Doctor Doctor...Gimme The News...


Here's a Great WBCN Broadcast of
Moon Martin 
(And The Ravens...I Think He Was Callin' Them...)

Live from The Paradise in Boston!

A Very Good Concert from 1978...

Great Simple Rock N Roll...
Guitar, Bass & Drums...
With a Sorta Rockabilly / New Wave Sound!?!
Whatever Ya Want to Call It?

Moon's Biggest Hit Was One He Wrote and
Robert Palmer Made Famous!

You Might Recognize His Drummer?

Also, They Cover the Beatles...

ALL In One Night In Boston!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!


  1. ...and don't forget Gary Valentine was an influential member of Blondie's first recording line-up.

    1. That's Right! I Had Forgotten...
      Thanks for the Reminder!

  2. Thanks for this! I think Rolene got some airplay back in the day, but I'll admit that I haven't thought of Moon for a long time. I was sad to learn he'd passed away a couple of years ago.