Others Before Him...))
You Can Probably Look Up
The song on that Internet Channel
with the Cat and Stupid People Videos!

Also, The Song Mentions a Station Wagon...
(Kinda Like an Old Person's SUV...)
((A Cross Between a Car, a Truck, and a Van...))

A Very Fun Show!

NOTE: I Got This as 2 CDs...
But, It Will Fit on 1 CD and 


Sing 'Em Like Ya Wrote 'Em, Girls...

Carryin' On in the Tradition of The Runaways...

It's The Donnas!

Where RAMONES All Had The Same Last Name,
These Gals All Have the Same First Name!

This was Put Together Many Years Ago...
In a Very Different World!

But, Still There Just Might Be a Song
or Two That Catches Your Attention!?!

And The Last Tune is Another Christmas Song as well...

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Sweet Home Alabama...


Styx-Man Presents:

This is audio from an MTV special that Tommy did 

on his return to his home state of Alabama. 

I also believe that it was recorded and used for 

a Westwood One radio broadcast. 

It could even be a combination of both, 

because "Crystal Ball" sounds like it is from a record 

(I do know that Westwood One did release their shows on vinyl), 

where as the rest does not.

This is a must for any Styx/Tommy Shaw Fan! 

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

And Now For Somethin' Completely Different...

We Interrupt Usual Broadcastin' to Bring You These Messages...

Forget Everything You Knew 'Bout WOLFMOTHER!

Released Last Month with 
"NO Agent, NO Management and NO Label..."

Apparently, Andrew Stockdale Put His Lockdown to
Good Use to Create This!

And I Thank Him!

I Had Given Up on Wolfmother Back at New Crown...

But THIS is 10 Tracks Clockin' In at 30:47...

New Music With a VIBE From The Past...
(Late 70's / Early 80's)

Apparently, Again, It's ONLY Available as a
Digital Download... (No Physical CD)

NOTE: My Daughter Had to Get It for Me and
Then I Ran It Onto a CD!


On a Related Note...

Deep Purple Used Their Time to
Record an ALL COVERS CD!

Bob Ezrin Produced it!

It Interested Me 'Cause of the
Diverse Songs Displayed...

From Johnny Horton's The Battle of New Orleans 
Cream's White Room!


And Another Thing!

ipsa loquitur


The HEART of Rock N Roll Is Still Beatin'...


Here's a Nice HEART Concert!

It's NOT Heart!

Technically, It's Heart (Featuring Ann Wilson)...

It's NOT Heart!

Actually, It's Ann Wilson + The Lovemongers...

It's NOT Heart!

But, Nancy Does Join In on Crazy On You...

So NO - It's NOT Heart!

BUT, It Sure Sounds Damn Good!

My Apologies to J.J. Jackson!
(Nothin' Personal, Dude...)
You were a Good VJ Back When...
BUT, I Got Tired of Hearin':
"I'm J.J. Jackson and..."
So I Edited Him OUT!
(You're Welcome!)

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

On With The Action...


UFO Steve Sez:

An excellent sounding show

Always a great show from Fresno over the years

Paul Chapman starts to put his own 

Sound into the band 

with 4 tracks off the 

No Place To Run


Note. this is a new version
The file has 15 tracks but last
2 are just part of Shoot Shoot.

The Reason Shoot Shoot is in Parts:
UFO does a Cool Louie Louie / Crossroads Jam
in the Middle of It!
So, YES - You NEED This One!!!


Pouvez-vous le creuser, Walt?

First Off, I Have to Admit I Used an
Online Translator for the Title of This Post...
I Know Some French, But Not Enough...
(Hope I Didn't Say Somethin' Bad 'Bout Walt!?!)
((Derek should be able to tell us...))

NOTE: Thanks, Derek!
So I Should have Said: Tu piges, Walt?
I was usin' Dig, But Not Literally...

This Is an Excellent Concert!

Sound Quality is So Good!

And Just 'Cause They're Older...
(Aren't We All?)

Don't For a Minute Doubt That They
Still Rocked in 2007!
Listen and Tell Me They've
Slowed Down or
Lost a Step, Etc.

IF You Picked Up ANY of the Other
Point Blank Boots...

You WILL Want This One Too!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Tynysee Wysky...


Yet Another Classic Bootleg!

Lynyrd Skynyrd from '75!

Ronnie Was More Than a Singer and

He was a Storyteller!

And  Damn Good One...

That's Why So Many of Those Early
Songs Just Spoke to Us, 
Like They Was
Talkin' to US!

And Then The Music Rocked!

I've Been Dazed and Confused...


Don't Post Much Led Zep...

'Cause, Well, There's Whole Sites and
Blogs Dedicated to Them!

Usually Just Post Ones That are
Just a Bit Unusual!

Like This One...

Live at the Whisky from 1969...

Probably an Audience Recording,
But Don't Let That Stop You!

Pretty Good Sound, Although the Vocals
Are a Tad Low in the Mix,
But Don't Let That Stop You!

Man, The Sheer Power Comin' from the Band...

To Have Been in That Room That Night!?!

Oh, And Check the Setlist!!!!

There's Several Artworks to Choose From...

You Can Mix N Match as Done Here


Pick a Pair!

Enjoy and Play It LED!


Come On, Show Me The Sign of Victory...


This was the Second and Last Release of
Buster Brown...

It Featured Johnny Edwards, Of Course...

If Ya Remember, He made 1 Record with Foreigner...
Unusual Heat 

Also, The Other Drummer was Replaced with
James Kottack...
Who You Probably Know from

After This Release, Edwards and Kottack would
Join Ronnie Montrose for the Mean Album!

