The Past Is Gone...

 It's Aerosmith but not as we know them.
Featuring Rick Dufay and Jimmy Crespo.
Those boys fitted in real good.
Hugely underrated era of the band.
Rock In A Hard Place is probably my favourite
Aerosmith album of the 80's.
Great show here.
It's the last of the tour and 
Perry and Whitford would be back for the next album.



I Know That I Will Follow...

 AT LAST,after a 36 year wait I finally 
got to see Mr.Tramp in concert 
and not only that but he played a 
White Lion set (died and gone to heaven moment ) 
don't get me wrong I love his solo stuff (forget Freak Of Nature) 
BUT it's White Lion ffs.
Verdict = outfeckinstanding,he may have to sing in a lower key 
these days but the voice is still there and along with Mr.Nand 
doing his best Vito impersonation this led to 
tonight being one of my favourite shows of the 
year so far.I even put up with my nemesis the "BACKING TAPES" 
but as the legend himself confessed,it's 
just not financially viable to bring a full 
band over for these small intimate shows 
BUT he did promise to 
rectify this next year...here's hoping...Enjoy,Ed.


Let Me Take You Far Away...

 An excellent audience recording here.
Scorpions on the Blackout Tour &
playing here at the world famous
Hammersmith Odeon.
Fantastic performance and setlist.
And there's a special guest on the last track.



I Got My Own Way Of Talkin'...

 It's the Full Moon Fever Tour
with Tom & The Heartbreakers from back 
in 1989.The big selling (solo) album that gave us
a few classic hits as well.
Produced by the man with 
the midas touch,Jeff Lynne.
Recorded while they were doing the 
Traveling Wilburys thing as well.
From North Carolina,an excellent 
FM Radio Broadcast.


It's A Crime Of Passion...


Here's  a song for you Donington!! 

 Two versions of the classic Whitesnake 
performance headlining 
at the Monsters Of Rock Festival 1983.
An excellent sounding audio 
from the old VHS video tape and a 
very listenable two track mp3 file
 audience recording of the complete show.  

And I Just Can't Quit It Babe...


 A UFO bootleg that's been around for years called 
"Michael Rides Again".
Two good shows and performances as the 
Walk On Water tour continues across Europe in 1997. 
With Electric Phase and One More For The Rodeo added to the setlist. 
Andy Parker has left the band so Simon Wright is in on the drums.


There Goes the Siren...

 Classic Powerslave era Iron Maiden.
Very good audience recordings from
Milwaukee & Paris '84.
A band that became one of the biggest mainly
through their touring,a couple of hit singles
and not forgetting a run
of excellent albums.
As for merch it didn't hurt that they've
got an identifiable saleable image
with the Eddie character. 
Who doesn't love a bit of Maiden?


You Know It's True...

 The Jovi Boyz on the Slippery When Wet Tour.
The album that turned them into Rock Superstars.
Pretty good show here.
Only thing is I don't know why they're playing covers?
They've got three albums worth of
songs under their belts.
Big Hair,Big Hits!!



Can You Sting Me?...

 Excellent soundboard from the Scorpions.
They're on a roll on the Love At First Sting Tour.
Promoting the album of the same name.
Of course we also got a classic live album
from this tour.
One of the best bands of the genre,
many consistent albums and live they nail it.
Still on their never ending farewell tour it seems,
good luck to them!



I Got My Brown Paper Bag And My Take Home Pay...


Requested for,in the comments recently, 
ZZ Top at the Rock and Pop TV show in 1982.
Recorded when they were still that little old band from Texas. 
 The year before the massive success of the Eliminator album. 
Excellent sounding one track mp3 file 39 minutes long.

Fly,On Your Way...


What a tour this must have been. 
Flying V and duel guitar solos everywhere,  
 live in Clermont-Ferrand,France 1983.
An excellent MSG souding show opening for 
Iron Maiden with Schenker firing out the solos.
And a fairly good sounding Maiden show with 
Steve Harris  and co making the speakers really shake.
 ( note the track listings on both 
back covers are numbered different to the files 
but the music's all there.)


You Think You Know The Score...

 Here's a sweet acoustic show from
three members of Nazareth back in 1994.
Very good audience recording.
And some good banter between band and 
audience at times.
From (what's it called?) Cumbernauld,Scotland.


The Midnight Train Is Whining Low...

 From Denmark it's Volbeat.
Add your Rock 'n' Roll to your Heavy Rock
and you get the idea.
Fine band and a great show here.
From way back in 2008.



She Takes The Vinyl From The Cover...

 Back to the 80's again for the Irish
Band Of Brothers known as Mama's Boys.
Not hitting the heights they should have,
there was some tough competition back then
to be fair.
Quality Hard Rock,played well.


But That's How It Goes...

 Here's one that was up before.
A double FM Broadcast from 1986.
He's riding high with The Ultimate Sin.
Even a hit single with
Shot In The Dark.
Jake E. Lee's still on six string duties.
Man,the 80's spoiled us with Heavy Rock & Metal.



I Was Inside Looking Outside...

Live from Japan 1985 it's one of the best 
Melodic Rock bands of all time.
Excellent little show here a little bit harder
Rocking live than on record.
And of course some monster ballads to keep the
girls interested.
There were only two Super Rock festivals,1984 & '85.
Both with stellar line ups.
The exception being Sting, 
a little bit out of place among all the Hard Rock. 



A Love That Never Dies...

 A surprisingly good audience recording
from the Technical Ecstasy Tour.
Things were really falling apart at this point
but they still sound great live.
Not regarded as one of their classic albums.
I don't think it's that bad,there's some good stuff on there.
Of course keeping up that run of excellent albums
was pretty impossible considering the state they were in.


It's In My Mind,It's In My Soul...


An excellent sounding Radio Broadcast from 1973 
with 6 tracks from the album 
Twice Removed From Yesterday and some 
unrecorded tracks at the time that would 
appear on the next album Bridge of Sighs
Also featuring blistering guitar work by Robin,  
if you have recently bought the 50th anniversary of 
Twice Removed From Yesterday album 
this would make a nice companion disc.

While The Angels Sleep Tonight...


An excellent Magnum live show in 2019.
1 hour of classic Magnum.      
 (1 track MP3 file)
      Tony Clarkin.