Revolution Calling...

 Queensryche from Italy 1990 & a very good 
audience recording.
Now I loved them from their 1st 12" release.
But I only go up to Empire as far as studio albums go.
I did buy others...didn't like them.
Great setlist and we also get the whole of 
Operation Mindcrime.
There's also the epic Roads To Madness
and Walk In The Shadows!!
When they were great they were great.
Silver cd Rip.


  1. This is a great post - excellent show, great sound, nothing to be unhappy about! I didn't totally give up on these guys after Empire, but I would definitely agree that they definitely moved away from their early strengths. Sure wish Chris DeGarmo would have stayed for the duration.

  2. Yep it's a shame they imploded,as you say
    the main songwriter got out of there.
    Then there were two bands for a while...Jeez!!

  3. I saw them at the Cow Palace in SF when they were touring with Metallica. And they sounded as good as the album. It was such a good show I went the next night to Arco Arena in Sacramento to get it again. Outstanding from both.