Don't You Know What Bees Do?


Here's a Band that was on the 
Monsters of Rock Compilation 
smoker Posted a while back...

(I Drew Arrows and Stuff So You'd See It!)

Anyway, TOUCH had 2 1sts at the 1st 
Monsters of Rock Festival in 1980!

1st, Touch was the 1st Band to Take the Stage...
2nd, Touch was the 1st Band to Have a Band Member 
Swallow a Bee On Stage... 
(And, No It wasn't Part of their Stage Act! 
And, No, It's Not Funny, But It Kinda Is!)

This is an Audience Recording of Touch 
Playin' in Sweden in 1981...
(No Bees Involved in This Show...)

Pretty Decent Recording, 
If You Wanna Check out More Music from This Band...
(I Haven't Seen Any Other Bootlegs Or Live Recordings from Touch...)

Enjoy and Play It LOUD!



  1. Y'know Rocket, I think you are right (again!), I've not seen any boots of these either. Picked up the first LP from a bargain bin, and loved it - especially 'Dont you know what love is' - heard nothing after that. Shame. Looking forward to see how they measure up live. Cheers DD

  2. Excuse me but I'm a little worried, .... what happened to :
    Band Member that Swallowed a Bee On Stage...

    Or if relevant, what happened to the poor bee that was swallowed by the band member ?


  3. Band Member had Allergic Reaction when Stung - Rushed to Hospital - But He recovered fine!
    The Bee (I'm Guessin' Here...) Didn't fair so well!
    Good Questions Though, Derek!