Gotta Get A Move On...


Here's Eddie Money from 1978...

Live from Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky...

Openin' for The Rolling Stones!

Eddie Later Joined The Stones on Sax durin' Miss You!

Nice FM Broadcast Recording!

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!



  1. Good stuff. Always enjoyed Eddie. Saw him so many times in the '80s at things like the Boston WRKO Christmas concert and the Yale Bowl Sunfest (both headlined by the Cars.)

  2. Last time I saw him was at SF 49ers Play off Game Brett Farve on painkillers and Terrell Owens with Steve Young slinging Touchdowns. Eddie did the halftime show but it was barely remembered. Niners won
    at Candlestick Park: The Catch II It was called. But were beat the following week by Atlanta who won Superbowl. Wow memory thankx guys