A Feeling Deep Inside,Oh Yeah...


All the way from the US of A for their debut UK gig bringing with them that classic 70's FM,Westcoast Melodic AOR sound that only the Americans can do,what I didn't expect was just how good they would be musically.These brothers certainly know how to play their instruments even if their look is from the Bee Gees disco era.I was waiting for them to break into Jive Talkin' 
at any moment ...great stuff...Enjoy,Ed.



  1. Here's a wee gift for you fellas as a modest thank you for all the great music you share here. Keep it amongst yourselves or share it on the site if you want. The choice is yours.
    Alice Cooper - Stripped (1971-1989)
    Happy listening, Korky.

  2. Hi, could you please renew the links for the Outlaws live in Denver and the Clover studios sessions! Thanks so much.