Turn Me Up Real Loud I'm In Your Ears...

 They're young mean and lean.
Nobody had quite heard or seen it.
Early Van Halen shaking up the old guard 
and ploughing a new furrow.
From Tokyo 1978.
They're Rockin'!!


Three Fifty Arrests, No Bulletproof Vest...

 Nothing like a bit AC/DC to blow away the cobwebs.
Here's a nice sounding show from '82 which should be 
the For those About To Rock Tour.
Obviously it's not the full show.
What is here is great.
I wonder if this is the show that inspired the song,
Bedlam In Belgium on the criminally underrated
Flick Of The Switch album?



The Game Commences...

 A band that's proving to be popular here at HRC.
Dire Straits.
It's a fine one from Belgium 1981.
Excellent sound quality and performance.
Finger Pickin' Good!

Meeting With The Man...

Some Stoner Rock out of Sweden now.
For those who want to get their groove on.
Very good audience recording from 
Phoenix 2013. 
Cool band.

Got Stars In His Eyes...

From one of the best AOR bands of all time.
Especially their 70's and 80's output.
They couldn't help releasing great albums.
So here they are in Dallas touring 
the monster album number 4.
Of course a little more Rockin' live.


The Hands That Threaten Doom...

Here's another good Maiden show.
From the Real Live Tour of 1993.
It was to be Dickenson's last tour as he had 
announced he was leaving the band.
So must've been pretty strange to be touring 
with a singer who was soon to be off trying to 
make a go of a solo career.
A fine selection of songs on this and the last track
is from 1981.


I'm Not Your Fool...

 Quality Hard Rock from those boys who always
went to the party,Cinderella.
A soundboard show from their 1st major tour.
Promoting the classic debut.


Life's A Never Ending Wheel...


Couple of shows from the legend that is
Ronnie Jame Dio.
Fantastic singer who left a whole heap of
music for us to enjoy.
First up we find them playing the Waldrock Festival
back in 2005.

Secondly we go further back to 1990
and Dio are playing their own show in Atlanta.
With a setlist that'll excite any Metal fan!


You Fire Your Musket...

 Classic Maiden from the early 80's.
One of the few bands I think to play 
Eastern European countries back then.
The audio must be from the old vhs they released.
This is ripped from the vinyl.


Show Me Some Scars...

 Alice on the comeback in 1987.
Touring the Constrictor album which 
I thought was pretty decent.
I saw this tour and a very good show it was.
Always good to see a legend in concert.
This one's from the Garden,Cincinnati.

All I Had Was Hangin' On My Back...

Pretty much The Black Crowes playing a covers 
show for some reason.
We've had Foamfoot now here's Big Toe.
From The Troubadour,Hollywood back in '93.
What's for sure is you'll hear some excellent rootsy Rock 'n' Roll.



In Disguises No One Knows...

 Excellent show from Chris Cornell.
Playing originals,Soundgarden,Temple Of The Dog &
revamping some well known tunes.
Fantastic vocalist and very talented guy.
Gone too soon. 

It's All Rock 'n' Roll To Me...

Back to basics with the man with the Gretsch and
the quiff! It's Brian Setzer and his 
big orchestra playin' that Rock 'n' Roll music.
Super sound on this and sounds like a great night as well.
Toe Tappin'.


Let's Get Rokken...

 ...With DOKKEN!
Couple of radio broadcasts one from 1995 and
another from 1985.
Pretty cool band from the 80's who had 
some success.
They also had a guitar hero in George Lynch.
So razor sharp riffs and solos here.
Good stuff.


But There's A Trapdoor In The Sun...

 Pearl Jam and a Radio Broadcast
from 1995 at some secret location.
Playing songs from the new album Vitalogy.
A few glitches here and there but
overall a good listen.
Comes with various bonus tracks.
Silver cd Rip.


Watch The Attack...

 Schenker and a couple of bandmates working on
songs for the Assault Attack album.
Plenty of guitar riffage on this and
excellent sound.
A fascinating look behind the curtain.

On Your Feet You Feel The Beat...

 Very good audience recording of  Motörhead doing 
what they do best.Playing Rock n Roll.
A band that seemed to never be off the
Album Tour Album cycle.
Legends Of Noise!


What Have You Got To Take Away?...

Excellent stuff from 1985.
 Knopfler and his bandmates appealing to
just about everybody back then.
They were huge.
TV and Radio,there was no escape!



Gonna Get You...

 Maiden on the Killers Tour
 with D'ianno on vocals (some folks Fav).
Here they are on the way to conquering America.
And a few years later they did.
Their brand of Metal is still going
strong all these years later.
Up The Irons!!

Part 1

Part 2

If There Was A Reason,It Was You...

 Long term Grungers Pearl Jam this time.
From back in '94.
Two acoustic sets from the Bridge Benefits show.
Love them or hate them they've certainly lasted.
I love the early stuff but what they've done in the 
last 20+ years I dunno.
Cos the last album I bought from them was released in 1998.
Good,enjoyable sound on this.
Silver cd Rip.


I Put My Money In A Suitcase...

 Just found this when I was looking through
some stuff.A cool compilation featuring 
Phil's two bands.
Good sound and well...music from one of
the best!

Boogie Wonderland...

 Here's Foghat taken from one of those DVD audio discs.
That format didn't seem to take off at the time.
Maybe it does a little better now with Blu-ray audio etc.
A band from England that didn't mean anything there but
were very successful in the U.S. Oh Well.
So let's Rock with Foghat from somewhere (New Haven) at sometime.
(Very little info).


Set The Demons Free And Watch 'em Fly...

 Here we have Kiss rampaging through
South America,namely Argentina back in '94.
Great stuff,very tight and very heavy.
Good version of the band with Kulick & Singer 
tight as a drum & a guitar string!!
Also included is the Foundations Forum show
where they pulled out some old classics.
Silver cd Rip.