I'm Just A Link In Your Chain...


An unreleased album from 2001 by The Majesticaires  
other wise know as the Company Of Snakes. 
Features former Whitesnake members 
Micky Moody,Bernie Marsden and Neil Murray.
It appears from reading the text that 
this album was a corporate giveaway to the Buckingham group,
a UK construction company's, workers.
 The recording has a light soulful blues rock sound to it.

Tracks 4 & 9 are omitted,they are available on other albums.


  1. This is an interesting one,never heard of it or the name Majesticaires,why did marsden/moody keep changing the names of the bands,was it because of legal reasons,I have the two snakes albums they made with jorn lande on vocals there both very good,also alaska and a few other bands like young/moody etc,gary moore and cozy powell solo albums all have the whitesnake musicians on there records.

  2. thanks for putting this up. The Company of Snakes albums are quite good.

  3. On track six(Tulsa time)wrong link!Please new link!!!

    1. Sorry for some reason my file for track 6 now also skips
      So i cant reup

    2. Sorry my original file is also corrupt now not sure why that has happened but I won't be able to repost it sorry