I Said Hey,Yeah I Feel Alright Now...

The Stones on the 1972 Tour and as we know
they couldn't be touched at this point.
Mick Taylor really brought some 
fantastic playing to the Stones.
Bonus tracks also feature on this. 



  1. So glad to read your comments about Mick Taylor. I tell everyone, The Stones at their best were with Mick T. The best songs and the best shows. Just my opinion but I second your comments.

  2. Yeah,I read that Keef had to up his game
    as Mick was so good.

  3. Defo at their peak, and ain't never been the same. Nothing against Ron, but he ain't in the same league as MT (I think). Watched the Hyde Park show from 2016 (?) recently, and they had the cast of Gladiator backing them - and God knows how many different guitars they got through!!! This looks a good one, thanks Smoker. DD

  4. Thanks for this. Does anyone know if this is the same as "Keep Your Motor Runnin'"?

  5. Dunno,I'm sure it's been released under many names.