The First on the First...


Since I Ended the Last Year With Cheap Trick...

I Thought I'd, at least, Get One Post on the First Day of 2021...

So, Here's an Excellent Soundboard of 

Cheap Trick from 1998 from The Paradise 

Playin' Their First Album in its Entirety 

Plus a Few More Songs as well!

What Else I Need to Say?

Hope Everyone Had a Safe Celebration Last Night and Today!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!

New Link 1/8/21



  1. I always appreciate when a full LP is played LIVE. I rememeber that I discovered The Grand Illusion/Pieces of Eight Official Live from Styx without having ever listened to the complete studio versions before. Thanks for this one as I remember Cheap Trick did so also with their first four albums but it never resulted in an official Live. Was it aroung the Music for Hangover Live cd ?! Somewhere around that time...

  2. Damn I'm late to the game on this one

  3. Worked that time Brother. Thank You