The Future Was Wide Open...

 Here's another of those magical mystery bootlegs
from the Arriba! label.
No information with this one.
But when I ripped the cd the title on it was,
The Travelling Heart.
Which would make it Oakland Coliseum Jan. 22nd 1992.
Or...Another boot called Rock n Roll Caravan
from Oakland Coliseum Nov. 23 1991.
Tom does say that there's cameras there tonight.
Which would make it 1991 as there was a
video release of the show!?
If like me you don't really care it's a fantastic show, 
performance and sound.
From The Great Wide Open Tour and by all
accounts the sound was originally taken from
the laserdisc.
The most important thing to remember tho' is,
It's Only Rock N Roll!!


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