I'm Just a Stranger on This Road I'm On...On and On...


This Was The Cover I Had for This Show
Many, Many Years Ago!
(And Have Seen Many Other Places!)
((Which Is Kinda Cool!))

Somewhere Along the Way,
I Got a Better Version of This Blackfoot Show!

SO, I Figured It Needed a Better Set of
Cover Artwork!

SO, Here 'Tis!

Live At Donington in 1981...

For the Monsters Of Rock Festival...

Excellent Soundin' Southern Rock!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

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  1. Got this from bbc radio 1 Friday rock show many years ago,recorded on cassette tape,this d/load is a great replacement,the band went off the boil a bit when shorty medlocke died plus their record company wanted them to go in a more commercial direction with vertical smiles album blackfoot actually recorded an album after the live album but was rejected by record company for being too heavy,one of the songs was cry of the banshee,these songs have never been released,shame I'm sure every blackfoot fan would like to hear these songs.