The Night Was Clear,And The Moon Was Yellow...

 Another great compilation from K-Tel.
This time some of the Rock 'n' Roll pioneers.
A massive 25 tracks on one album.
Admittedly most of them are pretty short.
The story behind this is it was one of those records
that was in the house when I was younger.
Due to moving and whatever else was going on
it disappeared.
A few years ago I tracked it down on ebay.
And here it is in all its glory.
Expect a few pops and crackles there's only so 
much I can do before I ruin it!
Released in '72.


  1. and the leaves came tumblin' down... Ktel has a bad reputation, but they were my (and a lot of other people, I'm guessing) first exposure to just how much more there was going on beyond my little AM radio.

  2. Bought this when it came out. Had forgotten it ever existed. Was hard to find old RnR records in the early 70s so comps like this did really well. These days there is virtually nothing that can't be tracked down for free. Different world!

  3. Love it....
    Miss the K-Tel record commercials on the rabbit-ear antenna TV :-)

  4. They did some decent comps.It was a good way of hearing different bands
    without buying their album.
    I think some of the bad rep was because they shoehorned as many
    tracks on there as they could...lol