Only a Memory...

The Holidays were Nice & Wonderful, But They Kinda Knocked Me Off My Routine (So You've Probably Noticed...) And It's Been Hard for Me to Get Back There (So You've Probably Noticed...)...
Thanks to smoker for Keepin' Us Goin' Here in the New Year!

Here's another Smithereens Concert!
Live from Chicago in 1988, Broadcast on WXRT!

It's a Good Show in Front of a Rowdy Crowd!


  1. great period in the Smithereens career. Much appreciated.

  2. Thanks for all! But the link for this is gone, the file doesn't exist! Can you plesee reup this one? Thanks a lot!

  3. Got it now, thanks a lot again!

  4. Happy New year Rocket. Sorry to see all your problems - both in US and the downloads! - but hey, thanks for Smithereens (not one you posted before, methinks). Cheers and stay safe. DD