I Roll Alone..


One that's been up before,years ago pretty decent 
audience recording. At the start of the 
Wild The Willing And The Innocent 
European tour. 
 Nice set list and good lively 
performance with Paul Tonka Chapman 
really showing what a great guitarist he was.


  1. I notice the search function isn't working currently. Is this a glitch in blogger or have you disabled the function? If it's the latter, please bring it back. Thank you.

  2. Works for me again too, must've just been a temporary bug.

  3. UFO Steve have you seen this? Found it in the depths of youtube, hasn't too many views. Good to see you're still out there sharing Mr Mogg & Co. Tony in Oz.


  4. Hi Tony good to hear from you again
    thanks for the YouTube
    it's been a few years man
    Yes I'm still pushing the UFo
    if I remember right you probably got as bigger collection as I have
    Keep On rocking

  5. Sad about UFO ending, and just when Neil had come back, but at least we've got Phil's solo album earmarked for september, I didn't think we'd hear any new material from him so that's brilliant. And that boxset from Michael with what looks like some demos that have never been released, so at least we've still all that to look forward to. And i'm sure Michael has at least a few more new albums in him.

    Good to hear from you man, keep on rockin' yourself. :)

  6. Steve, just found this last night. Was this released?


    1. Hi Tony thanks
      I've never seen this before hopefully there's more out there it sounds good