Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover...

Metal from the mighty Motorhead.
This is the line up with Brian Robertson.
Underrated? Underrated album?
Yes to both.
Robbo's playing on that album is fantastic.
Although saying that he didn't exactly endear himself
to the fans with his headband and shorts image!
More suited to tennis than Motorhead.
From L'Amours East,
August 10th 1983.
Silver cd Rip.



  1. Nice to find someone else that likes Another Perfect Day = a very good album. Brian Robertson appears to be someone who really enjoys pissing people off by going against expectations to the Nth degree. The boy can play guitar, though.

  2. Listened to it last night it was great.
    I'm sure I had a giant poster of them up on my wall
    w/Robbo wearing the headband and a string (mesh) vest on!
    His playing can't be denied tho' it's just a pity he hasn't left
    a bigger body of work for us to enjoy.

  3. That is absolutely the truth - do you think this is a case of his reputation scaring people off?

  4. Could be,didn't he have some alcohol troubles as well?
    After Motorhead he hasn't consistently done a great deal.
    He guested on a lot of albums & had a band The Clan.
    It's sad that there's not a great amount of albums from him.

  5. Another Perfect Day was the first Motorhead album I bought. I was hooked. From what I read later Lemmy hated Robbos style and would not perform anything from APD live after the Another Perfect Tour ended and I have collected quite a few MH boots and none I have found have anything from 1983 on em. But the ones that do are all killer. Robbo could play. I guess much later even Lemmy figured it out as well. I always had a feeling that Lemmy was not the guy to piss off. Never got to see them live. And than he was gone to soon.

  6. Robbo did wear those clothes to piss Lemmy off.
    He was the hot shot guitarist doing Motorhead a favour.
    Lemmy wasn't impressed that the album took so long to record,
    Robbo taking many hours over his guitar tracks.
    Sadly I don't think they spoke after working together.
    Ultimately this doesn't change the fact it's a hell of an album.

  7. It's so sad, that cover art is very often not fitting. This pic features Phil Campbell and if this was not enough, the whole pic is mirrored.