Oddly Enough, Sign of Victory was a Cassette Only
Release from Granite Records...

Also, They Cover Monkey Bars
Which was a
Coney Hatch Song!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Here Comes Trouble, Again...

Trouble was a Band that was Promoted as a
White Metal Band by Metal Blade Records...

The Band Didn't Particularly Care for That...

Lead Singer Eric Wagner was Raised Catholic
and Has Said He Didn't Really Like the
Satanic Vibe of Many Metal Bands durin' that time...

So, He used some Biblical-Inspired Titles and Lyrics...

But, That They Weren't a Religious Group!

This is an Audience Recording of Trouble from 1982!
And IF That's the Correct Date...
Then It's a Year or Two Before Their First Release!

Also, Probably Not a Lot of 
Bootlegs of This Band Out There...


Badlands Blasts Boston...

Another Badlands Show for Ya!

This Is the Original Incarnation of the Band...

So, I Believe the Cover Photo is Correct...

It's a Concert from The Channel in Boston...
And a WBCN Broadcast as well...

It's Usually Listed as 1990, 
But, I Believe It
Was Actually Recorded on 
October 18th, 1989...

Great Soundin' Show 
and a 
Great Performance as well...

They Play Originals and a Cover of Purple Haze!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


Down on the Farm...

Seems there's More Gin Blossoms Shows 
from the 2000's 
than Back from Their First Run 
in the 90's?

Remember They Made Those First 2 Albums 
Then Called it Quits for Quite a While...

But, I Do Have Some...
Like This One!

Gin Blossoms Live at Farm Aid!

A Very Nice Recording from the Superdome
in New Orleans...

Farm Aid Started 'cause of 
Some Comments made by Bob Dylan...

Neil, Willie and John Got It Goin' in 1985...

This Show Comes from Farm Aid VII...

(There's Probably Video of It Somewhere!?!)

Nice Little Set of Songs
Mostly from
New Miserable Experience!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

Wreckless in Oakland...


UFO Steve Sez:

UFO still promoting the Misdemeanor album 

at the omni Club Oakland usa on the 2nd of August 1986 

Paul Raymond has left & replaced by David  Jackobsen

Standard set list & good performance 

Excellent sound on this one 

a DVD rip only plays as a one track file 

67 minutes long

Get Wreckless


It's Been A Long Time...


Didn't mean to be Gone so Long...
Or to Alarm anyone...
Sorry 'Bout That!

November was a Terrible Month!
Started with Internet Outages and Then
Everything Went Wrong from There!
(And I'm Not Even Includin' the Bear That was Roamin' Around These Parts!)

Thanks for ALL the Cards & Letters...
The Music Blog Community is Alive and Well
With Good Folks!
Gimme a Day or Two to Reorganize and Reconnect...
And We'll Get Rockin' & Rollin' Again!

Meanwhile, Here's a Classic Heart Bootleg!
Heart 'N Zeppelin!
Live from Chicago back in '76!
One Everyone should Have in Their Music Collection!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


And If The Real Thing Don't Do The Trick...


I Saw Where Someone was Disappointed in
The Previous Heart 1982 Show Posted!

It was a TV Broadcast, So The Audience
(Canned or Real?) Was There...

I Probably Shoulda Mentioned It Wasn't
The Greatest Soundin' Show...
(Which I Didn't...So, That's On Me!)

So, Anyway, To Make Up For It...

Here's a Much Better Soundin' Heart 1982 Concert!
(Sounds Like a Mix of FM and Soundboards...)
Not Perfect, But Much Better...

Live from The Place They Started - 
Seattle, Washington!
(Says Parker's Rest on Back, But Should be Ballroom!)

It Takes Up The First Disc and Part of the Second...
And the Encore Is Born To Be Wild!

Plus, There's Some Bonus Live from

Freedom in Modern Times...


As I May Have Mentioned Before...

Not a Big Fan of Jefferson Airplane
Nor Jefferson Starship...
(Definitely Not Starship!)

BUT, and However (Which Is Just Another But...)

I Did Like Those 2 Records from the Late 70's,
Early 80's:
Freedom At Point Zero... and Modern Times

IF You've Never Heard Save Your Love, Where
Craig Chaquico Just Cuts Loose Like He's in
Outlaws or Skynyrd...

Go Listen to It!

Also, The Hilarious Stairway To Cleveland!
Another Must Hear!

They Make Fun of Themselves and Rolling Stone and
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Other Things!
And The Only Song I Know That in the Lyrics Includes
"The Economic Price Index!"

But This Show from 1981 
Is a King Biscuit Show!

A Mix of Songs From Their Past 
Up to Their
Then Present!

I Like This One with Mickey Thomas!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

I Try To Remember, Bring Back Memories...


This was a Promo Only Record Issued by
Columbia Records back in 1981...

It was Sent to Radio Stations and Such...

It's a Concert That Loverboy Played in
Dayton, Ohio!

So, It's an Excellent Soundin' Concert!

They were Tourin' in Support of Their
First Album...

Of Course, They were All Over the Radio,
But This Let Folks Know What They Sounded
Like in a Live Setting!

Even IF You Just Like Loverboy a Little Bit,
You Might Wanna Check This One Out!

My Favorite Song from That First Album was
Always On My Mind!
It Brought Back Memories to Me 
From Way Before That
Song was Ever Recorded...

Also, Couldn't Find a Back Cover...
(There Probably Wasn't One Originally...)


Armed and Ready in Canada...

UFO Steve Sez:

Excellent sounding MSG show from Toronto 1988

A good mix of the old classics

And some McAuley Schenker tracks

Cover art appears to be from a 

Japanese bootleg DVD release