Hello Springfield...


A good Soundboard from the mk IV Deep Purple 
with of course Tommy Bolin on guitar. 
Live in Springfield USA on the Come Taste The Band tour. 
An album that seems to get better 
and more popular with age
(check out the excellent 
remix on the 35th anniversary edition cd)
With plenty of tracks featured here 
along with plenty of Purple improvisation and solos.


  1. Not heard tommy bolin play burn or stormbringer before so this will be interesting to hear.

  2. Even if the vocals get lost at times during Burn - I guess they forgot to open David's mike-, the sound quality is quite excellent. This is a very nice complement to the official Long Beach CD. But one thing I must admit, Tommy Bolin's too long solo is a complete mess in my humble opinion.
    Thanks UFOSteve and Smoker for sharing this true gem. So appreciated. You made this November Sunday a really nice day.
    Greetings from Paris,

  3. Nice to see some respect & appreciation is being lavished on Mark IV DP even if it's so long after the fact. Like a fine wine maturing, 'Come Taste The Band' sounds better & better with the passing of time. That said, 'Georgia On My Mind' was an odd & ill-fitting song choice for Purple, i'd have far preffered it if they'd included the magesterial 'You Keep On Moving' from 'Come Taste...' in the set-list instead. Thanks for sharing fellas.

  4. Do agree, insert You Keep on Moving in the setlist, make a decent and short guitar solo and forget about Georgia. They made some mistakes in the setlist. Sad to hear Tommy or Glenn screaming in the mike that they need more cocaïne...

  5. Yes I agree with all the comments Tommy's guitar playing is erratic at times on this
    it certainly was a different world back then
    when you see a live bend these days I sometimes feel everything is too professional you don't feel the edge when something might go wrong or maybe it's just me getting old

    1. HI Ufosteve, agree. I went to see Muse some years ago and was amazed at the guitar playing exactly like the studio version, not a single wrong note, not a pedal to push on, too perfect to be true. It's all behind the concert mixing desk. The true artist sits down behind his computer at the mixing desk. Maybe his name is Apple Software Protools. Clap clap clap.

  6. I fully agree about things being too slick onstage nowadays, including the obvious pre-recordings that certain bands hide behind. Where's the danger, the spectacle & the fun? Even the way modern stages are lit takes away from the experience, being far too bright. It may well benefit the musicians onstage but it robs the audience of experiencing the magic art of picking out band members with follow spotlights or changing the mood subtly using those old gel-coloured lamps. It demistifies things in a detrimental fashion, and don't even get me started on the onstage screens with crappy computer graphics (that look like 90's screensavers) playing throughout the whole set. Arggh! Why?! Apologies, i'm just a grumpy old man ranting into the digital wilderness about stuff no-one else seems to value any more. ;)
    Back on-topic & regarding Tommy Bolin's guitar playing, it should be remembered that he did damage to his left arm by passing out lying on it whilst in a narcotic stupor, rendering him unable to play to the best of his abilities. It's either unfair to judge him on these performances because he was injured, or entirely fair to do so, as it was a self-inflicted injury caused by the same vices which would soon rob us of his talents completely.