The Gods Look Down In Anger...


A soundboard recording of a live show from Edinburgh,
February 1975 on the excellent For Earth Below album tour. 
Then two discs of rehearsals from the Old Vic Church,London in 
September 1974 for the '75 tour.
The rehearsals are mainly long jam instrumentals 
with some really great guitar solos.
In a recent interview by drummer Bill Lorden he mentioned some recordings from the Old Vic maybe used for next year's 
50th anniversary release of the For Earth Below album.


  1. My first live show at all was Mr. Trower in December 76, so I'll always be happy to take advantage of anything posted by him. I listened to the second disc yesterday and it was pretty amazing - opening with 25 minutes of jamming that flowed beautifully. Thanks for this gem!

  2. Thanks for the comments Simon enjoy the music